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  1. Jason Clement

    Review: Bomb Monkey

    Developer: Renegade Kid Publisher: Renegade Kid Release Date: Out Now Platform: 3DS eShop ESRB: E for Everyone Everyone loves monkeys, right? But give one a bomb and you may get some rather explosive results (pardon the pun). You'd also get Renegade Kid's latest game, a new eShop puzzler appropriately called Bomb Monkey. Luckily, the titular character is not destructive for mischevious reasons; rather, he's a participant in an in-game sport called Blok Bombing. The goal of the game is rather simple - toss bombs at blocks that rise up from the bottom of the jungle floor (or bottom of the screen in our case) in an attempt to destroy them, all the while making sure that they don't rise high enough to knock you off of your perch. But is this your typical falling blocks puzzle game, or is there more to it than meets the eye? In what might be a first for an eShop game, Bomb Monkey requires the game to be played by holding the 3DS in a "book style" format (90 degrees to the left from how it's usually held). Ultimately, it's a smart design decision that allows the gameplay to flow much better as you'll soon hear about. As for the game's controls, you're given three different input methods to choose from: the d-pad, circle pad, or touch controls with the stylus. There are only three main actions in-game: moving left, moving right, and dropping bombs (left, right, and down, respectively). It's nice that all three control inputs can be used to control the game, but I found the touch controls to be the most effective, though the D-pad works fine as well. Six different gameplay modes await you when the game starts up, and they are: Endless, 2P Versus, 2P Co-op, Rescue, 3 Minutes, and Numbers. Endless is what you could consider the main mode in the game, and it consists of Bomb Monkey's core gameplay and mechanics - to match colored blocks together and detonate them with bombs in order to clear them away. There is no end goal (except in some other modes) - only bragging rights for getting the highest score. Where Bomb Monkey really begins to shine, however, is its added layers of complexity when compared to the usual falling block puzzle formula. As the game progresses in its difficulty, you'll need to deal with more and more locked blocks that take two blasts to clear. And where the fun really kicks in is when you can set up special blocks that increases the bomb blast's radius to clear a whole row either vertically or horizontally (depending on the type you get). At this point, you'll begin to start setting up elaborate ways of clearing the blocks in order to maximize the points you get from the detonation when all is said and done. In fact, the right chain reaction could potentially clear the whole screen - if you're savvy enough. There are also special letters that are scattered through the blocks as they rise up from the floor, and by bombing them and progressively spelling out "B-O-M-B," you'll trigger a short power-up mode in which the Bomb Monkey will toss nothing but bombs for a few seconds. It adds a fun little twist to the game and is especially useful in the higher levels where the blocks move punishingly fast. The 2 player modes are wonderful additions that allow you to play with a friend using the same 3DS; the execution of which was mind-blowing to me when I tried it for the first time. Each player uses one screen of the 3DS and opposite ends of the handheld to control their respective character, with Player 1 using the circle pad/D-pad and Player 2 using the A, B, and X buttons. It's definitely a great inclusion, and makes me wonder why more 3DS games haven't implemented this sort of simple functionality in other games as well. Another mode is "Rescue," and it's easily one of my favorite modes. The objective is simple - break out your monkey friend out of a cage that is laying among all of the other blocks. However, it'll takes 50 direct explosions to destroy the cage, so in addition to working to free your friend, you'll also need to keep an eye on the overall circumstance of where the rest of the blocks are. Pay too little attention to the rising blocks and you'll pay the consequences by being knocked off your perch (and having to restart). It's a nice little game that definitely infuses a bit more strategy into the gameplay, and you'll need to divide your attention equally if you hope to conquer it. The 3 minute mode is exactly like the Endless mode but contained with a 3 minute time limit. It's perfect for controlled sessions where you don't have much time but also want to see how much of a score you can squeeze out in that time period. And finally, Numbers is another of my favorites - the objective being to clear numbers marked 1, 2, and 3 among the blocks, but in order. If you accidentally clear one out of order, it's game over. It makes for some truly interesting gameplay, especially