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Loco's Top Five E3 2012 Picks

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Harrison Lee


This year was relatively quiet in terms of hot announcements. Publishers like Namco and Nintendo induced yawns over their lackluster showings for new products, and I couldn't help but feel that this year was much tamer compared to past events. Nevertheless, there were a few standout titles that really stole the show.


1. Watch Dogs


I was utterly blindsided by this one. While Beyond: Twin Souls had everyone talking, Watch Dogs is the true surprise of the show. It came from out of nowhere and shocked the crowd with its incredible visuals and seamless hacking/shooting mechanics. It's like Deus Ex, Grand Theft Auto, and Splinter Cell all had a sweet baby. Based on the gameplay shown, Watch Dogs could be the biggest release of 2013.




Gameplay Trailer (Strong Language Alert):




2. Far Cry 3


Following on the heels of Watch Dogs, Ubisoft once again brought another crowd-pleaser to this year's E3. Far Cry 3, which is quickly becoming my most anticipated title of the year, awed gamers with its luscious tropical setting and stunning visuals. Vaas also made his presence known, goading protagonist Jason Brody in the nudity and language-filled trailer shown during the press conference. Suffice it to say, this Far Cry is not like the others. It's crazier, bloodier, and grittier than any of the previous titles.




Gameplay Trailer (NSFW):




3. Borderlands 2


We all knew Borderlands 2 was going to rock. However, the public finally got another closer look at the highly-anticipated loot-a-thon and the previews have all been positive. As it stands, Gearbox has a potential shooter-of-the-year winner on their hands, breathing life into the barren Pandora and bringing guns galore back into focus. In a world of humdrum military shooters, Borderlands 2 is the booster shot of fun we all desperately need.




4. Assassin's Creed 3


At this point, there are enough Ubisoft titles on the list to make any gamer wonder if the list ever ends. Once again, Ubisoft pulled all of the stops out in their presentation of their most ambitious Assassin's Creed yet. Powered by a new engine and featuring an epic, sweeping scale, AS3 is looking to set a new bar in the platforming-adventure genre. Even better, a PS Vita companion title was announced and the previews indicate it's every bit as good as its console counterparts.




5. Metro: Last Light


Resident Evil 6 debuted as the survival horror shooter of the show, but everyone knows the true honor belongs to Metro: Last Light. If you've never played Metro 2033, prepare to be stressed. Ammo in this world is both a currency and a lifesaver, and with Last Light, every shot truly counts as players face against bandits and demonic mutants. The post-nuclear war, irradiated lands of Moscow aren't safe above or below ground. Metro knows this and ensures Last Light will have you dripping in sweat, whether your hallucinating an airplane ride with ghosts or running from a hulking, charging beast. This is horror done right.




What were your favorite E3 games? Let me know in the comments below!

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Those picks aren't bad. I personally would take out Borderlands and Metro and put in Beyond: Two Souls and Crysis 3.

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Yeah, Beyond definitely is on my list along with Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation.


Assassin's Creed: Liberation definitely got a nod. It looks epic. Honestly, Beyond just made me wonder what kind of game it is, as Cage stressed it wasn't QTE. I need more proofs. :D

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Those picks aren't bad. I personally would take out Borderlands and Metro and put in Beyond: Two Souls and Crysis 3.



Crysis 3 looks good, though 2 wasn't as impressive as the first. I hope Crytek can improve on the gameplay while restoring some of the freedom of the original Crysis.

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