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Paris Games Week 2017 PlayStation Conference: Here's everything that was announced

Jason Clement

Today was a big day for PlayStation as Sony held what they branded as their "second part of E3" today with their Paris Games Week conference. We gathered together the biggest bits of news and announcements at the event and detailed them along with their trailers below.


Quick note: We're skipping over any trailers for games that are just about to come out (like in November) and that don't reveal any new details, which essentially just serve as last-minute ads.


Following tradition, the show opened with a bang by offering us a first glimpse at one of their next big AAA titles, as we learned that...




Sucker Punch's new game was revealed as Ghost of Tsushima


Wow. It's safe to say that no one quite saw this coming, especially since most suspected a new Infamous or something similar to it. The PlayStation Blog post announcing it describes it as a "sprawling samurai open-world game." You'll play as a battered Samurai who fights back against the invading Mongol army in feudal Japan. No release date was shown, not even a release year, indicating Ghost of Tsushima may be a 2019 or beyond title.





Concrete Genie brings art to life in an urban jungle


Gamers might not be as familiar with Pixel Opus (who last created Entwined), but they probably will be after seeing their newest game, Concrete Genie. The trailer shows a boy who discovers a magical brush that brings his art to life on the sides of buildings in an urban environment. He's also being pursued by some bullies, which seems to indicate a thematic story that ties the two topics (art and bullying) together somehow.





Live-action 'Erica' is revealed for Playlink


A shorter trailer was shown for a new, live-action Playlink title (which combines PS4 with mobile/tablet experience) called Erica. During the game, you'll guide Erica's actions by choosing what to do at certain points in the story, making it more like an interactive movie.





Montage of VR games reveals PSVR still very much alive and kicking


Here's a list of the games that were shown off in bite-size chunks during the montage:


  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
  • Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition

  • Rec Room

  • Moss

  • Apex Construct

  • Bow to Blood

  • League of War: VR Arena

  • Stifled

  • Sprint Vector

  • Smash Hit Plunder

  • Star Child

  • Transference

  • Ultra Wings
  • Dead Hungry
  • Eden Tomorrow
  • Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV



And the segment capped off with a more extended look at a new PSVR game called Blood & Truth, a sort of Bond-like spy thriller.




Far Cry 5 is getting expanded co-op


A brief tongue-in-cheek trailer was shown of the game teasing the ability to co-op missions with a friend. The update will be coming on February 27, 2018.





Activision shares a first look at Destiny 2's first expansion, Curse of Osiris


Destiny 2's first expansion is coming, and the trailer reveals that an army of machines from the past and future are coming from Mercury to reshape the world. The only one who can help stop them is a guardian named Osiris, who was exiled to Mercury because of his dangerous ideas. Your overall mission is to find him to help bring an end to the coming invasion, but the trailer teases that his allegiance is ambiguous, leaving you to wonder if he's friend or foe.





New Monster Hunter World trailer, play as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn via DLC, beta coming soon


Capcom showed off a new trailer for Monster Hunter World while also revealing that Horizon Zero Dawn DLC will be coming to the game and you'll be able to play as Aloy. A beta is also on the way; PlayStation Plus members will have access to it on December 9.





Codemasters' next game is OnRush, coming next Summer


Not only is a new Codemasters racing game slated for release next Summer, it's also from ex-Evolution developers (Motorstorm, Drive Club), which is great to see. The trailer doesn't say much, but it looks to be an extreme racing game as opposed to more grounded experiences like Forza or Gran Turismo.





New trailer for Insomniac's Spider-Man shown, coming in 2018


Hoo-wee, the latest trailer for the exclusive PS4 Spider-Man game is hot stuff indeed. Styled like a movie trailer, Insomniac's Spider-Man tackles both Peter Parker and Spider-Man's life, weaving a narrative between the two and showing perhaps the most impressive cinematic take on the webbed hero in video games to date. The trailer reveals that the story revolves heavily around the villain Mr. Negative, and also appears to have The Shocker in it as well. Also confirmed is a 2018 release window, so get hyped.





