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Found 19 results

  1. Jordan Haygood

    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Artwork

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Artwork.

    © Nintendo

  2. Jordan Haygood

    Super Mario Sunshine

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    Artwork for Super Mario Sunshine.

    © Nintendo

  3. Nintendo's Switch has just been updated to firmware 4.0, and with it brings a surprising new functionality: compatibility with the Gamecube controller adapter. Keen fans will be quick to note that the Gamecube controller adapter originally released for Wii U in order to serve as a way for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U players to use the GCN controller while playing. While it's possible Nintendo is just adding functionality to ensure fans have a wide array of control methods available to them, it's also sparked speculation that either a new Super Smash Bros. title or Gamecube Virtual Console titles are on the way. Both have been rumored for some time now by industry insiders, but the Smash title is especially interesting given that an enhanced port of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U was rumored to be in the works for Switch. Nintendo has been mum on the title up till now, but with the Switch lineup wide open for next Spring, fans have been speculating that Smash may be the big multiplayer release for that time window. Only time will tell. Source: GoNintendo What are your thoughts on Gamecube controller functionality being added to the Switch? Do you think news of Smash for Switch is imminent?
  4. Jason Clement

    Rumor: Switch to get Gamecube VC support

    One of the latest rumors for the Nintendo Switch is something that many fans have been wanting to see for a while now. Of course, I'm referring to Gamecube support via the Virtual Console; something that the Wii U bypassed entirely in favor of Wii VC support, oddly enough. Eurogamer's Tom Phillips reports that multiple sources allege that three Gamecube games have already been prepped for the Switch, and they are: Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion, and Super Smash Bros. Melee. It isn't too surprising that those three were chosen given that they're probably the most popular Gamecube titles other than The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, which saw an HD port on Wii U. Phillips also reports that Nintendo has a strong desire to make Melee available for purchase for fans once again given its popularity in the Smash community and at tournaments such as EVO. No mention has been made if Gamecube VC support will be available from Switch's launch or soon after, but hopefully we'll hear more about this when all is revealed about Switch in January. Source: Eurogamer Are you excited to hear that Gamecube games may be coming to the Switch Virtual Console?
  5. If you're a Super Smash Bros. fan, it's not ridiculous if you prefer playing with GameCube controllers over any other control method. Super Smash Bros. Melee no doubt introduced the masses to what it's like to Smash with these controllers, and with the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, many saw themselves preferring GameCube controllers over anything the Wii had to offer. But with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U right around the corner, how will gamers fill the gap left by the lack of GCN controller support? Well, Nintendo heard your cries and it has a solution, which it posted today on Twitter: That's right, Nintendo has just announced GameCube controller support and an adapter that will allow you to plug in your controllers and play Super Smash Bros. for Wii U with what many consider the best control option out there! The adapter plugs into the two USB ports at the front of the console and allows you to plug in up to four controllers. So if you thought GameCube controller support would be nothing more than a pipe dream, then take Nintendo's advice and get excited! Will you be playing Super Smash Bros. for Wii U with GameCube controllers when it hits store shelves this Winter? Source: Twitter
  6. It's that time of year again, when the leaves in the trees change colors and the jack-o-lantern you put out in your yard mysteriously explodes for seemingly no reason. And there's also something about kids dressing up in costumes for candy while adults dress up in stripper costumes for alcohol. I don't know, I kind of glossed over the whole Halloween tradition. What I do know is that this is also the time of year for people to play their favorite scary games. But what happens if you've played all there is to play in the horror genre? Running from spooky monsters in Outlast can only last you so long, and can you really play Silent Hill 2 for the twelfth straight year in a row? Well, probably. But let's just say you can't, for reasons. This is where this article comes in. Prepare to learn about four games that come completely out of left field with their own version of horror. 5. King Arthur And The Knights Of Justice A game for the Nintendo Entertainment System based off of a Saturday morning Disney cartoon cannot possibly get any further from the horror genre than it already is. That is, of course, until I tell you that the plot of the game and cartoon revolves around a bunch of football players that get transported to Camelot and tasked with saving King Arthur himself from a witch. Also, you can't die. You and the members of your football team merely get "knocked out" when you lose. That is about as family friendly as you can get. Disney reveals its true form only to those who dare face the void. Up until just about the end of the game, that is. That's when the veil is pulled back to show any kid unfortunate enough to make it that far the horrors of a world wrought with magic and evil. A world that these football players simply weren't prepared for. To start things off, every member of your party is suddenly killed off without warning. Not killed off as in knocked out; they're just straight up murdered. What follows is a quest where you must collect the items needed to open a gate to the underworld to save your now deceased friends from the Grim Reaper. Did I mention the underworld is made up of the dead from eon's past? The floor is actually made of dead naked bodies packed together to make a walkable surface. For the first time in the game you'll see actual red blood spattered about as the undead floor wriggles beneath you. Remember, you're currently a football player from Disney. You are not prepared for this at all. In fact, it seems the ratings board wasn't ready for it either, and that's probably why it