in the later levels when the number you need to get to is buried in such a way that you'll have to avoid bombing the other two while getting to it, or they might all be right next to each other. The design of the game is simple, yet it works. There's something entirely whimsical about the Bomb Monkey character himself, and thus he ends up being likeable. In Endless Mode, the left screen displays a bigger version of the Bomb Monkey, and I can't help but smile when I see him bouncing back and forth and smiling; there's definitely some great sprite work here that pixel enthusiasts will especially appreciate. Last but not least, there's only one main music track in the game (aside from the menu music) but it's quite catchy and faintly reminiscent of Renegade Kid's last eShop game, Mutant Mudds. Everything considered, Bomb Monkey represents a simple game at its best. It doesn't beat you over the head with lots of unnecessary exposition or clutter; everything is to the point and simple enough for anybody to understand. That said, those looking for a challenge will still certainly find it here in the way of setting high scores (which Renegade Kid keeps track of on their site if you send in photographic evidence). Anyone looking for a great little puzzle game would do well to download Bomb Monkey; its different modes will keep you busy and addicted while you attempt to keep beating your (or your friend's) high scores. Simply put, Bomb Monkey is a blast. Pros: + Addictive puzzle gameplay + Catchy music + Multiple game modes to play through Cons: - If you dont like puzzles or aiming for high scores, this may not be for you Overall Score: 8 (out of 10) Great Bomb Monkey is a quintessential game to own on 3DS for puzzle fans and will no doubt become the new go-to title for when you want to play a quick game.
  2. Remember Kirby's Blowout Blast? It was announced during the Spring Nintendo Direct as the second of three Kirby games that would be releasing this year. Blowout Blast was specifically said to be coming during the Summer, but not much else was shown or said about it beyond a few short clips of the game. Oddly enough, it was also absent from Nintendo's E3 presence in both their Presentation video detailing upcoming games as well as the Treehouse Livestream. So what's the deal with the game exactly? We finally got an answer today as Nintendo nonchalantly announced that Kirby's Blowout Blast would be coming out next week. Little fanfare aside, it is nice to have at least one more 3DS game in the lineup for what is already a stellar Summer lineup leading into Fall (with the recent release of Ever Oasis and upcoming releases of both Hey! Pikmin and Miitopia in July, and then Metroid: Samus Returns in September). So there you have it. Kirby's Blowout Blast lands on 3DS eShop on 7/6 next week. If you're interested in footage of the game, Nintendo's Japanese Youtube account uploaded a new video of the game today that you can check out below. Source: Nintendo (via Twitter) Are you looking forward to Kirby's Blowout Blast?
  3. This week's Nintendo Download brings with it a number of pretty interesting new things. First up, there's a Splatoon demo out on the eShop. You'll be able to jump online and participate in 4 on 4 turf battles, but you can only do so during May 8-9 during specific times indicated below. ● Friday, May 8, 8-9 p.m. PT ● Saturday, May 9, 4-5 a.m. PT ● Saturday, May 9, Noon-1 p.m. PT Next up is High Strangeness, a new indie RPG title that blends 8-bit and 16-bit worlds together as you traverse two different worlds in order to solve a mystery. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker is also out on the 3DS eShop now; you can check out Jonathan's review for the game here. Spoiler alert: he liked it a lot. Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition is available for pre-purchase (and thus pre-loading) and also has a nifty demo; check it out if you're interested. Mega Man & Bass is the first "Mega May" game from Capcom to appear this month. It was one of the last games in the original Mega Man line before 9 and 10 came out some years back. Metal Marines is a Bandai Namco SNES Virtual Console real-time strategy game in which you lead the Metal Marines on raids against Zorgeuf and his empire. Discounts SteamWorld Dig on Wii U and 3DS is 55% off (reduced to $4.49 each) until 8:59 a.m. PT on May 21. Check out our review for the Wii U version here. Angry Birds: Star Wars on Wii U and 3DS is 50% off until 8:59 a.m. PT on May 11. Trine Enchanted Edition and Trine 2: Director's Cut are 50% off until 8:59 a.m. PT on May 21. Additionally, if you already own one of the two, you'll get another 20% off on the other. Puddle is 75% off (reduced from $7.99 to $1.99) until 8:59 a.m. PT on May 14. Also new Trine Enchanted Edition Demo (Wii U) Zen Pinball New DLC (Wii U) Bloo Kid 2 (3DS) Johnny Dynamite (3DS) The Legend of Dark Witch Demo (3DS)
  4. Jason Clement

