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Kat and Emmett Join Playstation All-Stars in Early February

Jason Clement

We've known that Kat and Emmett would be joining the Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale cast of characters as DLC for some time now (the middle of last November, to be exact), but developer Superbot had been coy on a proposed release window for either. But no more!


That's right, Superbot has finally outlined when we can expect to play as everyone's favorite heroine from Gravity Rush as well as the main hero in Starhawk, so get ready and mark your calendars because both will be available in this DLC on February 12th.


As you can imagine, Kat's moveset is based around her ability to alter and manipulate gravity as well as being nimble and quick whereas Emmett's is based around his signature "Build & Battle" style from Starhawk, which allows him to call down different structures to aid him in the battle; in addition, he has access to a variety of different weapons that will help him to adapt to any circumstance.


But what's this? There's also a brand new level that will be available for purchase called "Fearless," and it's a mash-up between Heavenly Sword and WipEout. Superbot says that those who buy it will be able to play it offline and in non-ranked lobbies, but those who don't buy it will still be able to experience it in ranked lobbies online.


And as previously announced, both Kat and Emmett will be available to download for free for two weeks after the DLC first arrives, so be sure to nab them quick. Superbot is also promising more All-Star DLC characters in the future as well, and it looks as if they're aiming to announce more in March. Stay tuned!


Source: Playstation Blog


Are you looking forward to playing as Kat and Emmett in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale?



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