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  1. Hey Everyone! We are happy to announce that Robot Rescue Revolution was Greenlit yesterday! Thanks so much for the votes of support! Once the build is ready we will announce when to expect the FREE codes. Please check the game's Steam page for announcements! Many Thanks! Teyon
  2. Hey Everyone! We have just released our awesome puzzle game, Robot Rescue Revolution on Steam for Greenlighting! Help us by voting "YES" on the Robot Rescue Revolution Greenlight page and joining the Robot Rescuers Group to score a FREE copy of the game once it is Greenlit! The game will support Steam Trading Cards, Steam Achievements and Leaderboards! Hope to see you all there
  3. Teyon

    Paranormal State Free on Steam

    Hey Everyone! Just a quick announcement that yesterday Paranormal State: Poison Spring was Greenlit! Thank you to all who voted and supported the game! The official publisher, Legacy Games is organizing your free copy of the game - will be on its way very soon! Big Thanks! Teyon Team
  4. Teyon

    Paranormal State Free on Steam

    DarkCobra86 & Dr Pixel Thanks so much for your support and appreciate the positive comments!
  5. Hey Everyone! Paranormal State: Poison Springs is waiting for the Greenlight from STEAM so in the meantime we need your help and in return you will receive a FREE copy of the game! Simply vote "YES" for the game and join the Paranormal Research Society Steam Group. Once the game receives the Greenlight and becomes part of the Steam store you will receive the game for FREE! Follow the link to vote: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=194449929 Spread the word!
  6. Hi Everyone, Next Thursday, we'll be releasing our shooter, Crazy Chicken: Pirates on iPhone & iPad and to help celebrate the game's arrival we are giving away 10 iOS game codes on our Facebook and Twitter pages before the game's actual release (Sep 26)! If you have Facebook, then head to our Facebook page, like our competition post and tell us who your favorite pirate is to place your name in the draw! If you have Twitter, then head to our Twitter page and re-tweet our latest tweet about the competition! It is that simple! Winners will be announced on Sep 24!
  7. Soldiers! The latest review by Examiner.com has come through. Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear was awarded an 8 out of 10 for keeping true to the original style of on-rail shooters! Check out the full review HERE! Over and Out! Aneta
  8. Hey guys, It is officially here! Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear is available from today on Xbox360, PS3 and PC! Take the battle to the enemy as you fight to rescue your spy who has stolen secret documents leading to an Iranian nuclear facility! Use all the available weapons and tools at your disposal including pistols, tanks and the powerful AC-130 to destroy the rising nuclear threat! Grab your buddies for 4-player co-op mode, or take on the enemy by yourself in single-player mode! For news, updates or simply to watch the trailer again, jump onto the Heavy Fire website for all your Heavy Fire needs! Over and Out! Aneta
  9. Hey Everyone! Check out the exclusive chat with Mariusz, Project Manager for Shattered Spear on our Blog! The interview includes some pictures of the developers and graphics hard at work! Over and Out! Aneta
  10. Hey guys! Yesterday Mastiff along with Teyon, announced the release of the next installment in the Heavy Fire series, Shattered Spear next Tuesday, January 29th on X360, PS3 and PC! We are all very excited here at Teyon about the new release and would like to share with you all the trailer for Shattered Spear! For more news and updates, jump onto the official Heavy Fire website- www.heavyfire.com otherwise feel free to post questions and comments on this thread!