    Review: Xeodrifter

    Developer: Renegade Kid Publisher: Renegade Kid Platforms: 3DS eShop, PC (Steam) Release Date: December 11, 2014 ESRB: E for Everyone Note: This review is based on the 3DS version of the game When playing a game, you can usually tell early on if the developer had a lot of passion for the project or not. A game that feels soulless often is because the developer never quite believed in it enough to make it the best they could before releasing it. On the flipside, one that is brimming with passion will shine through right away. That said, I could tell Renegade Kid was the latter example while playing through Xeodrifter, their latest 2D action-platformer, and it becomes even more evident if you read up on the history of how it came about. Essentially, lead designer Jools Watsham dove into development on the game out of a passion for the Metroidvania genre (as well as science fiction in general) and what resulted in the end is a fitting tribute to a dear classic—Super Metroid. The plot in Xeodrifter is relatively simple—you play as an unnamed, spacefaring explorer whose ship is damaged by a rogue asteroid. As it turns out, the ship's warp core is damaged, and you'll have to explore four nearby planets in order to find enough material to produce a new warp core. Interestingly enough, the game leaves everything to you right at the outset; there is no hand-holding or even a tutorial (though one could easily look at the digital manual if they needed help with controls). The game assumes you are smart enough to figure things out on your own, which is largely a good thing as everyone should be able to figure out the basic controls (i.e. run, jump, shoot), though I am surprised it assumes that the player knows to press B + Down to fall through thin platforms. However, it does leave you in a precarious situation at the outset—which planet do you go to first? Given that you can go to any of the four available planets, it initially appears that the design is non-linear, though a quick tour of the playable area in each will reveal that this is not the case as there are clearly barriers set to prevent you from progressing out of order and areas that appear to be out of reach. There is a set, linear path you're intended to take, but you're supposed to find out where to start on your own. It doesn't take too long to find out which is the correct first planet to visit, but it did feel strange that it doesn't at least start you on the right path instead of having you play through trial-and-error first. In typical Metroidvania fashion, you'll explore an area of a planet, fight a mini-boss, and then gain a new ability. Then you'll go to another world, find areas that were previously inaccessible, use your new ability to proceed further, and repeat the process. In this sense, Renegade Kid does a remarkable job of replicating the Metroid formula here; it doesn't come off as tired or uninspired. There are a number of different enemies on each planet that you'll encounter, each with their own attack patterns, and there are different environments you'll need to traverse, such as water/liquid and moving over lava, or flying upwards with a rocket boost. Everything mentioned thus far is pretty standard Metroidvania fare, but the main thing that separates Xeodrifter from the rest is its inclusion of the concept of jumping between the foreground and background to progress—a mechanic that originated in previous Renegade Kid title, Mutant Mudds. In the latter mentioned title, you would traverse both planes in order to proceed through levels, but it's a bit more cleverly implemented in Xeodrifter as it actively plays a part in some action-puzzle segments. For example, you may need to speed boost across molten terrain but also jump between the foreground and background when you reach dead ends in both, or you may have to do the same while using the super jump move (similar to the Metroid series' Shinespark jump). There's only one type of boss throughout the game (with different color variants), which is slightly disappointing, but it's used in an interesting way. Each time you come across it, the creature will have learned at least one new attack method. It's similar in a way to Mega Man bosses where you need to nail down the attack patterns before you can beat them, but in Xeodrifter it actually trains the player to learn these patterns over each new encounter while at the same time making each fight more and more complex by consecutively adding more attack patterns. These boss fights are difficult, for sure, but they never feel unfair; you simply have to be on the ball with memorizing everything to succeed. One of the most charming aspects of the game by far is its 8-bit-inspired visuals, which fits the world and environments to a "T"; In many ways, it's almost like a cuter, more family-friendly Metroid, with the short chibi-esque spacefarer protagonist wearing a spacesuit that almost looks like a red hazmat suit (the boss character has a pretty adorable design as well). And while the soundtrack isn't quite as good as Mutant Mudd's, there are a few tracks that I really enjoyed; it's mostly upbeat fare, so it's in keeping with the game's lighter atmosphere. In the end, I completed the game in just over three and a half hours, which included extra backtracking to hunt down many of the remaining items, meaning the actual campaign from start to finish comes in at around two and a half to three hours. It's definitely on the shorter side, though the pacing is excellent and never leaves you feeling as if it's overstayed its welcome, making it feel like it's just the right length. That aside, Xeodrifter is a lot of fun and a Metroid surrogate worthy of your time. Pros + Great use of the Metroidvania formula, backtracking + Game feels like an ode to certain games, but is original enough to be its own thing + Mutant Mudds-esque visuals work well with the environment and atmosphere Cons - May be a bit short for some people - Use of the same boss over and over is a bit disappointing Overall Score: 8.5 (out of 10) Great Xeodrifter is the Metroid title we wanted but never got from Nintendo, and though it's a bit short, it's a rollicking good time while it lasts. Disclosure: This review is based on a 3DS eShop downloadable code provided by the publisher.
  5. Renegade Kid announced their new Metroidvania-inspired sci-fi game Xeodrifter back in August, and now it's confirmed for release next week. The story of Xeodrifter has its protagonist trapped in a cluster of four planets after his spaceship is damaged by an asteroid, and you'll need to explore the different planets (a la Metroid, finding new power-ups and abilities to help you progress) in order to find the materials needed to fix the warp core on his ship if he ever hopes to make it home. Needless to say, if you enjoy Metroidvania and/or sci-fi titles, you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for this one. Xeodrifter is set to release on the 3DS eShop on December 11 for $9.99. Source: Jools Watsham (via Twitter) Are you interested in playing Xeodrifter?
  6. Big news for Donkey Kong Country fans as Nintendo revealed that that series would be coming to the Wii U eShop in Europe this week starting with Donkey Kong Country and then following with Donkey Kong Country 2 the week after and the third game a week after that. Also coming to the 3DS eShop is the Donkey Kong Land trilogy, which will follow a similar order of release. While Donkey Kong Land 2 and 3 are largely based off of the latter two Country games, Donkey Kong Land is wholly original, though inspired by some environments in Donkey Kong Country. As a promo, Nintendo of Europe is offering 33% off Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Wii U to anyone who purchases at least one of the Donkey Kong Country games. Similarly, fans will also get 33% off Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D if they purchase one of the Donkey Kong Land games as well. Fans may remember that the Donkey Kong Country games were infamously pulled from the Wii Shop Channel in 2012 with almost no prior notice or explanation. To this date, there is still no official explanation for what happened, though speculation rests on legal issues and red tape between Nintendo and Microsoft, which currently owns Donkey Kong Country developer Rare and may have certain rights to the series. While both trilogies are only confirmed for release on Wii U and 3DS eShop in Europe at this time, it's likely that we will eventually hear about the announcement for North America as well, sooner versus later. Source: IGN Would you be interested in playing any of the Donkey Kong Country or Donkey Kong Land games again?
  7. Jason Clement