passed by the censors with a "For Kids" rating. Play testers were probably too bored with the lackluster Disney game to get that far, and had no idea of the horrors that awaited everyone else. 4. Maniac Mansion While the original Maniac Mansion wasn't exactly kid friendly with its more crude forms of humor and sexual content, Nintendo wasn't about to let any of that slide onto their home console. After multiple reviews by Nintendo and a bit of back and forth bickering to save certain parts of the game that they felt were integral to the game's look and feel, the developers begrudgingly were forced to cut a considerable amount of "questionable" content from the title in order for it to be released at all. But there is something Nintendo missed. Dude, you have no idea how hard I'm going to kill your hamster. Maniac Mansion was a point-and-click game where you had to collect items with different characters to use in puzzles. Usually this sort of gameplay just ended with people getting frustrated over trying to use the wrong items for hours on end, or they would try to interact with everything they had to see what funny things they could accomplish. This is precisely how someone figured out that you could steal someone's pet hamster and then cook it alive in a microwave and watch it pop all over the place. But that wasn't the end of it. After you Indiana Jones (sans fridge) the hamster, you can then pull the goopy remains out of the microwave and carry them around with you as you play the game. If you happen to run into the hamster's previous owner, you can remove the remains of the hamster from your inventory and give them back to him. He'll look at them, confused by what he is seeing before he realizes what you did. Then he'll proceed to kill you where you stand. The end. Nintendo only noticed this after the game was released in stores, but they still demanded that the developers remove it from any newly printed copies. This never happened simply because they never printed anymore. 3. Jam Sessions: DS While the Nintendo DS did have its fair share of horror games during its life, Jam Sessions was very clearly not one of them. In fact, it was more of a glorified digital guitar than it was a game. The entire premise behind the software was the ability to have a guitar in your pocket that you could play and practice on whenever you pleased. Let's just hope you weren't practicing in a cemetery late at night, because if you just happened to end one of your sweet cemetery guitar riffs with the A-6 guitar chord you would be treated to a pants staining sound nobody expects to hear come from their guitar. Wait. How do you sing a guitar? As the chord rings out, you just might catch the sound of someone speaking in an unclear voice. It was hard to understand, but you're sure you heard something. You play the chord again just to be sure, and to your horror, you can very clearly hear the game whispering "Forgive us." Or at the very least, something just as ghoulish. That alone would be enough to send any jerk with a digital acoustic guitar running for the relative safety of a Starbucks, but don't worry internet! There might just be a logical explanation. The most popular theory to the phantom voice is that it is the person recording the tracks asking for the next sound they need to play, and that it was left in the game by accident. It just so happens that the person recording the tracks is also a ghost trapped in the game. 2. Spy Fox 2 The previous entries have all been creepy in a sense that they still kind of fit in with the game's setting, or they were at least included accidentally. This next one though is just off the rails with how terrifyingly out of place it is. In the children's computer game Spy Fox 2, you of course play a cartoon fox who just happens to be a spy. They really went over budget when they were trying to come up with a name for a game with such a stunning premise. But this isn't about the game itself. This is about what happens when you change a single line of code in the game. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIS FINGERS!? After making a very slight alteration to one of the game's files, you will unlock the ability to commit suicide. What exactly happens when you make the poor fox kill himself? Well I'm glad you asked. Our hero walks over to an electric chair that used to just be a part of the scenery and straps himself in. He then turns it on and electrocutes himself into a pile of ashes. But that isn't the end of it. After killing himself, the fox's dead body floats around the screen while an up close shot of his skeleton flashes in front of you over and over again. Remember, this is a children's game we're talking about. Something you'd see first graders playing while they're learning about computers for the first time. Of course, you do have to change a file in order to view it, but that's it. The developers put this in on purpose, just as a joke to themselves while working on some children's game that they thought nobody would even find. But people have found them. Lots of them. These sorts of death scenes have been found in multiple children's games, ranging from scenes where you feed your character so much candy that they begin to vomit uncontrollably to another character daydreaming about killing his child sidekick. There are thousands of these types of games floating around out there. Just imagine what horrible nightmares lie within their discs, waiting to be found. 1. Animal Crossing I love me some Animal Crossing, but I still haven't gotten around to playing the newest one on the 3DS, so for now I'm stuck playing the original version on the Gamecube. But that isn't so bad. There's still an endless amount of things to do and I love it just as much as I did when it first released. But there is a dark side to Animal Crossing. A dark side I never saw. The game warns you constantly not to quit without first saving your progress because it could cause problems in the game world. There are even special characters that exist just to scold you for not saving, but there is an even more severe punishment for quitting without saving in another person's town. Welp, I'm done. The game steals your face. There is no other way to put it. The next time you load your game you'll be sporting a Gyroid face identical to the one sitting outside of your house. Your black sunken eyes will know only desperation, your mouth will be agape as if trying to scream, but no sound will come out. Of course, it isn't permanent. But that doesn't mean it isn't as scary as all get-out the first time you see it without understanding why you suddenly look like a Japanese horror movie's idea of a spooky ghost. Apparently the reason for the Gyroid face is to help you remember that the Gyroid is where you save. You aren't likely to forget it when you're staring into the soulless eyes of a poor fool forced to live as one for a day. Did you ever think that the Gyroid outside of your house is just another player that forgot to save one too many times? That would certainly explain why all of Tom Nook's houses are always vacant when you first arrive. And with that horrible thought, thank you for reading and have a happy Halloween!
