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  1. DrPixel

    Handheld Steam Machines - Interested?

    It's a neat concept on paper (play 6000+ games anywhere on the go), but I don't think it'll work well in practice. Like Harrison said, the specs are pretty "meh", but especially the GPU in particular is concerning because mobile GPUs aren't generally up to snuff like the regular PC ones are. I'd say the system is great for any games that aren't too particularly demanding, like older games or some indies, but other than that it probably won't be running many big-budget AAA games. $300 for that? Eh, I'll pass. Now, for a superior system at maybe a slightly higher price point? I might be down with the idea.
  2. I think I signed up to upgrade but so far I'm sticking with Windows 8.1. It has some issues that bug me, but overall it's not too shabby, and I'd like to wait for the dust to settle before making the switch to 10.
  3. DrPixel

    Need Help: PS3 isn't reading discs

    My old BC PS3 broke 2-3 years ago, though it got the "yellow light of death" (YLOD) instead of the problem you have, so I know how you feel. I managed to fix mine with the help of my step-brother but it was definitely a pain. We had to take it apart and use a soldering iron to re-join some pieces back together. In your case though.....jeez. I'm not sure how easily that can be fixed. Maybe this link may help. I'm not sure though. Sorry, I know I'm not much help. D:
  4. DrPixel

    Do you enjoy MOBAs?

    Meh, I went to go make a post about Dota 2 and got carried away a bit. It turned into some sort of rambling essay-like thing, so I just decided to delete it all and make a mini-post instead. Anyway, I'm a semi-casual player of Dota 2, though I used to really love it. It's grown a little stale for me now, but I still consider it to be a very good game. It has highly strategic gameplay centered on working together as a team, though individual player skill also is important. Both of these combined together makes for some fun and intense times, especially in games where teams are down and then they comeback from what seems like basically defeat. I absolutely love matches like that, and it happens somewhat often in Dota 2. There's a few other reasons why I like the game, such as the interesting community (lots of great Youtube channels, fun inside jokes, neat workshop items, famous players/personalities/casters (more on that in a bit)/etc) or the excellent free to play system (pay for NOTHING besides cosmetic-related stuff - and I'm not kidding about that one!). For example, I've played over 1000 hours in the game and the only things I've bought were tournament stuff to help add to the prize pool of those tournaments. Even then, it was only about $20 of stuff. Considering the amount of enjoyment I've gotten from the game, that's pretty crazy relative to other paid games. Speaking of tournaments, Dota 2 has a very engaging and entertaining competitive "scene". Now, what do I mean by that? Well, the game is played professionally, with tens of thousands to millions of dollars on the line for a variety of teams from around the world to compete for in a wide range of tournaments. There's little tournaments with lesser-known teams in them that are fun to watch in addition to the huge multi-million dollar tournaments featuring the best players and teams in the world (such as one coming up very soon called "The International", hosted by Valve themselves). Two things make watching professional games quite fun, to me at least: casters and the skill/strategy of the teams. Casters are of course people who explain or kinda narrate what's happening on screen. They also often analyze what the teams are doing, what sort of strategies they should use/may be using, or the intricacies of important teamfights. Some casters are also pretty funny and are amusing to watch. Basically, to sum up my shortened rambling (trust me, the original version was way longer ), I personally really enjoy Dota 2. I don't play as much as I used to, but I still watch the largest tournaments that happen. I will definitely say that MOBAs can be very time-consuming for sure. Last summer (or maybe the one before? I can't remember) I played for 800 hours or so and had no time to play or do much else, while this summer I've been playing a lot more games (and watching anime) and have only spent 50 hours or so on Dota 2 so far. If anyone is interested in trying out the MOBA craze, Dota 2 might not be the best choice to start with however. I know that might be a bit weird coming from me, someone who loves the game, but I say this because it's a bit difficult to get into and understand. I think something like League of Legends might be better for players to start with. Either way, I definitely recommend playing with helpful and understanding friends when you play MOBAs. It certainly helps a lot! Anyway.....besides Dota, I've also played a few other games in the genre. I like trying new ones out to see how they fare compared to the two most popular ones (LoL and Dota 2). Some of these include: Strife, TOME (which has already shut down I think), Infinite Crisis, Prime World, Guardians of Middle-Earth, and Smashmuck Champions. I have pretty mixed feelings about most of these though, so I mainly would recommend only the most popular ones. Trying out some "different" ones is always fun though. I thought Strife was pretty neat, but it was also a striking almost copy of Dota 2, particularly the characters you can play as. It was just.....weird how similar they were. Well, I made a huge post again. I'll stop here. :/
  5. DrPixel