    Super Smashing Sale - Week 2's Selection

    Last week, the Super Smashing Sale kicked off with sales on eShop games based on select characters from the series. Week one consisted mostly of the Mario series along with Yoshi and Little Mac, but this week things expand to the realm of Zelda, F-Zero, Fire Emblem, Mega Man, Kid Icarus, and Sonic. Here are the deals you can expect to see on games based on each highlighted Smash character in Week 2: Link, Sheik, Toon Link, Zelda The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - $29.99 $39.99 (3DS) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - $4.99 $7.99 (Wii U) The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages - $3.99 $5.99 (3DS) The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - $3.99 $5.99 (3DS) The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap - $4.99 $7.99 (Wii U) Captain Falcon F-Zero - $5.99 7.99 (Wii U) Lucina, Marth, Ike, Robin Fire Emblem: Awakening - $29.99 $39.99 (3DS) Mega Man Mega Man - $3.49 $4.99 (3DS) Mega Man 2 - $3.49 $4.99 (3DS) Mega Man X - $4.99 $7.99 (Wii U) Mega Man X2 - $4.99 $7.99 (Wii U) Pit, Palutena Kid Icarus: Uprising - $24.99 $34.99 (3DS) Kid Icarus - $3.49 $4.99 (Wii U) Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog - $3.49 $4.99 (3DS) Source: Nintendo Are you looking to buy any of these games this week?
  8. In honor of of the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, Nintendo is having a sale where you can get select games starring the different Smash characters up to 33% off. The sale will last until Oct. 2, with each week focused on a new set of fighters and thus games that are based on them. This week will start off with Mario, Bowser, Peach, Luigi, Yoshi, Little Mac, and Rosalina. Here are the games corresponding to each- Mario, Bowser, Peach, Luigi Super Mario Bros. 2 - $3.49 $4.99 (on both Wii U and 3DS) Super Mario Bros. 3 - $3.49 $4.99 (on both Wii U and 3DS) New Super Mario Bros. U - $39.99 $59.99 Super Mario 3D Land - $19.99 $29.99 Yoshi Yoshi's New Island - $29.99 $39.99 Little Mac Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream - $3.49 $4.99 Rosalina Super Mario 3D World - $39.99 $59.99 Remember, this is for eShop only; it doesn't translate over to retail. Next week is slated to focus on the characters from The Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, F-Zero, Mega Man, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Source: Nintendo Will you be buying any of the games from the Smashing Sale this week?
  9. Have you been looking for another eShop to game to play recently? If so, your wait is about to come to an end. Renegade Kid has announced that the first episode of their first-person, sci-fi adventure game Moon Chronicles is confirmed for release on the 3DS eShop next week. Moon Chronicles is an episodic game that will span four episodes in all, and it follows protagonist Major Kane as he journeys to the moon to investigate a mysterious hatch of unknown origins. Each new episode will bring John closer to unraveling the secrets that lie beneath the surface of the moon. For graphics junkies, Renegade Kid has confirmed that the game will run at 60 FPS. Also, the game is set to feature a number of different weapons, including alien technology, as well as segments where you control a remote robot to navigate tunnels and unlock secret doorways and moon buggy segments that allow you to explore the Moon's surface. You'll be able to download the first episode of Moon Chronicles on the 3DS eShop on May 15th for $8.99. Future episodes will be coming as downloadable content later on. Also, Renegade Kid announced that Season 2 will premiere in 2015 with all-new content. UPDATE: Renegade Kid has clarified with us that Episode 1 will cost $8.99, but subsequent episodes will be less, though they have not determined their price just yet. Are you interested in playing Moon Chronicles?
  10. While it's true that Capcom hasn't made any Mega Man games in a while, they haven't forgotten about the Blue Bomber just yet! Case in point - Capcom has announced that the six remaining Mega Man Gameboy games will be releasing during different weeks in May. These games include Mega Man II-V and both Mega Man Xtreme titles; the latter of which were remixed versions of the more popular Mega Man X titles that started on SNES. Of course, the first Mega Man Gameboy game was already released on the 3DS eShop a while back. Right now on Capcom-Unity you can vote on which game you'd like to see release first next month, so be sure to check it out if you're interested. Source: Capcom-Unity Are you looking forward to playing any of the remaining Gameboy Mega Man games?
  11. Jason Clement

