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  1. (Chapter 6) Now with more ammo! Check out the continuation of my #TheEvilWithin2 on #Twitch for all that horror fun! https://www.twitch.tv/streams/26502863840/channel/70899168
  2. (Chapter 4) My pistol loves me! Let's see how many critical hits I can land in #TheEvilWithin2 tonight on #Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/royzoga123
  3. Please no scares, my heart can't take it. Maybe I'll be lucky and not die of a heart attack. #TheEvilWithin2 #Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/royzoga123
  4. All New #EvilWithin2! Let's kill some, uh, whatever it is they are and get spooked! Come check it out on #Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/streams/26478667280/channel/70899168
  5. No time to rest! It's Monday, back to the Leon A #ResidentEvil2 #Speedrun grind. Come watch on #Twitch and have fun! https://www.twitch.tv/royzoga123
  6. Let's get some practice in! I've got some new strats to try in #ResidentEvil2 Leon A #Speedrun practice on #Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/royzoga123
  7. More #ResidentEvil2 Leon A #Speedrun practice, some come hang out on #Twitch and chat! Come learn lots with me! https://www.twitch.tv/royzoga123
  8. Another night, another attempt at beating final Birkin in Resident Evil 2 Leon A Speedrun! Come hang out on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/royzoga123
  9. I Will Beat Final Birkin Come check out my Resident Evil 2 Leon A PC Speedrun practice on Twitch and chat! https://www.twitch.tv/royzoga123
  10. Holy crap I'm bad at Resident Evil 2 Leon A Speedruns but I will improve eventually! Watch the learning on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/royzoga123
  11. Combination of learning and practicing my Resident Evil 2 Leon A PC Speedrun since I just started. Come hang out on Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/royzoga123
  12. Marcus Estrada

    Review: White Night

    Developer: OSome Studio Publisher: Activision Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One Release Date: March 3, 2015 ESRB: M for Mature As the phenomenon that is “indie games” continues to grow in the video game landscape it only makes sense that some big name companies have begun publishing more unique titles from small development teams. This March Activision of all people brought OSome Studio“s noir horror adventure White Night to PC as well as modern consoles. In the past, chances are this visually-arresting title would have not received such a wide reach. In any case, now that the game is out there, is it worth playing? Is there more than simply a gorgeous exterior? Well, before we get around to answering that question let“s first explore the basics of White Night. The start is compelling - you control a character who has just survived a car crash. With no knowledge of where you are, or even who you are, the player experiences the same sort of confusion as our protagonist. As he hobbles from the wreck, gameplay features are simply explained. You can look at objects, interact with some items, and listen to a bit of mumblings from the protagonist. There are also journal entries from multiple characters spread about liberally throughout to provide backstory. Point and click adventure gameplay permeates the entire experience. Yes, you actually move the character directly like in a Telltale game, but beyond that it“s a very slow, deliberate experience. There are puzzles to solve, items to manipulate, and loads of exposition. All of that is pretty typical, but you“ll also find action segments. After all, this is a modern horror game… Basically, ghosts permeate the manor you discover and are trapped within. If they spy you then they“ll float angrily toward you. Get touched by one and it“s game over! There are auto saves, as well as the ability to save your progress too (although that is tied to specific areas - literally sitting on couches - within the building). So, ghosts have the potential to be frustrating, but it could certainly be worse. Another classic, and a much maligned, horror trope is limited supply of important items. White Night“s necessary commodity comes in the form of matches. Of course it would be too convenient for this big old house to be brightly lit in the middle of the night! Matches light the way during a large percentage of exploration and run down after a while (or must be put out in order to operate two-handed items). You“ll find more scattered around, but careful exploration means you“ll likely run out more often than you“d like. Given the game“s stark black and white art style it“s nearly impossible to explore in pitch black locations otherwise. Then there“s the story which is forced upon players at every instance. It“s not all that interesting. Sure, it“s cool to see a period piece (set around the Great Depression) but the aspect doesn“t actually play into much. It feels more like window dressing when the core story could have easily be pushed into any timeframe. There are multiple endings, but the big reveal is pretty easy to guess beforehand. My biggest disappointment is with the writing which, at times, felt incredibly steeped in noir sensibilities. Yet, for every cool line there were multiple which sounded super odd. It“s almost as though two folks wrote the game (with no attempt to smooth them together for cohensions“ sake) or that an editor only looked over portions of text. Despite annoyances as far as matchsticks, ghosts, and story are concerned, there“s still one aspect of White Night that exceeds 150%: Visuals! The game looks awesome with its stark art and distinct camera angles. Some of the more extreme camera angles cause issues as far as depth perception are concerned but damn they look good! It would have been cool to see every single room given equal stylized care, but that might have resulted in a more confusing play experience. What we have with White Night is a game that is all style and some substance. Gameplay as far as puzzles are concerned works just fine. There just so happen to be some annoying aspects of classic horror games included. Sure, some can argue things like limited inventory, iffy control, and rote storytelling as integral to a truly classic horror experience, but modern games have shown new ways to achieve the same fearful effects. White Night deserves appreciation for the obvious effort put in, but five hours might be better spent with any number of excellent horror titles. Pros: + Lovingly stylized black and white noir atmosphere + Variety of puzzles to solve, most of which are logical + Large, creepy home to explore Cons: - Matches and saving system are more annoying than tension-raising - Cool camera sometimes leads to control issues - Ghosts are totally unfair at times Overall Score: 6 (out of 10) Decent If White Night“s gameplay was as stunning as the visuals then this would have been a home run for horror fans. Disclosure: This game was reviewed using downloadable Steam code provided by the publisher
  13. Marcus Estrada