    Share your last beaten games here!

    Beat Narcissu 1st (or just "Narcissu" I think) yesterday. It only took about 2 hours or so to read the whole thing if anyone is interested in it. I have.....kinda mixed feelings about it as a whole though. On one hand, I thought the story was pretty original and quite interesting. I'll admit that I got pretty emotional, so I definitely can give the game credit there. The overall presentation was also quite nice - the music and art was great and fit the mood of the game perfectly. However, the one thing that really bugged me was that the characters felt pretty flat, with nothing really particularly special about them besides "well, they're going to die soon so you should care about them". I mean, throughout the whole game the female lead was just like "I'm neutral about everything and have no emotions", then suddenly at the end she's like "Oh wait I have emotions finally....it's too bad the game is ending now". Honestly.....it was just a bit disappointing to not get more invested in the game. I wanted to care about the characters as the story was genuinely interesting, but meh, oh well. I guess I have Narcissu 2nd to look forward to now. I'm not how that'll go but maybe I'll leave some impressions of it after I beat it. By the way, both games are free if anyone's interested.
  6. DrPixel

    Farewell, Satoru Iwata (1959-2015)

    Wow.....didn't hear about this until now. Really neat to hear about all the amazing things he's done, especially all the neat stuff you mentioned. And wow, he definitely wasn't very old at all. Quite sad. :/ Farewell, Mr. Iwata!
  7. DrPixel

    Bob-omb Battlefield (8-Bit Remix) | Super Mario 64 x NES

    Very nicely done! The art is great too!
  8. I don't really have any special "summer games", though I will say that Super Mario Sunshine is indeed perfect for summer. I also seem to always play 1 or 2 super long games during the summer. Last year it was Persona 4 (which I actually started in March I think, though I played the majority over the summer), and this year I'm thinking of tackling either Persona 3 or a game called Ever17 (which I've been wanting to play for years).
  9. Always had a soft spot for the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. I might have to check this out, thanks for the heads up!
  10. http://puu.sh/iSInW/86dba45e0c.png Oh....well then. Hi again (for like the 4th time)! I'm not sure how long I'll stick around for, but hopefully at least until the end of summer! ;D
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      Grab him and hold him down! He won't leave us again!

    2. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      Welcome back, Pixel!

  11. DrPixel

    Join the GP MetaAchievement Crew!

    Ooh, it finally loaded my stuff! I'm at 3102488 it seems.
  12. DrPixel

    Join the GP MetaAchievement Crew!

    Oh....it seems to slowly be tracking my Steam games now. >.< It's at Ag- so far lol.
  13. DrPixel

    Join the GP MetaAchievement Crew!

    Woo! I signed up and joined the crew! It tracked my PSN achievements (1000 or so) but it hasn't tracked my massive amount of Steam 'cheevies yet.....or, well, it did, but only 177. ;_; Hopefully it tracks them eventually. The site seems like a pretty nice idea. I see the top 3 crews contain a lot of Steam achievement collectors so maybe I can help bump us up in the rankings. EDIT: Hmm....forcing it to queue up individual games seems to work, but it only auto-tracked my last 5-10 played games or so. Ah well. D:
  14. DrPixel


    Welcome to the Podunks! Also hey! I won a shirt from PSLS once. I still wear it sometimes haha.
  15. Blehhhhhhhhhhh

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      Pixel, you live! ♥