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  1. sirdan357

    Jade Empire

    I love Jade Empire, too bad they didn't make a sequel back then. I don't know if I would want one with the current Bioware team.
  2. sirdan357

    Ender's Game trailer

    I liked the book(and I'm not a big reader), not so sure about the movie though.
  3. I think it was kind of funny, and the biggest whiners are the ones complaining about the next Xbox before any actual announcements have been made. I'm not a fan of the always online idea, but I realize that is the future going forward and it wouldn't stop me from buying the console(though a lack of good exclusives would).
  4. I wouldn't mind Monolith, since I really enjoyed Condemned 1( 2 and FEAR less so, even though they were pretty solid too). I'd prefer a Batman Beyond or Superman game to another Arkham game, since Arkham City did everything so well and was a solid ending. I'm not a huge fan of the prequel angle either, which hasn't really done any favors for other series(God of War and Gears of War).
  5. It sounds like God of War: Ascension is a step down from 3, I'll probably skip it and just wait for Bioshock.

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    2. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      I'm actually pretty surprised about that too. Wonder if Sony Santa Monica is getting burnt out on the franchise.

    3. Kezins


      I'm waiting for a bargain bin price on it. Lol

    4. barrel


      I can't tell if it is reviewer fatigue of the series or the actual game isn't great. I'm almost more inclined to play it now to find out... then again... I dunno.

  6. sirdan357

    Here's What The PS4 Will Look Like

    That image has been around forever, definitely fake.
  7. sirdan357

    What Would You Like to See from the Next Xbox?

    I thought the Move actually worked pretty well when I used it(better than Wiimote), it just didn't get a lot of support. Kinect is pretty crappy, but I'm sure the next version will be improved.
  8. PSN games are programmed to run on the PS3 exactly like the big budget titles are. It isn't like PC gaming where you can run the same games on an upgraded machine. The developer would have to reprogram the entire thing in order to get it to work with the PS4 architecture.
  9. BC is impossible on the PS4. It can't emulate the system architecture of the PS3 and that is the only reason it isn't BC, not to screw over consumers. Streaming is the only answer here, and few will care about BC once the console starts getting games.
  10. Definitely not, they would complain about the price increase and completely ignore common sense.
  11. Not surprising at all. It even says in the article that BC is impossible because of the difference in system architecture. If you want to play PS3 games you should keep your PS3.
  12. sirdan357

    Could This Be The End For Nintendo

    End of Nintendo? No way. Nintendo are in way better shape financially then Sega was in when the Dreamcast launched. I still think the Wii U is going to be a paperweight unless you really love Nintendo published games. The Wii U is already missing out on some good third party games and that will only get worse when the other two consoles release. There will once again be a big power gap and developers won't bother downgrading their games for the minuscule sales they'll get from the platform.
  13. sirdan357

    Check out my short story.

    Those are some fun short stories, they both seem like they could be part of a larger work(maybe they are?). I wrote my story in the middle of the night, it took me a couple of hours. I misunderstood the contest rules so I could have worked on it a lot more than I did. I didn't win anything either. The contest was more about who had the most friends and Twitter followers than actual writing talent, but it was fun to write anyway. I was a little skeptical about the whole thing from the start but it was a good experience.
  14. sirdan357

    Skyrim DLC coming to PS3 by the end of February

    I'm surprised that they're even releasing the DLC at all. I figured they would just give up on it. I traded my copy in way back, and I'm sure a lot of other people are done with the game too. I heard the DLC wasn't all that great anyway, and I certainly don't miss the game. Skyrim was good after a few months worth of patches that made the game semi-playable, but it's still my least favorite Bethesda game.
  15. Most YouTube gaming "personalities" are really annoying, and really deserve whatever bad things come to them because of their attention whoring ways.