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  1. OMG got FFXV for Christmas!

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    2. DarkCobra86


      Congrats. Enjoy the game.

    3. Steve Bitto

      Steve Bitto

      Santa's always watching...

    4. Shin GenX

      Shin GenX

      Hahha congrats and enjoy!!!

  2. Blazeknyt

    Lindsay Lohan lost that GTA 5 lawsuit by the way

    I'm surprised this case took so long to get thrown out. I went to a panel a couple years ago to hear a lawyer talk, and this case was brought up. All of this falls under parody and satire. If I recall correctly, the character is question is supposed to be a parody of certain celebrities as a whole at the time, not one specific person, even if said character does look a lot like someone.
  3. Blazeknyt


    Was upset that the power went out and I had to miss Usain Bolt's gold medal run. There's nothing like watching events live.
  4. Had a blast at boston comic con!

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    2. Blazeknyt


      Caity Lotz and John Barrowman. Sneaked some looks at Vic Mignogna, but didn't meet him.

    3. Blazeknyt


      And Thanks TK! I had a great time, it was a different experience compared to the first time, but I'm glad I went!

    4. TKtheknight


      Sweet! Glad to hear. Man makes me want to hurry up and work to save up for a Con lol.

  5. Finally watched some EVO live this year. Pretty great experience

    1. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      I've been meaning to check it out; been hearing some great stuff on Twitter about the SF5 matches!

    2. TKtheknight


      I missed it and had no idea they were showing it on ESPN. Though I heard it was fantastic and very exciting!

  6. Blazeknyt

    Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Now Available!

    my code is 942,900,283
  7. Blazeknyt

    Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Now Available!

    Will add you later on. It's a fun game. Basically Brave Frontier but with FF elements added to it. Those FF elements make it a different experience, and quite frankly more like traditional RPGs in general, which I like.
  8. Blazeknyt

    Wreck-It Ralph sequel confirmed for 2018

    YES, YES AND YES. Love the first movie. Is there a trailer? And thank you for spreading the news!
  9. Blazeknyt

    Do you enjoy MOBAs?

    Just joined the League of Legends. It's a fun game, never gave it an honest chance, but I like it so far.
  10. If I really like the game or series, then yeah, i'll check them out. Got the Darksiders II comic, as well as the novel, both of them take place well before any of the games, so that makes it easy to understand. Got the Last of Us comic as well. And the Avatar the Last Airbender comics are ones that I'm seriously collecting. The Avatar ones are wonderful, it's like watching the cartoon, but in comic form.
  11. I'm thinking about restarting the blog. What do you all think about the intersection of video games and the legal field?

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    2. Blazeknyt


      legal stuff is complicated in general. but if there are reports I can find, I can write on them

    3. Steve Bitto

      Steve Bitto

      There are so many major lawsuits in gaming. They go on for so long that people forget about them but it would be interesting to hear the details. Even if you could shed light on which side won and why.

    4. Blazeknyt
  12. Blazeknyt

    Creative Soup: Has the Industry run out of good ideas?

    I think there's a lot of elements going on here. Some of it may be "creative immaturity", in the sense that many games are similar. Some of it could be advertising and marketing. Not every game gets posters at shops and commercials that play on TV or youtube ads. Another could simply be franchise continuation and being a fan. People keep buying the next game in the series, because they are already fans. I do think VR will bring a new level of creativity and innovation to the video game industry, so here's hoping on that.
  13. I can balance a couple systems, it really just depends on what games are being played. It's easier to do with mobile vs. console in my opinion. Go with whatever is working for you in balancing the usage of the consoles.
  14. Blazeknyt

    Do you buy HD Remasters?

    Generally, no. But I do think this has to do with what equipment you have. Some games just don't work in HD and widescreen format, and when stretched out on current TVs, it can look REALLY BAD. No More Heroes is a good example.
  15. Blazeknyt

    Poor Miss Colombia xD

    yeah it's unfortunate for Ms. Colombia, but the error has been corrected, even if it is terribly embarrassing. Here's an article that contains a picture of the card that was misread: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-miss-universe-ballot-card-steve-harvey-misread-2015-12