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SCEA Files Two Game Software Trademarks

Steve Bitto

This past weekend NeoGAF user Rösti uncovered some interesting SCEA trademark filings from April 14 and 15. The two video game software trademarks were titled "Entwined" and "KILL STRAIN," respectively. While this is all the info we have at the moment, more will likely be revealed as E3 approaches.


Up until this point we know very little about what Sony's first party studios are working on. While Uncharted 4 and The Order: 1886 are both promising, the PS4's "AAA" lineup is relatively weak. With Sony franchises like Warhawk, Socom, and Twisted Metal tapering off on the PS3, there is a void for new IP's to fill.


Undoubtedly, Sony knows this and has some announcements up their sleeve. Could it be "Entwined" and "KILL STRAIN?" Only time will tell.


In the meantime, stay tuned to Game Podunk for updates!


Source: NeoGAF


So what do you think these games will be about and who is developing them?

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