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    I'm on a site called Game Podunk, I think you know. ;D

    Also, I enjoy writing about my hobbies, as well as reading from time to time.
  1. gaiages

    Game of the Year 2016: Liz's Picks

    Since I've mostly left the game-writing-freelance-thing, I've found a bit of freedom in the fact that I haven't played a bunch of 2016's latest and hottest releases. But even I, in my almighty gaming wisdom, could not resist the allure of some of hype of the games released this year (whether there was an actual hype or not). So, let's talk about five games I've played this year that are pretty darn cool. Cool Game that You Beat People Up In Guilty Gear Xrd -Relevator- Official GP Review This year has been an odd one for fighting games, with some good ones like Pokken Tournament coming out on dead systems and questionable ones like Street Fighter V coming out on the most popular systems. But, the best fighting game this year is criminally underlooked, and that is Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator-. Of course, the name probably doesn't help the PS4 and PS3 (and soon to be Steam!) game much… but Revelator is an effective sequel to Xrd -Sign-, offering new characters and at least some closure to a convoluted plot that's lasted years… but more importantly, has a fantastic tutorial that introduces many of Guilty Gear's aspect to a new crowd. Something that was sorely needed given Guilty Gear's complicated mechanics, and something other fighting games should try to emulate. Cool Game that You May Have Already Played if you Owned a Vita Gravity Rush Remastered Say what you will about re-releases and remasters, I love them. With my picky and frugal nature I miss out on a lot of the "classics", and I enjoy being able to play these games on new hardware, as I don't like to keep older consoles hooked up if I don't need to. Of course, the situation is a bit different with Gravity Rush Remastered — as with my constant battle of "why do I own a Vita anyway", I originally bought Gravity Rush for the Vita, only to sell it and eventually rebuy the PS4 version. And honestly, I'm really glad I did. Gravity Rush is such a unique, wonderful thing. I'm amazed with how fluidly and almost naturally Kat flies (or sometimes barrels) through her strange world, something that honestly easily could have become a control nightmare. The plot is also very interesting, though it unfortunately ends very abruptly. I'm looking forward to Gravity Rush 2 as a result, though. The first game is well worth the experience and I'm glad it came to the PS4, in order to give a broader audience a chance to give Gravity Rush a try. Cool Game That Scratches That Collection Itch Pokémon Sun and Moon Official GP Review I was really kind of done with Pokemon. I did not enjoy Black 2, and the whole of Generation VI I found to be one of the worst ever. But, as more (almost to much) information came out about Pokemon Sun and Moon, I begun to get excited again. I'm glad I gave it another try, too, as I thoroughly enjoyed Pokemon Sun. Pokemon Sun attempts to have an actual plot, and while it's not some kind of masterpiece narrative, it provides enough of an incentive to see its conclusion. The removal of HMs made it so I could finally have a full 6-Pokemon party without an HM slave taking up a spot. The game telling me a Pokemon's weaknesses and resistances after fighting it once allowed me to try new party combinations, instead of sticking with the types I managed to memorize the matchups for. I can't tell you how liberating it was to not feel like I needed a Water or Fire type to balance out my party. That said, Pokemon Sun is far, far from perfect, but seeing some steps finally being taken to address some of the long-running series' more stagnant bits fills me with hope for the future. Cool Game that was Released Yet Again This Year So I Can Put It On This List Steins;Gate Steins;Gate has had a release for the last three years… the PC release in 2014, PS3 and Vita in 2015, and this year with a Steam release. So, by the powers of time that may be, I can add this to the list this year, and thank goodness as it is probably one of the best visual novels I've ever played. The story starts off slow, really slow, but eventually opens up to a tale of time travel and intrigue… and the consequences of messing with time. There is little gameplay to speak of other than responding to text messages in sometimes vague ways, but the plot more than make up for accidently being dismissive to your friends from time to time. And I learned a bunch of Japanese terms while I was at it. Coolest Game (aka Game of the Year) Dragon Quest Builders All of the above games are pretty cool, but there can only be one, one coolest game of 2016. This super cool game is one I didn't even expect to be cool — even though I preordered it, it was more out of a weird sense of brand loyalty (huzzah consumerist America) than actual excitement for the game. But when I tried the demo to Dragon Quest Builders, I was blown away with just how fun it was. I immediately started playing the PS4 version, and did not stop until I finally beat it probably 40 hours later. I've never been a huge fan of Minecraft, but I could see the appeal of being able to gather resources and build (and with some hostile enemies if you so chose). Dragon Quest Builders added the thing I was missing most from Minecraft — direction — with towns to rebuild and baddies to smack down. In addition to that, Dragon Quest Builders hides a secretly amazing plot. As a long time fan of the series, I absolutely loved how they took a joke question from the original Dragon Quest game and turned it into a 'what if' scenario… what if the Hero saying yes to the Dragonlord wasn't a dream? Given the somewhat dire situation, the world is in a state of ruin. But, Dragon Quest perfectly blends its silly nature with the grimdark setting, making a game that's not overbearing in its dreariness while making it apparent that the end of the world did, in fact, happen. I could go on for ages on how much I loved Dragon Quest Builders, but I'll leave it at that. It really is a fantastic game. That's it for my 2016 Cool Game list! Do you think these games are cool too? Let me know in the comments below!
  2. gaiages

    Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Now Available!