  7. A few days ago, I talked about how what makes the Super Mario Land games weird is also what makes them stand out amongst the numerous games in the Mario series. But, of course, they aren't the only strange games in Mario's 30-year run - there's plenty to choose from, be it Yoshi's Island (the one with the baby), Super Mario Bros. 2 (the one with the dream), or Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (the one with the gender identity issues) but the one you might not expect me to talk about is Super Mario Sunshine, a.k.a. the one with the water gun. And yet, here we are. Super Mario Sunshine gets equal amounts of love and hate for switching things up by slapping FLUDD on Mario's back, but that's not what makes it weird. And it's not the pineapple-looking people populating the game world who we'd never seen before and now are traveling to the Mushroom Kingdom for sports events, and it's not even the fact that said people mistake a goopy Blue Man Group version of Mario for the real thing, because that's just more stupid than odd. No, even with all that, this is still a true 3D Mario game at the core - He's out to collect 120 shiny things, and he can do almost everything he could do in Super Mario 64, with the exception of punching, because all that would do is get paint on his gloves. His gloves that he inexplicably wears with a short sleeve shirt, but whatever - Mario would look weird without gloves. Granted, his NES sprites didn't wear gloves (his instruction manual illustrations did, though) but that was because it would have probably cost another $10,000 to color his hands differently. That and it seemed like it was mandatory for NES characters to not have hands, and instead have circles where hands should be. But advances in technology changed all that, and now characters can have fully animated hands. Although some developers kept using circles, because drawing hands is hard, y'all. But I digress - the paint. The paint is part of what makes Sunshine such a strange game. It's not just regular old run of the mill paint, or even lead paint, but some kind of living paint. The things that Shadow Mario paints have a tendency to come alive, and, oddly enough, usually take the form of a Piranha Plant, because even when you've got paint that comes to life you've gotta go with what you know. The paint also spawns sentient bubbles that try to attack Mario, so there's that too. But outside of the enemies, the paint serves a far more useful, err, use, and that is painting doorways to another world. While that in itself isn't really noteworthy, it's the fact that it's not just the doorways, but evidently Mario is made of paint too. At least, I hope he's made of paint, because otherwise being disassembled at a molecular level every time you enter the warp would hurt like hell. Here we GAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! Anyway, aside from that, there's also the fact that, unlike Super Mario 64 (and later, Galaxy), this game doesn't have any power-ups to speak of unless you count some slight modifications to FLUDD, or FLUDD itself, I guess. The closest thing to a power-up is Yoshi, because for whatever reason Yoshis in this game are temporary. The only way to get them out of their eggs is with their favorite fruit (which means Mario must have done something to make them mad at some point) and once you do, the Yoshis have a limited supply of "juice" which can be kept up by eating more fruit. When they run out of juice, they burst into molecules like Mario entering a warp and reappear back in their egg, which is kind of a terrifying existential loop now that I think about it, but this article already has enough unspeakable horrors that we don't really need to go into that. Just know that the use of Yoshis in this game is another reason it's strange. And then when you take a stroll on the pier to get away from it all, BAM - giant watermelon. But wait, there's more! While vacationing on Delfino Isle, Mario meets Bowser Jr. for the first time. That's not all that strange since he's now a series regular and can just come and go as he pleases at this point, but what is weird is his claim that Peach is his mother. And that's not the strangest part - no, that would be the part where Peach doesn't deny it, at least not at first. Peach responds to this revelation as if it's more of a sudden realization than an outright fabrication. And speaking of the Bowser family (because I'm moving away from that last point before it gets weird) this was the first game where Bowser was big enough to crush Mario with his pinky finger. This proves that every time Bowser gets his hands on some amazing new power source, the first thing he does is use it to make himself bigger. Still want more weirdness? How about the levels that take away FLUDD and get down to some old school hopping and bopping...in some kind of outer-space railroad void. "Mario in space? How silly." Even if you don't like Super Mario Sunshine, you've gotta appreciate that the team was able to experiment with these levels, which led to the logical conclusion that was Super Mario Galaxy. And that's what it all comes down to - Super Mario Sunshine was yet another experiment in the Mario franchise, and it gave Nintendo plenty of great new ideas to carry into future games while unfortunately leaving other ones behind. Where today Nintendo has mostly settled into baiting fans into buying the next game with nostalgia (not that I'm complaining, Mario games are still tons of fun) back when they were trying to get consumers to come to the Gamecube, they decided to take some chances and try something new. As mentioned, the result was one of the most polarizing Mario games ever made - you either love it or hate it - but no matter what, it's the oddities that come with the game that make it stand out of the crowd and keeps people talking about it over 10 years later. I urge anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to try it out to pick up a copy and take the dive into this sun and surf soaked adventure, because while it may not offer a galaxy of greatness, it's still one of the brighter spots in Mario's history. (puns definitely intended.)
  8. Jordan Haygood