Latest trailer for Detroit: Become Human shows Kara in a difficult predicament, coming Spring 2018


It's been a long time coming but Detroit: Become Human finally has a release window: Spring 2018. The latest trailer for the game brings us back to Kara, the android who we were originally introduced to, as it shows her life in servitude to an abusive father and his daughter. It's... pretty heavy stuff, emotionally- and thematically-speaking.






God of War is coming in early 2018


This one was fairly surprising to hear. After showing a brief clip of Kratos guiding his son through a dungeon, it was revealed the game would be coming in 2018. Early 2018. Sony appears to be in for one heck of a year.






Shadow of the Colossus remake gets another stunning teaser


Another teaser was shown for the Shadow of the Colossus remake from Bluepoint Games, culminating in a showdown with the flying serpent colossus in the desert. While not revealed in the new trailer, the game will be releasing on Feb. 6, 2018.





Ellie is nowhere to be found in a new, brutal clip from The Last of Us Part II


It's difficult to say exactly what the latest teaser from The Last of Us Part II is showing, other than the fact that you're obviously looking at the antagonist, or at least people who will be causing trouble for Ellie during the story. Forwarned, it's a fairly brutal sequence, and the lack of Ellie in it altogether is fairly surprising. Apart from that, no word on release either, which is obviously not that surprising. In any case, this one is still a ways out (2019 at the very earliest).




What are your thoughts on what Sony showed? And how crazy is 2018 going to be, right?

Edited by Jason Clement

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Having just binge watched through all of the videos, let me first give my two cents as a whole from this conference. Firstly, and I hate to start negative, this entire press conference felt incredibly reminiscent of the giant flop back at E3 not even 6 months ago. Sure, we got some flashy new trailers, some new cut scenes for some games, some cool cast announcements, and even some brand new IPs that are apparently in the works, but, and I emphasize how much I hate to be this guy, it's not what what we wanna see. Too many of these games shown off had incredibly vague release dates, some not even giving a lick of speculation as to even a release year, let alone when in 2018, which was their big mistake that cost them E3 in my opinion, or at least one of their biggest mistakes. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing new flashy things as much as the next guy. I'm over the top ecstatic to see Laura Bailey joining Last of Us Part 2, I'm super thrilled to see Kratos' child or whatever functioning well in the God of War reboot, and even more happy that we got a new Detroit Become Human trailer that didn't bore me to tears. Even some of the newer IP's look great and interesting, like Erica, Concrete Genie, and Ghost of Tsushima, those announcements initially had me incredibly excited. What I am not thrilled about is how much time has passed since E3 2017 and how much little of an update I feel we've gotten from a lot of these games. I think out of all the videos watched, only two of them, one of which being an expansion for a game already out and the other being Monster Hunter had concrete release dates while more than half just blanketed 2018 or worse, didn't even bother giving any information for a release at any point, especially for the three new IPs I mentioned above! Even worse is that a lot of the biggest offenders are big games! Last of Us Part 2 again, Shadow of the Colossus Remake again, and Spider-Man again! I'm growing increasingly frustrated with this notion of companies feeling they have to announce something so far out in development that when we get updates they're usually just minuscule CG trailers. Heck, the Spider-Man trailer this time around didn't even have real game play! Seeing a repeat of this trend at two major conferences worries me, and with the Playstation Experience less than 2 months away even more so. I'm really hoping that they'll have more information for us by then, but if it's just going to be more of what we saw today, I'd rather them not waste the time putting together some fake feeling trailers and redouble efforts, money, and time to the actual development of the games. 


But hey, that's just my two cents, and if you disagree, cool! Let's discuss all of this!

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I, uh, only watched a handful of trailers from this event and didn't bother watching the actual conference.


I avoided watching trailers for stuff I am quite likely to play already (TLOU2 and the Shadow of the Colossus remake. Probably the new God of War too) And judging purely based on trailers... yeah, I dunno, not a whole lot to work with. Like, I am looking forward to Ghost of Tsushima but I think that more has to do with the dev, and what they're capable of, than what was actually shown (which was CG world-building). Still, I am glad there are at least a few things to look forward to from Sony 1st party-wise (despite not knowing WHEN). So that's cool.


Aside from that... I am curious about Concrete Genie (even if I expect more style than substance) and Guacamelee 2 looks like more polished Guacamelee so it'll probably be good (with... passable melee combat).

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