    Review: Skater Cat

    Developer: Fun Unit Publisher: Teyon Platform: 3DS (eShop) Release Date: March 27, 2014 ESRB: E for Everyone Teyon is known for releasing titles that are pretty unique in concept, and developer Fun Unit's latest 3DS eShop title, Skater Cat, fits that bill pretty well. It's a side-scrolling action game starring Ollie, a cat who skates, and the objective in each stage is to make it to the goal on the opposite end as fast as you can. In order to do that, you'll need to catch up with and befriend other stray cats who are running ahead of you. In turn, each cat that Ollie meets up with makes him skate a bit faster. However, Ollie also has a food meter that he needs to keep replenished by collecting cat treats throughout the level, and if the meter dips too low, any cats that are following him will begin to drop off and new cats won't follow him, thus reducing his overall speed. You'll also need to avoid pits and obstacles along the way, including the likes of spikes, trash cans, and rolling dogs with spiked collars; running into any of them will cause one cat to stop following Ollie. Upon arriving at the goal, you'll be awarded 1 to 3 medals depending on how fast you made it and how many cats were able to follow in the end. It's a fun concept to play in short bursts, so it excels at being a pick-up-and-play sort of game, but it can be harder to hold your attention in longer play sessions (say, more than a few levels at a time). One reason for this is because one level isn't too different from the next. Obviously the difficulty rises as you progress, but aside from more obstacles, enemies, and larger gaps, there aren't too many different designs that really shake up the gameplay. There are a few levels that make use of an anti-gravity switch, which can make things a little more varied, but not much else aside from that. Also, there's only one music track throughout all the levels (and it sounds eerily similar from Yoshi's Island DS), which can get a little tiresome after a while. Still, Skater Cat has a great cartoon-like visual aesthetic to it all, and it's especially cute when Ollie makes up a thumbs-up motion to the player when a new stray cat starts following. And even though there are only 30 levels overall, the replayability factor is pretty moderate thanks to the medal system and a few unlockables (including the ability to use your own Mii in place of Ollie). The game also makes use of StreetPass so you can exchange completion times and ghost data with other players, adding even more to the replay value if competition and speed-running are your thing. In the end, Skater Cat is probably best suited for a younger crowd but may also appeal to those who enjoy "runner" games and going for the fastest time. Pros + Great, clean and attractive cartoon-like visuals + Some replayability and unlockables Cons - Short length (can be completed in under 2 hours) - Music is repetitive - Not much variety in levels Overall Score: 6.5 (out of 10) Decent Skater Cat is a cute game that is fun in short bursts and will appeal most to speed-runners, but it may struggle to hold your attention in longer sessions. Disclosure: This game was reviewed using 3DS downloadable code provided by the publisher
  12. Inazuma Eleven is a game that's infamous for having not been released in North America despite Nintendo's and Level-5's intention to do so over the years. But that all changed today when it was announced in today's Nintendo Direct that not only is the game finally coming to North America, it's actually already here. Described as a soccer RPG, players manage their team by training their teammates, helping them to learn new skills, and recruiting new players. The game is already a hit sensation in Japan and Europe, so Level-5 is hoping for similar success here in the States. You can purchase and download the game for $19.99 on the 3DS eShop right now. Also confirmed to be coming to North America is Level-5's lost Guild01 title, Weapon Shop de Omasse, a unique game which has players managing a weapon shop inside an RPG. You'll need to tap the touch screen along with the music in order to forge different customer's weapons, and your accuracy reflects how well it turns out when it's finished. Weapon Shop de Omasse will be available on the 3DS eShop on Feb. 20 for $7.99. You can check out the trailer for Inazuma Eleven below. Source: /Press Release Are you interested in Inazuma Eleven or Weapon Shop de Omasse?
  13. Nintendo had previously revealed plans to experiment with a free-to-play (aka F2P) structure for some of its future games, and today's Nintendo Direct showed us the first two games we can expect to see utilize the format, both of which are 3DS titles. The first that was announced is Steel Diver: Sub Wars, a sequel to the 3DS launch game of the same name (er, minus the subtitle). Dubbed as a strategic first-person shooter, players will have to navigate the waters as a submarine and stay ahead of their enemies. It will feature four-on-four local sub battles as well as online play. The free section of the game includes two basic submarines, the beginning of the single-player mission mode, and multiplayer mode. You'll also have the opportunity to upgrade to the premium edition of the game (which unlocks everything) for $9.99. Rusty's Real Deal Baseball is the second F2P title coming, and it stars an ex-baseball player dog named Rusty who runs a sports shack that hosts a variety of baseball-themed minigames. The free section here includes part of the first mini-game. Additional mini-games will be sold for $4 apiece, but in an interesting twist, players will have the option of haggling with Rusty by giving him items or listening to his problems which may drop the real-world price of the mini-game for you. It'll be interesting to watch how both of these titles fare, as Nintendo will either jump further aboard the F2P train if they do well or put less focus on it if it doesn't. Steel Diver: Sub Wars is available right now on the 3DS eShop while Rusty's real Deal Baseball is expected to land on the eShop in April. Source: /Press Release What do you think of Nintendo's F2P efforts so far?
