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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to the eighteenth week of my Pokémon feature here on Game Podunk! In case you missed the last one, check it out! Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday morning. Also! I'm extending my Mew giveaway to give you guys more time to enter. -------------------------------- Events and Adventures "The folks who knew a lot about how to obtain a legitimate Celebi back in the days before Game Boy screens were backlit are true series veterans." In the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal, players could use the Pokémon Mobile System GB to obtain a GS Ball, then use that to encounter and hopefully capture Celebi in the wild. Without going too much into it: that mobile system was pretty much the great-great grandfather of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The folks who know a lot about how to obtain a legitimate Celebi back in the days before Game Boy screens were backlit are true series veterans. After Celebi came, the Mystic Ticket(s) and Aurora Ticket(s) that—when downloaded from a Nintendo Event—let you travel to where Ho-Oh, Lugia and Deoxys waited to—once again—be encountered and captured in the wild. And, of course, there“s the infamous Old Sea Map Mew I“ve already mentioned. Event Pokémon with backstories actually persisted into the fourth generation of games as well. The Member Card that was distributed via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection allowed anyone playing Diamond & Pearl at the time to head to Canaclave City, sleep at a locked inn, and have a nightmare that led to encountering Darkrai in the wild. Nintendo also distributed the means to get to the Flower Paradise and encounter a wild Shaymin. For some reason, even though players have accessed the through cheating devices and what have you, the means to encounter Arceus in the wild were never distributed. The last known actual Event Pokémon encounter was way back with Victini in Black & White. Still, they coded these ultra special Event Pokémon encounters into the games themselves! And they actually had been doing so since at least the days of Crystal with Celebi. "There“s something less special, to me personally, about owning a Pokémon that“s ultra rare, but that I didn“t capture myself." Part of me wonders why Nintendo stopped doing that. As attached as I am to the Celebi I obtained in HeartGold & SoulSilver that led to my fight with Giovanni from Team Rocket and unlocked extra story content in Black & White—it“s not a Celebi I captured and nicknamed from the beginning! I“m even less attached to Pokémon like Keldeo, Meloetta, Genesect, and most recently—Diancie. Sure—they“re elusive and rare, but... they“re not mine. They can easily be cloned by folks who choose to cheat, since every ID on them is the same, despite the distributed Event Pokémon having randomized stats. There“s something less special, to me personally, about owning a Pokémon that“s ultra rare, but that I didn“t capture myself. There are so many Legendary Pokémon that I think Game Freak essentially counts on you to watch their respective anime movie adaptations to learn about them. Take the “swords of justice,” for example. Do you even know what I“m referring to without me mentioning Pokémon like Keldeo by name? There“s no doubt Pokémon ORAS boasts a staggering amount of Legendary Pokémon to capture, but every one outside of Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza and Deoxys are... well.. .just there. On an Island. In a hole. An experience like actually going to Shaymin“s Flower Paradise or running into Mew via the Old Sea Chart is something I would pay for as Downloadable Content. There are handfuls of Pokémon this could apply to—like the nine or so completely unobtainable ones, as of yet. With Pokémon spin-off games adopting free-to-play models, I wonder why Game Freak hasn“t flexed its monetary muscles by offering these rather special, completely optional bits of DLC. Am I alone in wanting these special Event Pokémon to be more like... Event Key Items, like the Eon Ticket that lets you run into the other Lati? Am I in a teeny tiny minority when I say I“d be willing to pay a dollar or two or three for these experiences? What are your thoughts? I“m certainly not here to judge. Tell me what kinds of DLC you“d like to see if the Pokémon franchise, if any at all! I may share or expand upon your ideas in a future IV piece.
