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Found 4 results

  1. Jordan Haygood

    Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon artwork.

    © Game Freak, Nintendo

  2. GP Staff

    Game of the Year 2016: GP's Top 10

    We're nearly a month into the new year, but you didn't think we forgot to post GP's top 10 games of 2016, did you? Okay, so it's a little late, but better late than never, right? In any case, there were quite a few memorable and great games in 2016; our individual game of the year lists tended to reflect that a lot as each one had at least a few unique games that didn't pop up in others. Some games dominated the conversation for most of the year, some were quaint surprises, and yet others popped up at the last minute to steal the spotlight. And in a year where shooters had one of their biggest years in a while, perhaps the most surprising thing about our list is that only one made it on (which speaks to the quality of the games that released in 2016). But enough talk! Here are the ten games the GP staff and contributors voted on as our overall Top 10 games for 2016. Enjoy! 10. Kirby Planet Robobot "Kirby“s latest outing has me reflecting upon my childhood, and how these games make me feel, in a different way than I expected. I simply haven't felt this impressed, this unbelievably delighted from a Kirby game since my childhood. I've often said that Return to Dream Land marks the pinnacle of traditional Kirby gameplay. But Planet Robobot takes it -- and fans“ expectations -- and manages to make everything feel like a mechanized wonderland." - Jonathan Higgins 9. Severed The beauty and the pain portrayed in Severed is matched only by how simple and refined the combat is. It may not have the whimsy of their other games, but Severed is easily one of DrinkBox Studios“ best, and one of the best games overall on the Vita -- not just of this year, but of any year. - Chris "Wildcard Corsair" Garcia 8. Owlboy So much about what makes Owlboy worth experiencing isn“t in the mechanics, but in its cast and environments. You won“t feel triumphant in the end — it“ll be more like you just watched a really awesome Disney movie. The folks behind Owlboy put so much meticulous care into their work that it took nine years to make. The end result is absolutely worth your own time and attention. - Jonathan Higgins 7. Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola is an absolutely, positively phenomenal place. Its challenges were versatile; I“ve never had as much fun with a main story in a mainline Pokémon game. The soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal; “The Battle At the Summit!” is probably Masuda and his team at their absolute best. Narrative direction? Superior, bested only by Black & White. Music, sounds, and general ambiance? Also top-tier. All of this and more make Sun & Moon easy to recommend to first-timers, or lapsed fans. - Jonathan Higgins 6. The Witness It's hard to follow up a game like Braid, but developer Jonathan Blow did it. The Witness is truly unlike any other game I've ever played, thanks to its unique combination of exploration and puzzles. The game teaches you organically how to think about the solutions to each puzzle, and the way that each area is divided into different types of puzzles is extremely well done. It is, without a doubt, the smartest game of the year. - Jason Clement 5. Tokyo Mirage Sessions As a fan of both Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei, I can certainly understand the disappointment some felt when Tokyo Mirage Sessions turned out to be a game that in no way matched what they had envisioned Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem would be. But the heart of both franchises shines through in ways expected and not, with a top-notch presentation and a warm heart that in my mind turned out to be the Wii U“s last and greatest hurrah. - Justin Graham 4. Final Fantasy XV Though it“s rough around the edges, Noctis“s road trip tale of brotherhood and a desire to find his betrothed after his kingdom has fallen under imperial rule shines through where it counts, wearing its inspirations from past Final Fantasy games on its sleeve while standing well on its own. And the game“s ending is not only rewarding, but one of the very best that the series has delivered yet, nailing the game“s themes one after another. - Justin Graham 3. Dragon Quest Builders Building has never been quite as compelling in video games as it is in Dragon Quest Builders. While the simplistic combat is perhaps the game's weakest point, Dragon Quest Builders is by far one of the deepest experiences I've played this year thanks to its blend of exploration, construction, and traditional JRPG mechanics. Nearly everything about it from its addicting gameplay to its fantastic soundtrack make it an outstanding experience and one of this year's biggest surprises. - Jason Clement 2. Overwatch I won“t tell you my exact hour count, but I“ve put a disgusting amount of time into Overwatch. You know how I complained about not having enough time to play games in my backlog? Well, I'm pretty sure I could've finished a couple of