  14. We already know a few games that are coming to 3DS and Wii U early on this year, but things are looking a little dry for the latter with only Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8 being the only first-party titles confirmed as coming out before June. Fortunately, Nintendo is looking to fill in some of the gaps with a number of indie titles coming soon to the eShop. For Wii U, some of the biggest indie releases include Fuzzy Wuzzy Games' timed exclusive Armillo (about a rolling armadillo creature), Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails, Wooden Sen'Sey, QUBE Director's Cut, Teslagrad, and more. A number of high profile indie titles are headed to 3DS as well, including Retro City Rampage: DX, Siesta Fiesta, Moon Chronicles, Treasurenauts, and WayForward's Shantae and the Pirate's Curse. Two games are also coming to both platforms - 1001 Spikes and Shovel Knight. Check out the full list below! Coming to Wii U eShop Wooden Sen'Sey - February Ittle Dew - Feb/March (check out our review of the PC version) Ballpoint Universe - March 18 Armillo - March 24 Shovel Knight - March 31 Nihilumbra - March Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails - March Squids Odyssey - March 1001 Spikes - Q1 Monkey Pirates - Q1 Teslagrad - March/April QUBE Director's Cut - April Assault Android Cactus - Q2 Coming to 3DS eShop Retro City Rampage: DX - February 6 Shovel Knight - March 31 Siesta Fiesta - March Moon Chronicles - March Treasurenauts - May Shantae and the Pirate's Curse - Q1 1001 Spikes - Q1 This isn't all of the games coming either; Nintendo mentions that this just a "taste" of what's coming and adds that more games are added every week and that titles and launch timing are subject to change. Source: Press Release Are you looking forward to any of these titles at all?
  15. This week's eShop update might be the most significant for a while. It's not every day that you have new Mario and Zelda games releasing at the same time, but that's exactly what makes Friday, November 22nd so special. Both Super Mario 3D World and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds will go live on the Wii U and 3DS eShops respectively at 12 'o clock sharp tonight, so get your wallets ready. Also, Mario Party: Island Tour is releasing for the 3DS as well; if you enjoy the Mario Party series and have friends with 3DS's and love local multiplayer, it might be worth checking out. Toki Tori 2 developer Two Tribes' EDGE is also out on the Wii U eShop. It's an isometric 3D puzzler with an old-school retro vibe to it, and only $1.99 to boot. Have you been enjoying Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies lately? Then you may want to check out the DLC case that was released today - Turnabout Reclaimed. The wacky case has you defending a killer whale and serves as a preface to Dual Destinies itself. Another noteworthy title you may want to look into is Ynnis Interactive's The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths. It's an action adventure puzzle game based on the anime of the same name, and the art style is pretty nifty. And this week's sales focus on Mega Man game, with Mega Man 1-4 being 30% off on both the 3DS and Wii U eShops. Check out the full list of games below- Wii U eShop Super Mario 3D World (available 11/22 at midnight) - $59.99 EDGE - $1.99 The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths - $14.99 Brawl Brothers (VC) - $7.99 Coaster Crazy Deluxe - $9.99 3DS eShop The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (available 11/22 at midnight) - $39.99 Mario Party: Island Tour (available 11/22 at midnight) - $39.99 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Duel Destinies DLC: Turnabout Reclaimed City Connection (VC) - $4.99 Christmas Wonderland 3 - $7.99 Ohno Odyssey - $5.99 Jewel Match 3 - $6.99 DSiware Hands On! Tangrams Sales Mega Man 1 (3DS and Wii U eShops) - $3.49 $5.00 Mega Man 2 (3DS and Wii U eShops) - $3.49 $5.00 Mega Man 3 (3DS and Wii U eShops) - $3.49 $5.00 Mega Man 4 (3DS and Wii U eShops) - $3.49 $5.00 Are you buying anything on the eShop this week?
  16. Today's Nintendo Download update brings with it quite a few games, from some bigger releases to more niche ones and even a few classic games to boot. First off, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014 is probably the biggest release of the week. If you've played the previous Mario and Sonic Olympic games, you mostly know what to expect here, though this is the series' first foray onto the Wii U. Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW makes its way to the Wii U and 3DS eShops on Tuesday of next week. Multiplayer dungeon-crawling gameplay abounds in that one, and you can expect plenty of references and characters from the show as well. On the classic gaming side, River City Ransom makes its way to 3DS in all its classic brawling glory while Uncharted Waters: New Horizons sets sail on the Wii U. Also of note is the release of XSEED's all-girl brawler Senran Kagura Burst on the 3DS eShop, and a limited time sale on select Zelda titles in order to prepare players for the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds next week. Check out the full list of games below- Wii U eShop Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014 (available 11/15) Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW (available 11/19) Zumba Fitness World Party (available11/19) Uncharted Waters: New Horizons (VC) Barbie Dreamhouse Party (available 11/19) Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver Sonic Lost World Demo Version 3DS eShop Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW (available 11/19) Senran Kagura Burst River City Ransom (VC) Sonic Lost World Demo Version Barbie Dreamhouse Party (available 11/19) Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver Frozen Olaf's Quest Girl's Fashion Shoot Secret Mysteries in New York World Conqueror 3D Word Wizard 3D Wiiware Deer Drive Legends Sales The Legend of Zelda (3DS VC) - $3.49 $4.99 The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX (3DS VC)- $3.99 $5.99 Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (3DS VC) - $3.49 $4.99 The Legend of Zelda (Wii U VC) - $3.49 $4.99 Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (Wii U VC) - $3.49 $4.99 Are you buying anything on the eShop this week?
  17. It was a bit surprising to hear that Senran Kagura Burst would be making its way to North America when it was announced in August due to the nature of the game, but XSEED determined there was enough of an audience here to sell it on the 3DS eShop, and now they've announced it's releasing next week. For those not in the know about the title, Senran Kagura Burst is a fighting game that focuses on five girls who wish to become full-fledged shinobi within a prestigious academy that trains female students in the art of ninjutsu. You'll complete different combat assignments for each character, including retrieval missions, multi-character battles, epic boss fights and more in order to progress the story, all while visual novel story scenes unfold between missions. Of course, what separates the game from others in the genre is its more risque nature - during fights, damage to the characters is represented by the gradual destruction of their outfits, leaving them in bikinis before they are KO'd. Senran Kagura Burst will be available for $29.99 exclusively on the 3DS eShop on Nov. 14.
  18. Jason Clement

