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Found 23 results

  1. Ugh, I just know I'm going to need all of these if I see them somewhere. And like all Kid Robot stuff, I'm sure these will be randomly assorted too. Well, I suppose most vinyl stuff is nowadays, though it is nice that there are three different Mega Man variants, so that's like, a 1 in 3 chance of getting him, maybe? Anyone else tempted to get onboard with these? Or have you sworn off figures after being worn down by Amiibo? P.S. These come out on August 4, apparently.
  2. Jonathan Higgins

    E3 2015 Hands-On: Mega Man Legacy Collection

    The announcement of Mega Man Legacy Collection elicited some very polarizing reactions from everyone here when it was first announced, much like the majority of social media and the Internet in general. For those unfamiliar, here“s a quick recap: this collection contains the first six Mega Man games, has a ton of extra features (more on that momentarily), and uses a brand new engine built to modernize these classic titles versus the simple ROM dump of the Virtual Console variants, and previously released anniversary collections. These games look and feel more faithful to the originals on current-gen consoles more than anything released before. I played through Heat Man“s stage in Mega Man 2 to get a feel for the game myself, but before that — I watched someone else play through Mega Man 1 in its entirety, while Frank Cifaldi from Digital Eclipse showed him (and me) everything the game could do. Here“s a look at the basic menu screen you see while you“re playing any given game in the Legacy Collection. It features save-states (you only get one), so you can save and load your progress at any time during gameplay. You can display the game in its original form, or in widescreen. If you pick 'Original,' you“re treated to frames featuring original Mega Man artwork, like something you“d see on the Super Game Boy, I suppose. You can turn said frame on or off, if you“d like. The game can display in one of three ways: If you turn the display filter off, you“ll get the most pristine visuals possible. If you select Monitor, you“ll see the game exactly like it would appear on Frank“s monitor setup at home. He mentioned fine-tuning it to suit the ideal setup for the game if you happened to be playing it on PC. The last option, 'TV,' displays the game as it would appear on a standard definition television back in 1991. I can“t stress enough, how perfect these games look and feel. I don“t often show it, but I“m kind of a retro gaming snob, at times. I know, for example, that NES games on the Wii U Virtual Console look like garbage, in terms of staying true to the original hardware. You can rest assured that Frank“s pride towards this Legacy Collection is absolutely warranted. I“m extremely happy with what I saw and played, and I suspect — if you approach these games as an achievement in video game archiving versus a cheap cash-in (because they“re not; I promise) — you will be happy as well. Mega Man Legacy Collection will release on PlayStation 4, XBox 1 and PC this summer. The Nintendo 3DS version of the game (which is being fine-tuned to meet that system“s specifications, hence the slight delay) will come a little later on, this winter. For more information, you can check out Digital Eclipse“s official website.
  3. Capcom has been quiet on the Mega Man front for quite some time, but today has yielded something interesting. What you'll see below is a trailer for Mega Man Legacy Collection, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this summer--plus the Nintendo 3DS this winter. This collection features the first six original Mega Man games plus many extra features including challenges (along the lines of something like NES Remix offers), a museum (featuring sketches, as well as an interactive database that lets you learn about and fight against Mega Man“s enemies), and more. Many folks I saw on Twitter and otherwise were comparing it to the Mega Man Anniversary Collection right away, which features the first eight Mega Man games, plus two games exclusive to that collection, Mega Man: The Power Battle and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. While there“s no denying a discrepancy in content offered: what makes the Legacy Collection different is that developer Digital Eclipse is recreating the source code with a brand new engine for these six Mega Man games, specifically for modern consoles. You“ll be able to play the games in 1080p, and I imagine things will perform as accurately-to-the-originals as possible under the hood in comparison to the straight emulation of the Anniversary Collection and your typical Virtual Console “ROM dump”. The fact that it“s being developed using a brand new engine may help to explain why it“s skipping Wii U, and why it“s not coming to 3DS until later on. No one“s said as much officially just yet, but I imagine it“s much harder to make this new engine work on Wii U than it is for PS4, XB1 and PC--which are all built similarly. Regardless of how you feel about the news, this seems to be a collection built with actual video game archiving in mind versus celebration. Read more about that here. If the Mega Man news isn“t enough for you, Capcom have also revealed their entire E3 lineup. You can expect to see Resident Evil Zero, Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, and the first major event appearance for Street Fighter V at E3 2015. Are you interested in Mega Man Legacy Collection? What about other Capcom games that will be seen during E3 2015? Be sure to let us know!
  4. Jason Clement