    Aquaman: Battle For Atlantis

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    © Lucky Chicken Games,TDK Mediactive

  9. Jordan Haygood

    Charlie's Angels

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    © Neko Entertainment, Ubisoft

  10. Marcus Estrada

    F-Zero AX Found Right Inside F-Zero GX

    F-Zero GX was the GameCube's first and only F-Zero game when it launched in 2003. It continued the F-Zero legacy which began on SNES and has seen a few renditions since then. Alongside some home console and handheld variations, there was also the release of F-Zero AX in arcades. This version of the game was interesting primarily due to the hardware within the machine, which basically emulated the workings of a GameCube. Modders have been peeking around in the code of many games, including F-Zero GX. Because of their curiosity we now know that F-Zero AX is actually found in its entirety within the other game's code. Even accessing the content is possible by simply using Action Replay codes. F-Zero AX is basically GX but adds time-based races as would be expected of an arcade release. There are also a handful of exclusive racetracks as well. Unfortunately, this discovery doesn't grant all users access to the awesome sit down arcade experience that AX delivered. Here is a video of the hidden game in action which was found by modder Rolf:
  11. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced a lot of things during today's Wii U Direct broadcast, including many games that people have been dying to hear about ever since the Wii U was initially announced. Of these games was a new Zelda game in development for Wii U, which didn't have any footage or foreseeable release window. However, after Iwata turned the floor over to the Zelda series' own Eiji Aonuma, an old favorite was revealed to be coming to the console this Fall with an HD makeover - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Aonuma explained that he and his team decided on this remastering because of how impressive the results were when they tried out different art styles and concepts that could potentially be used for their new Legend of Zelda title. After much deliberation, it was ultimately decided that they would remake The Wind Waker for Wii U, as the new original Zelda game is still a ways a way. In other words, this is Nintendo's way of making the wait more bearable Not only that, though, but this is also their way of bringing this classic to an audience who didn't originally own a GameCube or the original game. As far as enhancements go, there is the obvious: it has been remade in glorious HD with stunning visuals not possible on the GameCube. You can see the visual differences for yourself in the screenshots below. Aside from that, the new Wind Waker will boast various gameplay improvements, support for playing on the GamePad alone, and compatibility with Miiverse. Are you excited to play The Wind Waker in HD? Have you played the game before or will this be your first time experiencing it?
  12. Marcus Estrada

