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Jason Clement

The verdict is in on Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and...

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...it's good (according to reviewers so far)!


Reviews just went up today (or was it yesterday?), and the game is currently sitting at 84 on Metacritic and 83 on Opencritic. Polygon even gave it a 95 (which seems pretty rare for them). Up until this point, it was fairly uncertain as to whether the game would be good or not (or just mediocre).


That said, it also sounds highly unorthodox, so I recommend reading some of the reviews first if you're not entirely sure.


Anyone here planning on picking it up?

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I'm kinda glad I kept my pre-order now. I was interested in the game despite not being a huge fan of either series (I mean, I like them, but I don't play them that much overall) but wasn't 100% sure it was something I'd really get heavily into, so I considered cancelling my pre-order since it's for the special edition and I could save a bit of money not getting it. But the more I read about it, the more I want it. ^_^ I'm looking forward to picking up my copy on Friday to see if I agree with the critics, which I'm pretty sure I will.

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