    Mega Man 8 Coming To PSN On Tuesday

    Mega Man 8 is somewhat of a red-headed step child in the mainline series given that it was the only entry that released outside of a Nintendo console (at least until Mega Man 9 and 10 came along some 11-12 years after) and it was the first to feature voice-acting (that was unfortunately pretty bad). Still, it was a pretty solid game in its own right, and now fans will have the chance to play it again soon because it's coming to the PlayStation Store this coming Tuesday (5/26). This marks the sixth Mega Man game to come to PSN, making Mega Man X6 the only PlayStation Mega Man game left unaccounted for. Might we see Mega Man X7 and X8 as PS2 classics sometime in the near future as well? Only time will tell, but this release pattern indicates that Capcom is open to that and it might not be long before we get them. Source: Games Radar Are you interested in playing Mega Man 8 again?
  5. This week“s Nintendo Download features a good variety of content. I“ll get things started by mentioning the new StreetPass games, Battleground Z and Ultimate Angler release today. You can buy either game for $4.99, or both for $7.99. Also, there“s a StreetPass Mii Plaza upgrade coming today, purchasable for $4.99, that lets you add all kinds of new features to the game like StreetPass birthdays and a VIP Room for Miis. If you“re a big fan of the StreetPass Mii Plaza stuff on 3DS...today is a very good day for you! Nintendo of America is celebrating International StreetPass Week from today ”til April 26th. Head to a Nintendo Zone location and get StreetPasses not just from the United States, but from Europe and other places across the world as well! ...It“s almost as though they want folks to get lots of StreetPasses so they can play these new games! Hmm… This week in retro gaming stuff: we've got Donkey Kong 64 on the Wii U Virtual Console, a game many were surprised to see during the recent Nintendo Direct. 3D Fantasy Zone 2 gets added to the lustrous library of SEGA 3D Classics (have you heard of the awesome games that will continue to be added by SEGA in the coming months?). And Mega May will return soon enough, with new Mega Man games being added to the Virtual Console service every week in the month of May! For those of you who don“t already know, the update for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U that adds Downloadable Content and other features went live yesterday; you“ll need to update your games if you“d like to play online. The Super Spring Sale I talked about last week is ending soon, so grab stuff like Captain Toad“s Treasure Tracker at a reduced price while you still can! Speaking of sales: ATLUS has always been good about offering up their games at a reduced price. This week you can grab Code of Princess and Etrian Odyssey Untold: Millennium Girl, if you“d like. Costume Quest 2 is also being offered at 33% off ($9.99). Last but not least: there“s another Codename S.T.E.A.M. tournament, and this week“s new 3DS theme is Yoshi“s Springtime Siesta. All in all, plenty to look forward to when the eShop updates today! Source: Press Release Will you be grabbing the new StreetPass games? What about Donkey Kong 64? Anything else? Be sure to let us know what you“re excited about this week!
  6. Seriously. Look at this. What... what even IS this? Why is Capcom relegating the Mega Man franchise to dumb smartphone games now? There's a prevailing theory that—as unbelievable as it sounds—the upper management at Capcom is still getting back at Inafune for 1) generally not liking him, and 2) leaving the company, so they're dragging the franchise (and his legacy, in a way) through the mud with games that are not of a high quality. Yes, I do realize it sounds ridiculous if only because chances are they risk missing out on making money by providing actual proper games, but Capcom as a company is so ridiculous that I could actually believe they would do this, lol. Anyhow, *siiiiiiigh* What do you guys make of what's been happening to Mega Man recently? At least they had the good sense to license him out to Nintendo for Smash Bros., but other than that, yeah. It's a gross mismanagement of a classic and beloved property.
  7. Man, if this news proves anything, it's that Capcom is content to sit on their laurels and relegate one of their best IPs to cameos in their games from now on. Case in point: they're adding Mega Man armor (and a Rush... club?) to Monster Hunter 4 for use with your Palico (cat creature thing). I guess this is cool for Monster Hunter fans, but it's just kind of sad to see Mega Man (or even just his armor) tossed aside and used for special appearances like this. For the record, I'm still convinced that some of the top brass have a vendetta against Inafune for leaving and such, and that's why they're not doing anything with the series. In any case, here's the trailer- What's your guys' opinion on this? Cool that they're adding it or kind of sad?
  8. Much like they did with "Mega May," Capcom has announced that they are releasing four different Mega Man games on the Wii U Virtual Console over the course of August. While the order of their release will be random (meaning you'll need to check the eShop every Thursday to see which game has been released), the good news is that the four games have been revealed as follows- Mega Man 5 (NES) Mega Man 6 (NES) Mega Man X3 (SNES) Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge (GBA) It's also worth noting that the first Mega Man Battle Network game has released today on the Wii U eShop. Even still, there are a number of other Mega Man games that are still yet to be released, including the other five Mega Man Battle Network games, Mega Man Soccer, and the four Mega Man Zero games. Hopefully we'll see them in the near future. Source: Capcom-Unity Are you interested in getting any of these Mega Man games?
  9. Intersting to hear that Capcom is available for purchase. Hmm Read more here What do you guys think? Who should buy Capcom? I really think NIntendo should take a chance and buy them. I mean Capcom's games on Nintendo's handheld and console has been a huge hit. Since Mega Man is on Smash, It would be awesome to see Nintendo bring him back for his own game again.
  10. While it's true that Capcom hasn't made any Mega Man games in a while, they haven't forgotten about the Blue Bomber just yet! Case in point - Capcom has announced that the six remaining Mega Man Gameboy games will be releasing during different weeks in May. These games include Mega Man II-V and both Mega Man Xtreme titles; the latter of which were remixed versions of the more popular Mega Man X titles that started on SNES. Of course, the first Mega Man Gameboy game was already released on the 3DS eShop a while back. Right now on Capcom-Unity you can vote on which game you'd like to see release first next month, so be sure to check it out if you're interested. Source: Capcom-Unity Are you looking forward to playing any of the remaining Gameboy Mega Man games?
  11. Jason Clement