    White Night Screenshot 3

    From the album: Review Images

  14. Marcus Estrada

    White Night Screenshot 2

    From the album: Review Images

  15. Marcus Estrada

    White Night Screenshot 1

    From the album: Review Images

  16. Marcus Estrada

    Daylight Screenshot 3

    From the album: Review Images

  17. Marcus Estrada

    Daylight Screenshot 2

    From the album: Review Images

  18. Marcus Estrada

    Daylight Screenshot 1

    From the album: Review Images

  19. Marcus Estrada

    Steam Halloween Sale is Bursting with Goodies

    With this being the week of Halloween it only makes sense that a huge digital distributor like Steam would love to host a sale capitalizing on the holiday. That's just what they done with their Halloween Sale 2013. In this sale there are tons of scary or horror-themed games available at varying discounts. Here is a small sampling of notable titles: The 7th Guest - $5.99 Anna - Extended Edition - $4.99 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition - $14.99 Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves - $5.09 Scratches Director's Cut - $2.49 The Typing of the Dead: Overkill - $9.99 The Walking Dead - $6.24 There are many, many more games also available. Most of them at least have something to do with horror but a few just seem to be thrown into the sale for fun. In any case, there's a good mix of indie and well-known titles to choose from. Hopefully you find one you've been waiting for!
  20. Marcus Estrada