    Killer 7 Moon

    From the album: Marcus's Album

  13. Marcus Estrada

    Killer 7 Emir

    From the album: Marcus's Album

  14. This generation has been one of change. Not only have our consoles morphed into new shapes and sizes over these last few years, but thanks to the invention of firmware updates and a new world where everyone is always online, we've been able to see features come and go at a staggering rate. In a world where so many changes can happen to a console in a moment's notice, its easy to forget some of the things that have gone of the way of the dinosaurs over the years. Whether they were big or small, unknown or controversial, everything has been seemingly forgotten, like these four things right here! The Xbox Blades Dashboard If there was a console with an identity crisis, it would probably be the Xbox 360. The system's menu has changed so many times over the years I've lost count of just how many changes Microsoft has made. Not that I was actually keeping track or anything of the sort. I want to make some sort of Blade joke, but really... just look at it. After so many changes were made, its easy to forget just what the system's electronic face originally looked like. I'm pretty sure Microsoft doesn't even use the word "Blade" anymore when describing the different pages that appear on the Xbox dashboard. But the past isn't easily forgotten when you have modders. Yes, the original dashboard is still alive and kicking on all those random Xbox(es?) out there that have been modded in all sorts of crazy ways. Even those old forgotten blades are still making an appearance on some of these consoles. It looks insanely gaudy and out of date, but there's still a small group of people out there keeping tradition alive. The Jingle Of The PS3 This change was so small, most people didn't even notice it happened at all. With the original Playstation 3 system, there was a small jingle that played whenever you started up a game. Along with that jingle came the Playstation logo with its lovely Spider-Man font. How would you represent a jingle with an image?! So yeah, you probably already know why the jingle went away, thanks to that last line in the section above this one. When the Playstation's price drop first happened, Sony decided to do a console rebranding and changed their PS3 logo into a more sleek design. With the change, Sony was forced to remove that old Spider-Man font that appeared in front of every single game you played. When they did that however, they just decided to scrap the whole opening logo and the jingle was tossed out. You took it for granted and now its gone forever. AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE. Backwards Compatibility We all know about the Playstation 3's checkered history with backwards compatibility. First it was in, then it wasn't, then it was in again and now we have to buy our PS2 games a second time if we want to play them on our PS3's. Sony gets a lot of flack for this. But Nintendo pulled Gamecube support on the Wii and nobody has really made a single hubbub about it. Did they really have to smash my Gamecube too? Starting sometime last year, Nintendo released a slight revision of the Wii console in the UK. This version of the console was slightly smaller than the original Wii, but only due to the fact that Nintendo removed the area where you plugged in Gamecube controllers along with Gamecube functionality. And now Nintendo is at it again with the Wii Mini in Canada. Except not only have they removed Gamecube backwards compatibility, they've also taken out the ability to connect to the internet! This console of theirs is really as bare bones as it gets. But it still surprises me to see nobody being upset about the missing Gamecube functionality. The console had plenty of good games! We can't just up and forget about those to save a bit of money! After this was all said and done you're probably thinking that most of these things really weren't all that important (especially backwards compatibility) And you'd be right. Nobody is going to miss a jingle that played before every game you started. But there's no way I'm going to let you forget it. As always, thanks for reading
  15. Marcus Estrada


    So for some reason I never played Chibi-Robo! even though I've wanted to play the GameCube title since before it was out. Either way, it took until yesterday for me to start it and I'm really glad I did. For those of you who don't know, the game focuses around a family who recently bought a little robot helper named Chibi-Robo to clean up the house and generally make people happy. It's a weird concept but pretty fun overall. The graphics are adorable, the script is witty, and the gameplay itself is addicting. I was wondering who else here has played it! I know Jason and Leah have at least but do we have any other closeted Robo lovers here?