  2. Welcome to the sixth week of my Pokémon feature here on Game Podunk! In case you missed the last one, check it out! Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday morning. ---------------------------- This week, I“m taking a break from my contemplative pieces to offer up a few tips for those of you still powering through Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire! No exposition needed this time! Without further ado: 1) The easiest way to catch Feebas (which evolves into Milotic) is found on Route 119. One of the more popular Hoenn Pokémon is Milotic, known for its beauty and comfortable niche in the competitive scene as a “bulky water” type. But obtaining Feebas, the Magikarp-esque thing that precedes Milotic in evolution, has always taken some sort of witchcraft. Even back in the original Ruby & Sapphire Version it involved finding specific squares to fish the thing out. Fortunately, the remakes offer a way to absolutely guarantee you encounter a Feebas. You“ll need Surf and a Super Rod before doing this, but there“s a spot underneath a bridge in Route 119 (above) that is...well...Feebas“ hiding spot. Fish underneath that bridge, and you“ll find a Feebas every time. Even better? Chain Fish underneath that bridge and you can inevitably encounter a Shiny Feebas if you“re diligent/skilled enough. I tested this not too long ago. 2) You can hunt for Shiny Pokémon more easily using the Search function in the DexNav. Oh, man. Does anyone who played Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum remember the first iteration of the PokéRadar? For those not in the know--this Key Item (also available in X&Y) let you hunt down specific Pokémon rustling in the grass, and featured a way to “chain” for species. Encountering the same species of Pokémon over and over again increased its chances of being Shiny over time! This aspect of the PokéRadar item is...also a thing in Pokémon ORAS, albeit through the DexNav itself instead of a separate item! All you have to do is capture whichever Pokémon you want to find a Shiny variant of, then grab a whole heap of repels, and you“re good to go! Here“s what to do. Pull up the DexNav, then tap whichever Pokémon you want to hunt for on the touchscreen. You“re able to Search for this Pokémon if you“ve obtained it; pressing the Search button will most likely cause it to pop up in the grass. Make sure to sneak carefully so it doesn“t run away! By using repels, you can guarantee no other encounters disrupt your “chain” of searching for that Pokémon over and over again. Over time, the chances of your next encounter with that Pokémon being Shiny will increase (and stack, especially with the Shiny Charm I mentioned last week!). Sometimes, the Pokémon you“re Searching for via the DexNav won“t appear. Don“t worry! Just walk around and try again. If a Pokémon other than the one you“re searching for happens to pop out of the grass while you're walking and waiting to try to use the App again, don“t worry about that either! As long as the Pokémon is encountered by sneaking up on it, and as long as no Pokémon ever spots you or runs away, your chain won“t be broken! 3) You can have both the Mach Bike and the Acro Bike in your inventory at the same time, if you talk to the right people! If you've beaten the game, you may have come across Mirage Islands while Soaring that seem to have items that require both bikes to get to. But how can that be, if you can only have either the Acro Bike or the Mach Bike in your inventory? Turns out, you can get both bikes at once if you talk to the right people! Simply approach and talk to a Hex Maniac in the Route 111 desert (with the Mach Bike), a Bird Keeper in Route 119 (with the Acro Bike, Surf and Waterfall), and a Triathlete in the Battle Resort (with any bike). After that, talk with Rydel in Mauville City and you“re good as gold! Hopefully I“ve imparted some useful information to you today! Stay tuned for more tips in later installments! Do you have any of your own tips to share with fellow Pokémon Trainers here at Game Podunk? Let us hear ”em below!
  3. Welcome to the fifth week of my Pokémon feature here on Game Podunk! Sorry for taking an unplanned hiatus throughout December! I'm back now. In case you missed the last one, check it out! Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday morning. ---------------------------- Gotta Catch 'Em All? As of Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen, I am (once again) a Pokémon Master. And as I may have mentioned already, I take my compulsion to the next level by stocking one of every single available Pokémon species in my PC for inventory/future use. That“s right—I“m not just satisfied with filling my Pokédex. Over twenty-five boxes is what it takes to house Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard...all the way up to #719, Diancie. But I“m not saying this to brag. It“s not a tiny accomplishment, by any means. What I really want to see are more and more people able to accomplish this! The reward you get for completing your Pokédex is the Shiny Charm, an item that allows you to encounter Shiny Pokémon at an increased rate. Since I“m more than a little obsessed with that aspect of “the hunt”, I kind of want everyone, everywhere to reap the benefits! But is it possible for someone just starting out to “catch ”em all”, as it were? Here“s a little something: Have you noticed the popular slogan from the nineties has actually disappeared from the front of the boxes over time? Gotta catch ”em all! was a lot more conceivable when there were only 150, I guess. 719 (for the moment) is an obscene number. As I mentioned in my review, Pokémon ORAS features over twenty Legendary Pokémon, many of whom are not native to the Hoenn region at all. That“s because , assuming players possess X&Y and ORAS both. Here“s the long and short of it, though. Even if you had every game in Generation VI, there are still thirteen Pokémon that are beyond your reach. They are: Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Keldeo, Meloetta, Genesect, and Diancie. But...man, all the aforementioned Pokémon took actually going somewhere or purchasing other games to obtain. Like Mew, for example—only three distributions of Mew ever happened in the United States, and the last one happened in 2010 via Wi-Fi. Why has Mew, the original “super-special legendary” from the Red, Blue and Yellow days...remained so elusive?! I still have Pokémon from my “newbie days” in 2006 that I absolutely need to complete my Pokédex, and—to this day—Mew is one of those. So….while completing one“s Pokédex is conceivable thanks to so many Pokémon being available in Generation VI...it“s not easy. You can“t do it without trading something like Diancie away for someone else“s Mew, or something like that. Or finding a Shiny Pokémon that somebody really wants. Etc, etc. Is that disheartening? Does the fact that “catching ”em all” between two carts is...theoretically impossible...turn some or most of you away from the series? Is 719 (again, for now...because #720 Hoopa and #721 Volcanion have yet to even be officially announced by the Pokémon company, despite the modern “cheating scene” finding out about them) too large or intimidating a number for you non-Pokémon fans, casual players, or other ilk that happen to be reading this right now? I“m genuinely curious how you feel about all this, so please do let me know below!
