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Sony closes RIGS developer Guerilla Cambridge

Jason Clement

We're only twelve days into the new year and we've already got our first bad PlayStation-related news: Sony is shutting down Guerilla Cambridge in Europe.


Best known for creating the MediEvil series, Killzone: Mercenary, and -- more recently -- RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, Guerilla Cambridge is the latest to be affected in a string of Sony studio closures that have stretched back over the last several years.


In 2016, Sony shuttered Evolution Studios after the studio had years-long development trouble with Driveclub (even after its release). Then in September, 40-50 employees were let go from the team that worked on Kill Strain and another unannounced title at Sony Studio San Diego (the team that works on MLB: The Show was unaffected, however).


Finally, Sony's London studio -- which is responsible for PlayStation VR Worlds and another PlayStation VR title called London Heist -- was also hit with layoffs last Fall.


Guerilla Cambridge's closure is especially unfortunate for MediEvil fans, whom saw the studio as the series' last hope for some type of new entry after more than a decade since the last game. Alas, the fate of the MediEvil seems all the more uncertain now.


We wish the best to those affected by the studio's closure.


Source: Gamasutra


What are your thoughts on Guerilla Cambridge's closure?

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