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Two New Characters Deconfirmed In Smash Brothers Wii-U?


EDIT: The original source of the information has said it was faked. Unfortunate, yes. But it would have been cool if it were true. This just goes to show you that websites have a rumor section for a reason.


Sometimes just asking the people behind your favorite games can actually get you results if you're to believe Killer Chris on the nsider2 forums. The story goes like this. He had sent a tweet to Sakurai in Japanese roughly translating to "Be sure to include Geno from Super Mario RPG, Isaac from Golden Sun and Mega Man."


To his surprise, Sakurai responded with a short and simple response. "2 out of 3". The tweet was quickly deleted afterwards, but the message is out there now. Which two does he mean? We just might found out in two weeks when E3 finally arrives! You can see the supposedly deleted tweet below.



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