    Capcom Bringing More Mega Man to 3DS VC

    At San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom announced their intention to bring more Mega Man titles to the 3DS's eShop in the wake of the franchise's 25th anniversary. This will include the four remaining Game Boy Mega Man titles as well as the two Mega Man Xtreme titles for Game Boy Color. Mega Man II-IV on Game Boy and the two Xtreme titles are actually remixed versions of their console game counterparts (with Xtreme borrowing from the X series), while Mega Man V is a wholly original title with new robot masters called Stardroids. No word yet on when we'll be seeing the titles on the 3DS eShop but Capcom is planning VC updates in the upcoming weeks. Are you excited for more Mega Man games on the 3DS eShop?
  12. http://www.gatheryourparty.com/articles/2013/04/09/maverick-hunter-the-mega-man-fps-that-thankfully-never-was/ Maverick Hunter looked terrible. Good thing it never was made! It was supposedly being developed by those that made the Metriod Prime games... which means it would probably play well, but who would really want to play a Mega Man game that looks like this? It's like when they tried to make Bomberman look more hardcore. Also Maverick Hunter was just a codename, but it would have probably ended up as a Mega Man X game. Hey, you wanted MMX9! Thoughts? Concerns? Sighs of relief?
  13. Came across this link from someone on Twitter earlier. Basically it's a crazy expensive custom piece of jewelry - a Mega Man X diamond pendant that costs $2,620. I'd post pictures but I'm too lazy at the moment to upload a picture here and I don't want to hotlink either, so check it out at the link below. They also have other custom pieces of video game-based jewelry as well. It's definitely cool, but I can't help but wonder if any gamer would actually pay that much for something like that unless they were pretty rich or really into collecting that kind of stuff. http://www.traxnyc.com/Mens-Pendants-Diamond-Pendants-Custom-Jewelry-Megaman-Diamond-Pendant-bs_1-item27490.html
  14. Mega Man is still alive and kickin', folks! During a panel at PAX East, Capcom discussed plans for Mega Man's future in honor of the franchise's 25th anniversary. First off, the 3DS eShop will be getting some Mega Man classics. Mega Man 4 will release on April 25th, Mega Man 5 has a tentative date of May 16, and Mega Man 6 will be available sometime in June. What about Mega Man merchandise for those hardcore fans out there? Capcom tells us that there will be a new limited, collectible figure available this summer at San Diego Comic-Con. And something that may excite Mega Man fans the most... the possibility of a new game?! Capcom community manager, Brett Elston, says something is being worked on "behind the scenes", but they "won't announce anything until something is ready." Guess we'll have to wait and see!
  15. Marcus Estrada

    Vanquish Heading to PS+ Instant Game Collection

    PlayStation Plus users who have their drives filling with Instant Game Collection content better make a little room. As usual, Sony is peppering tomorrow's PS Store update with a batch of free content. However, unlike some weeks, they are making a particularly loved game available. Then there are a few other things which may be unfamiliar to subscribers. First, the PS3 game getting the free treatment is Vanquish. This Sega game came out in 2010 and accumulated a very passionate fanbase. It didn't make huge waves in general, but those who have played it seem to be glad they did. Vanquish costs $20 as a download normally, but of course Plus users only need to make room for the free download. Mega Man Maverick Hunter X is the second free game of the month. If you're thinking this isn't a Vita game, then you're right. It is an enhanced remake of Mega Man X which came to PSP. So, here is one of those rare occasions that a PSP owner can get in on the free game action. Thankfully, it runs on Vita as well so it can be downloaded and played on one just fine. Finally, there is the Dust 514 Starter Pack. In case you couldn't tell by the name, this is not a game itself. Dust 514 is a free MMO available on PS3 already. So what this pack gives you is some of the content you would otherwise be buying with real money to support the game's economy. It's a bit weird but may get some people to actually give the game a shot. Do you think Sony should make more PS Plus games available that run on PSP/Vita?
  16. Jordan Haygood