    Nintendo Download: Featured Games 10/3/13

    Very slim pickings when it comes to new original content on the eShop this week. Probably the biggest game making its debut today is PICROSS e3, and no, it's not related to the annual video game trade show. The game's biggest new feature is a mode called Mega Picross, which has Mega Numbers that span two rows. Aside from that, you're getting another solid Picross game with 150 all new puzzles. There's also a multiplayer racing game on the Wii U eshop called TNT Racers - Nitro Machines Edition, which combines "fast and exciting racing action with new features." Aside from that, there's a few sales, including one where if you buy Final Fight 1, 2, or 3 on the Virtual Console, you'll get 50% off another fighting game, like Street Fighter II 'Turbo: Hyper Fighting and others. Check out the full list of new content below: Wii U eShop Just Dance 2014 (available Oct. 8) TNT Racers - Nitro Machines Edition - $7.99 3DS eShop PICROSS e3 - $5.99 Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure Family Bowling 3D - $4.99 Halloween: Trick or Treat 2 - $7.99 Happy Circus Witch & Hero (demo) DSiware Jewel Quest 5 - The Sleepless Star - $7.99 Sales Final Fight Promo - Buy either Final Fight 1, 2, or 3, and get 50% off another virtual console fighting game (Wii U eShop) Little Inferno - 50% off until Oct. 9 - $4.99
  19. Jason Clement

    Nintendo Download: Featured Games 9/12/13

    This week's eShop offerings are a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, you've got The Wonderful 101 arriving on Sunday, and a few decent Virtual Console games in the way of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and Tecmo Bowl. There's also a demo for Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millenium Girl hitting the 3DS eShop on Sept. 16 if you're craving some first-person RPG action, and don't forget - you can carry your demo progress over to the real game when it launches. Also, Toki Tori 2 is receiving the extra content Steam users got with the release of Toki Tori 2+, meaning that current owners of the Wii U version of the game will get that content for free, while new buyers of the game will automatically get it with their download. In this new version, you find an expanded soundtrack, additional puzzles, landmarks, and more; not bad at all! However, there is virtually nothing of note when it comes to new games this week. There are a few sales on some decent 3DS games like Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo and Bike Rider DX, but other than that, you'll have to wait till next week to see what the eShop brings. Check out the full list of games below. Wii U eShop The Wonderful 101 (arriving on Sept. 15) - $59.99 Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (VC) - $4.99 Toki Tori 2+ (free update to current owners) - $8.99 3DS eShop Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millenum Girl Demo (available Sept. 16) Tecmo Bowl (VC) - $4.99 DSiware Letter Challenge - $2.99 Tales to Enjoy! Little Red Riding Hood - $1.99 Tales to Enjoy! Puss in Boots - $1.99 Sales Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo - $3.99 $7.99 (starting Sept. 13 until Oct. 2) Bike Rider DX - $2.99 $5.99 (until Oct. 10)
  20. Jason Clement

    Nintendo Download: Featured Games 9/5/13

    Today is an interesting day for the eShop. Nothing is quite new, per se, but there are a number of older games making their way onto the shop for the first time. The biggest indie game making an appearance today is Giana Sisters: Twisted Dream, which originally debuted on PC just about a year ago and had progressive releases on console platforms since then. Check it out if you're hankering for a great new platformer on the Wii U. Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara brings some old-school beat 'em up action to the screen in HD while Sonic Generations makes its way to the 3DS eShop for the first time. And last but not least, Capcom is releasing the cult classic SNES RPG Breath of Fire II on the Wii U eShop. Check out the full list of game releases below. Wii U Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - $14.99 Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara - $14.99 Breath of Fire II (VC) - $7.99 Spot the Differences: Party! - $5.00 3DS Sonic Generations - $29.99 Summer Carnival '92 RECCA (VC) - $4.99 Boulder Dash - XL 3D - $4.99 Darts Up 3D - $2.99 DSiware Jewel Adventures Are you buying any new eShop games today?
  21. Jason Clement