    But, you don't need to use the lapis for the first vortex unlock every day. Only if you, say, open the material vortex and THEN open the exp vortex do you need to spend the 100.
  3. gaiages

    Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Now Available!

    I like it a lot, it's fun. Y'all can add me if you want, I have a Max level Edgar who is super helpful for killing swathes of enemies: 284,132,837 I played it a ton while it was in beta, but I slowed down a bit now. It's a fun diversion, and I like how it has an actual story.
  4. gaiages

    Share your last beaten games here!

    I beat FFXIV a few days ago. Super great. Next time I get a sub I'll have to play Heavensward
  5. I don't really know the guy, but the idea he seems to have for the site seems pretty interesting... kinda like what Polygon's formerly fantastic editorials used to be, from the sounds of it. I'll have to keep an eye on it.
  6. Excited? Not really, but I'm glad I'll probably be able to get a discount on FFV, and probably pick up a few other games on my wishlist. If it has flash/daily deals again I'll be a little annoyed... those are a pain i nthe ass to keep up on, tbqh. I just wanna see what's on sale, buy what I want day 1 or 2, and be done with it lol.
  7. Oh wow, the Narrative Bundle has a bunch of games I want but didn't have. I've heard great things about Read Only Memories and Cibele, and of course Her Story is an indie darling. I'm in for the $1 pack for sure. For the BTA, Broken Age is pretty divided in terms of critism, Sorcery 1 was pretty interesting but I disliked 2, and I heard 80 Days was super great. It's likely worth the asking price, but I'm quite short on funds this month myself, so $1 only bundle it is :3
  8. gaiages

    Share your last beaten games here!

    Platinum basically has an A team, and an F team. There's no middle ground for them. Just finished Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star. Decent stuff. Not as good as the original, but that wasn't expected of course. Still worth a playthrough for those that played and liked the first.
  9. Depends. Pong in its original form? Doubt it. But, all I expect most 'knowledge gamers' to play is at least one Mario game. Doesn't matter which, but I imagine most have played a Mario platformer before. I try not to assume most gamers have played most popular games just because there could be a myriad of reasons they haven't played x or y game. I've never played RE4, I didn't play Ocarina of Time until the 3DS version, have never touched Super Metroid, etc, etc. And one of my big gaming pet peeves are people going "WHY HAVEN'T YOU PLAYED X GAME/WHY DON'T YOU OWN Y IT'S WONDERFUL IT'S FANTASTIC HOW COULD YOU" because... well, sugar, I spend my free time and money how i want. If I don't wanna buy and play X game that's my choice dammit. I like recommendations, but when they amount to nothing more than someone complaining that I somehow haven't gotten to whatever yet, it kinda ruins the point of a recommendation.
  10. I'm surprised there wasn't an XCOM remaster of sorts. But honestly, most of the remasters I want are from the generation before that--like FFXII and Skies of Arcadia and whatnot. I think remasters are cool for those that missed out on the game originally (especially with the Vita to PS4 ports... let's face it, the Vita didn't do too hot), but I can't think of any off the top of my head that I actually want.
  11. gaiages

    Share your last beaten games here!

    Last game I beat was Super Mario Galaxy, and it was pretty great. But, I'm sure everyone kinda knew that already
  12. Root Double - It's pretty interesting, finally nearing the end. Legend of Zelda - Like hell I'd play this nowadays without a guide. Earthbound - Only played for an hour. No thoughts yet, really.
  13. gaiages

    New Storybundle: Boss Fight Books

    Honestly, I'd probably just go with the $5 tier unless there's one of the books in the second category you *must* have. I'll probably pick up the $5 bundle myself... I like what Boss Fight Books does, but I find their prices pretty expensive (especially for physical copies). I picked up the Chrono Trigger one in another book bundle and it was pretty good.
  14. gaiages

    Do you stream? And are you good at it?

    I stream very sparingly. I don't really talk a lot other than the occasional curse, so I don't really have a streaming personality. I'm working on that... Maybe if I get into Hearthstone again I'll stream, that's the only time I felt I was a little interesting streaming (because I'd talk out what I thought was a good idea).
  15. that might be part of why i stopped reviewing games so much