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  1. Steve Bitto

    Logan for $0.99 rental on PSN this week

    We rented Logan from our local library. I was a little disappointed by it. Definitely not a bad movie (especially compared to the X-Men universe as a whole) but my expectations had gotten a little lofty considering reviews/opinions.
  2. Totally got lucky and snagged a Farpoint Aim Controller from GameStop. They even responded to one of my tweets! Super pumped to check it out tomorrow!

    1. iwx Leprechaun

      iwx Leprechaun

      Saw they were in stock, was just coming here to post the link for you. Glad you snagged one.

    2. TKtheknight


      Nice! It's a def a great feature for PSVR and loved it!

    3. Steve Bitto

      Steve Bitto

      TK, have you played any other games with the Aim controller?

  3. Steve Bitto

    Watchu' Buyin' July 2017 Edition

    Just Superhot VR for me this month! Desperately searching for the Farpoint PlayStation Aim VR bundle though. From what I understand, they aren't restocking and have discontinued the bundle. The standalone controller isn't available either. Headscratcher @Sony.
  4. The PSVR Aim Controller hasn't been available since launch. Apparently, the bundle with Farpoint was discontinued right after launch. Now that I can't find one, I want it so damn bad lol

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    2. Steve Bitto

      Steve Bitto

      The 3rd party vendors have jacked prices way up. They're 2-3 times more expensive than they should be.

    3. Laddie13


      Me too! I didn't think it would be worth it, but now I want it!

    4. Steve Bitto

      Steve Bitto

      Laddie, it doesn't make any sense. They wait for all these fantastic reviews to come out only for it to be sold out everywhere with no restock in sight.

  5. Steve Bitto

    Would you pay to go to E3 next year?

    Definitely. I heard people were waiting like 5-6 hours to play games. Why even bother at that point?
  6. Steve Bitto

    Would you pay to go to E3 next year?

    As a huge PlayStation fanboy, I think you'd be insane to pay to go to E3 when you can just pay to go to PSX. PSX is way more fan-oriented specially PlayStation fan-oriented. Even from a third-party perspective, you're going to get way more hands-on time at PSX than E3.
  7. Steve Bitto

    How do you deal with your backlog? 2017 Edition

    I have two lists: Games to Play (That I Own) and Games to Buy. I try to limit both to games I will legitimately play. I find that this limits my impulse buys a ton. Also since I know what I still need to play, I don't mind waiting until great deals on the Games to Buy list.
  8. Nintendo looking like Sony today! Dayum!

    1. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      Indeed! A lot of people seem to be down on this E3, but between Sony's mostly unsurprising but solid showing and Nintendo's surprises today, I think it's been pretty good so far.

    2. Steve Bitto

      Steve Bitto

      I'm pumped about this E3. PSVR got loads of new announcements and not only from Sony but from third parties too.

    3. Venom



  9. Steve Bitto

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is great; go see it

    We're going this week! Can't wait!
  10. Can't wait to see some E3 predictions from my favorite Podunkers!

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    2. Venom


      Mario Odyssey will definitely do it, though I'm hoping they have more than what they've already announced up their sleeve. Their best bet would be the return of a dormant franchise but somehow I doubt that will happen. I'm sure we'll get some Virtual Console news too.

    3. TKtheknight


      Days Gone has the potential to be the next Horizon for PS4. I'm hyped for that one besides the sequel titles.

    4. Steve Bitto

      Steve Bitto

      It'll be interesting to see more Days Gone. Potential for boom or bust.

  11. Steve Bitto

    Playstation Plus games for May 2017

    Abzu and Tales from the Borderlands are great entries for PlayStation Plus but unfortunately I already have both. Enjoy gang!
  12. Steve Bitto

    Switch's physical game cases are identical to PSP's

    Thanks! In that case, good on them to save space! It's also promising to see other software selling well. I was a little worried when I first saw a >90% attachment rate for Zelda. I was wondering if the initial Switch bump was exclusively Zelda diehards but it looks like that it's more just a reflection of how great the game is. The next few months will be telling.
  13. Steve Bitto

    Switch's physical game cases are identical to PSP's

    Do they save shelf space though? I saw some at the store and they look taller and thicker than bluray cases. Not sure how I feel about them switching up the case size. On one hand people might like to see something different but on the other bluray cases have become the standard for entertainment. Will people view these as "less than" because they aren't the same as PS4, Xbox One and everything else on the shelf? Similar to other aspects of Switch, I think the moment you have to explain any of this to someone you're losing a fraction of sales. Outside of Zelda, how has the Switch software sold?
  14. Steve Bitto

    New Justice League trailer is actually pretty good

    It can't be as good as it seems like it might be....
  15. Steve Bitto

    PSN Flash Sale 3/24/17 - Everything Must Go

    I'm considering Spider-man and Headlander. I really enjoyed Headlander when I played it back at PSX 2015. With so many big releases though (including NieR: Automata which I have but haven't played), I'm kinda leaning towards holding off.