    Mega Man Legends 3 Lives On ... Sorta

    Remember Mega Man Legends 3? You know, that game many of us have been waiting for for ages that was finally about to happen on the 3DS but was suddenly cancelled when Capcom assumed it didn“t have enough fans to support the project? Well, it turns out there are plenty of big fans out there, and they aren“t willing to accept this disappointment so easily. Avid fans who go by the names of Blyka and fAB took it upon themselves to make a browser-based version of the Servbot mission that appeared in the unreleased prototype version of Mega Man Legends 3. The game is called Mega Man Legends 3: Servbot Roundup, and is made with Unity. Here are the game“s features according to the official description: Ride around as Barrett, as seen in video footage of the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version! Feel the MML3 thrill as you explore an expansive, semi-accurate recreation of Teomo City Collect Servbots in three increasingly difficult levels with differing positions Find the fastest route to victory and submit your best times to the online high score table As it stands, this browser game is the closest we“ll get to playing Mega Man Legends 3. Hopefully, Capcom will change their minds about it. Hopefully. But for now, let“s go round up some servbots! You can download Mega Man Legends 3: Servbot Roundup at Sky Pirate Arcade. How badly would you like to see Capcom revive this cancelled project of theirs?
  17. At the start of this week Capcom made their big Mega Man announcement. No, it wasn't Mega Man Legends 3 coming back from its grave. Instead, it was what we already knew was coming, which is the release of the fan game Street Fighter X Mega Man. Zillions of downloads later, the consensus is that the game is not nearly as good as the name implies. However, there are certainly a camp who quite enjoy it too. Regardless of your opinion on the gameplay itself, the soundtrack is fun for NES-era music. If you are enjoying the music then this announcement should please you. The complete soundtrack for Street Fighter X Mega Man is up on Band Camp now for download. It includes 22 tracks and is being sold for whatever price you see fit. So, you could theoretically pay $100 for A-Rival's music, nothing at all, or anything in between. Those unsure about the download can first listen to the whole soundtrack online and then decide.
  18. Most Mega Man and Street Fighter fans already knew it was coming, but today the game Street Fighter X Mega Man finally was made available. The project was created by fans, not Capcom themselves, and is a free download. The downloads are a bit spotty right now as everyone is trying to grab them, which is a good thing for Capcom. The direct download link is here. This wasn't the only news Capcom had to share today. They have also announced that some classic Mega Man games will finally be hitting the Nintendo eShop. Both Japan and Europe have already had a go at the games digitally but until now America had been left out of the fun. Mega Man 1 through 6 will begin trickling out on eShop starting on December 27th. Overall, today is a pleasant day for Mega Man fans. Hopefully none of them were hoping for an announcement of Mega Man Legends 3 returning! If so, then Capcom's announcement is probably horrific.
  19. Marshall Henderson

    Rockman Xover is a Mega Man... Social Game

    Ready your mitts, 'cause a new Mega Man game is soon to be ready to drop into the hungry, grubby hands of the unwashed masses, in the form of the iOS title Rockman Xover. A crossover (or Xover) of the games in franchise, but with a bit of a twist? I can hear you celebrating a return to form for our favorite Blue Bomber, quit it. It isn't what one might expect. Instead of playing the all-too-familiar character, players create their own "production model" character. Screenshots imply some side-scrolling, but at its core, it's more an RPG-esque social game. Yeah. Players will travel through missions, beating up bad guys and collecting "battle memory" to improve their powers and stuff. "Battle memory" sounds like something from Mega Man Battle Network, but it's likely more similar to normal Mega Man shenanigans, so we'll see. Some screenshots are below for you to decide for yourself what you think! It's not stateside yet, but The Mega Man Network says that the plan is that it will be soon.
  20. Marshall Henderson

    Rockman Xover 3

    From the album: Rockman Xover

  21. Marshall Henderson

    Rockman Xover 2

    From the album: Rockman Xover

  22. Marshall Henderson

    Rockman Xover 1

    From the album: Rockman Xover

  23. Jason Clement

    Mega Man dance