    Review: Knock-knock

    Developer: Ice-pick Lodge Publisher: Ice-pick Lodge Platform: PC (GOG, Steam) Release Date: October 4, 2013 ESRB: N/A (T suggested) A download code was provided by the publishers for this review Ice-pick Lodge is a bit of an oddball developer. Over the past years, they“ve created games that have gained an audience but also ostracized other players. Pathologic, The Void, and even Cargo: The Quest for Gravity were unique properties that confused, disturbed, and excited players. Now they“ve come out with Knock-knock, which fits right in with their oeuvre. Because of this, Knock-knock already seems to be quite the divisive game. In Knock-knock, players are presented with a spiky-haired guy wearing blue pajamas. Apparently, this Lodger fellow is having an awful time sleeping in his home, which is clearly evidenced by his massively bugged out eyes. He isn“t sure if he has been sleepwalking, or even when he is awake or dreaming anymore. Regardless of what is real or imagined, we must take him through his house and survive through to daylight. Gameplay almost always takes place at night and focuses on keeping the Lodger safe and sane in an increasingly large building. He must venture from room to room, checking to see that everything is in order. Players can visit each room, turn lights on or off, and hide but do very little else. Unfortunately, beyond knowing what is capable, Knock-knock obfuscates the rules at play. At times, the Lodger speaks about his ideas but they sometimes clash with what appears to be the real mechanics. This was obviously a purposeful decision on Ice-pick Lodge“s part. To get the most out of their game they expect players to go in completely unaware of what needs to be done. But, it could help some gamers to have a sense of direction when playing for the first time. From what I have gathered, this is how the game seems to work. You need to survive long enough for the on-screen clock to fill up completely. Surviving consists of avoiding Visitors (ghosts) who wander around in the dark. By avoiding or hiding from them you can live longer because running into one drains the clock. Have it drained beyond the minimum and the Lodger will die, requiring that stage to start over. Perhaps the most confusing aspect of the game is how to keep them from overwhelming you. The explanation is hinted to via the character talking to himself, but still might be hard to grasp. At times, the game will zoom in on a certain room. This is the room where a tear will open up, allowing new Visitors to enter. If you can get to the room in time and light it up then the tear will be closed. Of course, taking too long will allow some beasts to filter out and begin chase. If you are being chased, you can hide in a dark room. About half the time, this will keep you safe. Other times, they“ll still manage to find you. It took me a few hours to come to these conclusions about gameplay, but once I did, I was hooked on Knock-knock. Primarily this was thanks to the eerie atmosphere. Rooms are dark, and sometimes, turning on the light only reveals worse features of them. Visitors are also incredibly creepy as they wander out of black edges of the screen. Oftentimes, you won“t see them until they“re close, causing either fright or frustration. Then there are the sounds. Music isn“t a big part of the game because of absolutely horrific ambient audio. The house creaks but that“s far from all. Sometimes you“ll hear banging on a nearby door or become mortified by strange whispers. Artistically, Knock-knock stands out as being one of the creepiest games to utilize a generally non-creepy cartoony art style. Well, perhaps the whole world isn“t cartoon-like, it“s just the Lodger who is. Some may find this a minor quibble, but it was really off putting to see so much effort put into designing creepy backdrops and audio cues while leaving the lead character to look so… simplistic. He“s mostly a blob of blue pajamas with Rayman hands and a severely evil-looking face. Getting past the Lodger himself, the animation is similarly lovely. Seeing a Visitor meander toward you (even if you“re safe) is eerie. For as fun as the game is, it“s also pretty short. Depending on how good or bad you are at surviving, it might take anywhere from 4 to 10 hours to beat it. Even the final encounter is left unexplained, which may leave you with an undesired ending, though, necessitating the need for another playthrough. In any case, it doesn“t seem the adventure was too brief. It serves itself well with the time and manages to remain creepy fun throughout its run. If you“re looking for a game that has the perfect atmosphere for creeping yourself out with, then Knock-knock may fulfill that need. Just prepare yourself with the fact that you won“t get a clear explanation of how to play. Keeping that in mind, and opening yourself up to uncovering everything, makes the experience much more enjoyable. And once you have the basics in mind, it“s easy to become wrapped up in surviving one more night. Pros: + Fantastic ambient sounds enhance an already ominous experience + Interesting clues and mysteries to uncover + Weird and creepy Visitor designs make it so you really don“t want to encounter them Cons: - Mechanics are mostly left unsaid, which will frustrate some players - Lodger character takes away from the otherwise solidly sinister atmosphere Overall Score: 8.0 (out of 10) Great Knock-knock is a game that puts you on the same level as its protagonists. Both of you must learn what it takes to survive or he won“t make it through another nightmarish evening alone in the house.