    Nintendo Download: Featured Games 8/29/13

    Today's eShop update is one of the smallest updates in a while, but fortunately the fact that the games that are releasing are pretty good games just about makes up for it. The biggest title releasing is Rayman Legends, the highly anticipated sequel to Rayman Origins that was originally supposed to launch earlier this year in February but was famously delayed due to initial poor sales projection and so that they could do a multiplatform release at the same time. Fortunately, early reviews make it sound as if the game is entirely worth the wait; it'll be available for download from the Wii U eShop next Tuesday (Sept. 3). Next up is Pokemon Rumble U, which, if you're familiar with the Rumble franchise, incorporates the use of toy pokemon as you battle your way through and collect stronger toy pokemon throughout the game. This is also the first Wii U game to have NFC functionality, which will be used with a few specially sold Pokemon Rumble figures you can buy in-stores. Finally, the NES classic The Legend of Zelda makes its way to the Wii U eShop, and Wario Land 3 makes its way to the 3DS eShop. No introduction is necessary for the former, and the latter is widely considered to be the best game in the Wario Land series by many fans. It's a good day to be a Virtual Console fan! Finally, there's a great sale going on for Aksys' and Gaijin Game's Bit.Trip Saga, which will go on sale for just $4.99 on Sept. 1 until 9 AM PT on Sept. 11. Needless to say, if you haven't played it already, this is a fantastic value as it collects 6 games in one, and each have pretty extensive replay value. Unless you're totally against buying eShop games altogether, this one comes highly recommended, especially at that low price. The summary of games released is below: Wii U eShop Pokemon Rumble U - $18 The Legend of Zelda (VC) - $4.99 Rayman Legends (releases on 9/3) - $59.99 3DS eShop Wario Land 3 (VC) - $4.99 Sales Bit.Trip Saga (3DS eShop) - $14.99 - $4.99 (from 9/1-9/11) Are you buying any of these new eShop games?
  22. The 3DS eShop is about to get a brand new platformer in the form of SteamWorld Dig by developer Image & Form. Dubbed as a "hardcore platform mining adventure for 3DS," the game stars Rusty, a lone mining steambot who arrives to an old town in great need, and as he digs through the earth for riches, he'll discover an ancient threat. You'll explore a vast underground world full of secrets and treasures with Rusty and interact with other bots in the town of Tumbleton in order to help restore it and earn upgrades. In addition, the worlds are randomized, meaning that there will be a high replayability factor to the game. Image & Form is also touting the game's visuals, mentioning high-res graphics with dynamic lights and multiple, parallaxed background layers, which are sure to look pretty nice in 3D. So far the game looks and sounds pretty promising, and it's expected to have around 12 hours of play, so definitely keep your eyes on it if you're a fan of platformers, eShop games, or interesting concepts in general. SteamWorld Dig makes its way to the 3DS eShop on August 8 for $8.99 in North America, €8.99 in Europe, and $11.99 in Australia. Check out the game's official website for a look at more screenshots.
  23. Jason Clement

    Nintendo Download: Featured Games 8/1/13

    This week's eShop update is marginally better than the last, with some big titles finally landing. The most notable is Cloudberry Kingdom, with a unique premise in which every level is completely randomized and the difficulty can match any need (casual or hardcore). Pikmin 3 is also another big heavy-hitter arriving soon, though it doesn't land on the eShop until Sunday (8/4). The game has been receiving rave reviews from other outlets so far, so keep an eye out for our official review in the near future. Hulu Plus is also finally out, for those who like streaming TV shows. If you don't have an account, you can visit www.huluplus.com/WiiU2months. Kirby's Dream Land 2 also hits the 3DS eShop this week, and Harvest Moon (SNES) makes its way to the Wii U eShop for some farming fun. For anyone who hasn't experienced the latter series in any way, the original SNES version of Harvest Moon is probably the cheapest entry at the moment and a great introduction to the series. Check out the full list of new games below: Wii U eShop Pikmin 3 (available 8/4) - $59.99 Cloudberry Kingdom - $9.99 Disney's Planes (available 8/6) - $49.99 Harvest Moon (SNES VC) - $7.99 Hulu Plus app 3DS eShop Kirby's Dream Land 2 (GB VC) - $3.99 Disney's Planes (available 8/6) - $39.99 Bike Rider DX - $5.99 My Farm 3D - $7.99 Family Kart 3D - $4.99 DSiware No new releases
  24. Jason Clement

    Nintendo Download: Featured Games 7/25/13

    Today's Nintendo Download update is pretty slim pickings. First off, the only VC game releasing on Wii U this week is Kid Icarus. Over on 3DS, there's a quirky little arcade shooter called Chain Blaster in which you control a tiny anti-virus ship attempted to eradicate a computer virus that's taken over the world's super computer and prepared all nuclear weapons for launch. In addition, there's Jupiter's Picross e2, which is releasing just a month or so after Picross e landed on the eShop. Hopefully next week will bring a bigger update, especially for Wii U since it was on a role for a few weeks with two or more Virtual Console games every time. Check out the full list of games below- Wii U eShop Kid Icarus (VC) - $4.99 3DS eShop Chain Blaster - $6.99 Picross e2 - $5.99 Angler's Club: Ultimate Bass Fishing 3D - $29.95 DSiware Cute Witch! Runner - 200 pts ($1.99)
  25. Jason Clement

    Nintendo Download: Featured Games 7/18/13

    Another Thursday, another Nintendo Download update; however, this week's update isn't just any old update. You might have heard that a little game called Earthbound was released on the Wii U eShop today. Fans have been waiting for the cult RPG to hit the VC ever since the service was announced with the Wii, but the game famously never appeared on it until now. In addition, the WayForward's GBC platformer classic Shantae finally makes its way to the 3DS eShop along with the next installment in Level-5's Guild 02 series, Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale. Check out the full list of games below- Wii U eShop Earthbound (SNES VC) The Smurfs 2 (available 7/23) 3DS eShop Shantae Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale Robot Rescue 3D Undead Bowling (Full game and Demo) The "DENPA" Men 2: Beyond the Waves Demo DSiware No new titles Sales Puddle (Wii U eShop) - $4.49 until 9am PT on Aug 1