  4. It may not be anything close to the Limited Edition Steelbook versions of Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire that were announced for the UK at the end of August, but Nintendo of America does have something to offer for fans that want to pick up both games. The “Dual Pack” announced this morning will be priced at $79.98 and will feature both games, as well as an in-game bonus. It will be available at Best Buy in-store or online, as well as Amazon.com. The bonus comes in the form of 100 Potions. Here“s the full Press Release: REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Fans who want to pick up both the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire games when they launch for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems on Nov. 21 now have access to a special offer. The Dual Pack launches on Nov. 21, exclusively at Best Buy retail stores, on BestBuy.com or on Amazon.com at a suggested retail price of $79.98. Separately, each game sells at a suggested retail price of $39.99. The Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Dual Pack includes both games, letting players experience both adventures (not to mention the ability to capture both Legendary Pokémon). In addition to both games, the Dual Pack includes a pair of in-game download codes that can be redeemed for 100 Potions each. Starting a new Pokémon game with 100 extra Potions is a treat for players who want to be well-stocked for their epic journey through the Hoenn region. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire are reimagined versions of the original Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire games, which launched for the Game Boy Advance system in 2003. Not just simple remakes, both games offer updated graphics and new features like Soar, which allows players to travel on the back of Mega Latios or Mega Latias. Players can also decorate their personal Secret Bases and enter Pokémon into in-game Pokémon Contests. Fans may even learn the mysterious origins of Pokémon Mega Evolutions. Both Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire will launch in stores and in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 21. People can also purchase the digital version of the game at Nintendo.com and have it sent directly to their Nintendo 3DS system. The Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Special Demo Version is also now available. Visit Nintendo.com to learn how to receive a download code. More information about how to obtain the Special Demo Version can be found here. My impressions of the Special Demo Version are here. And last but not least, don't forget: today's the day you can visit your local GameStop to receive a special code to obtain Diancie. Is anyone planning on picking up the Dual Pack? The price may not be reduced, but I guess 100 free Potions are good for someone, somewhere.
  5. Today, I bring news regarding the Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Special Demo Version that many fans in North America have been waiting for. The Pokémon Company International revealed both Mega Steelix and Mega Glalie today, and with that reveal came the following information. Those who download the Special Demo Version in the United States will be able to obtain Mega Glalie, and transfer it to the full game when it arrives on November 21st by way of Pokémon Link. (Japan actually got Mega Steelix!) There are a variety of ways to obtain the Special Demo Version of the game, including: obtaining a code through the Pokémon Trainer Club Newsletter, which you can access by allowing promotional emails to arrive from Nintendo via your Pokémon Global Link or Trainer Club Account. obtaining a code through select cinemas nationwide (more info soon!) from November 7th through 13th. via email, if you happen to be one of the lucky few selected that have a Nintendo Network ID and have allowed marketing emails from Nintendo (starting October 31st). obtaining a code with the purchase of Pokémon Art Academy (out October 24th) via the eShop (look for the code on your eShop receipt) obtaining a code with the purchase of any of the two Pokémon games coming to the Virtual Console in November. What“s that, Jonathan? Pokémon games on the Virtual Console?!? Indeed! Pokémon Puzzle Challenge is set to arrive in North America on November 6th ($4.99). And Pokémon Trading Card Game will be released on November 13th ($5.99). Source Source Are you excited to play the Pokémon ORAS Special Demo Version? Will you be waiting to play until you can experience the full game this November? Be sure to let us know!