RPGs with the amount of time I have thrown at Overwatch. But anyway, Overwatch is a total blast to play. Rich with personality/polish, an incredibly varied playable cast, rewarding team-based gameplay, and plenty of positive reinforcement built right within the game makes the consistent fun I've had with it far outweigh the criticisms I could level against it. And from someone who pretty much never plays first-person shooter multiplayer is incredibly high praise. - Barrel 1. The Last Guardian The Last Guardian is, by all accounts, a game that very possibly could have come out and completely underwhelmed; after all, it was in development for some eight years (and more often than not, those types of deals tend to be disasters in the end). But somehow, some way, Fumito Ueda and his team at GenDesign pulled it off. By no means is it perfect; playing the game can be challenging at times due to some awkward controls and stubborness on Trico's part to obey at times, but the journey is worth it at the end and incredibly compelling. The Last Guardian has some of the most stunning environments and architecture I've ever seen in a video game. The visuals are breathtaking, especially when you're in the outdoors areas and see Trico's feathers glistening in the light and ruffling in the wind. The Last Guardian is triumphant, its story possibly exceeding what Team Ico had accomplished in its two previous games thanks to a touching narrative that is built on the relationship between the boy and Trico throughout their journey. I can't imagine how Ueda plans to top this, but I can't wait to find out. - Jason Clement
  3. GP Daily returns with some fairly big news in tow! Today, a big announcement was made regarding the next Pokemon generation, Nintendo cuts its own forecast for the fiscal year, Resident Evil is getting more remasters, and more! Read on below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qBHfd2NtJs Pokemon's Seventh Generation kicks off with Sun and Moon It's official: The Pokemon Company has announced that Generation 7 is coming with Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon when it releases on 3DS in Holiday 2016. Not much else was revealed about the games other than their logos and the fact that they'll be available to play in nine languages, but expect to hear more in the near future. We also got some new information regarding Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, which are launching tomorrow. Apparently, you'll be able to use the Pokemon Bank app on 3DS to bring any Pokemon from the 3DS version of those first three games over to Sun and Moon. No word on support for X/Y or ORAS, however. For a more detailed breakdown of this information, be sure to check out Jonathan's latest Individual Values today. Rumor: Nintendo and EA might rekindle their relationship for NX; sports games a central topic surrounding this Remember EA's "unprecedented partnership" with Nintendo back when Wii U was going to launch in 2012? We all know how that turned out in the end, but it looks as if both companies are ready to give the relationship another try if the latest rumors are correct. Reportedly, talks are in place coming up over the next month or two between the company that will determine what level of support EA will be giving to Nintendo's next platform, codenamed 'NX.' The rumors indicate that EA is looking for major support from Nintendo regarding its sports titles and how they plan to cultivate an audience of sports fans that they can sell to. EA also apparently wants hardware bundles with their games, and for Nintendo to start promoting their hardware and software during high-profile sports events. It's too early to say what will happen for sure, but stay tuned for this year's E3, in which we'll likely find out whether Nintendo was able to secure EA's support once again or not. If they do, they could be a key player in keeping NX afloat in subsequent years thanks to the popularity of their games. Source: Nintendo Life Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 coming to PS4 and Xbox One Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster might have just released but Capcom is just getting started with Resident Evil remasters. The company recently announced that Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 are all coming to PS4 and Xbox One over the course of 2016. The first game to release will be Resident Evil 6 in March, followed by 5 during the Summer, and 4 during the Fall. Fortunately, all of RE6's add-on content will come with the game, in case you were worried that they would make you buy it again. Source: Gamespot Alan Wake may be getting a new game If you're a big fan of Remedy's Alan Wake series, you might be getting a new game at... some point -- apparently a trademark for "Alan Wake's Return" has been spotted. What might "Return" allude to? Is it a remaster of the first game for Xbox One, or might it actually be a full-blown Alan Wake 2? We'll have to wait and see. Source: IGN March PS Plus Games Announced Sony has announced what games you can expect to see as part of the March PlayStation Plus free games lineup, and they are... Broforce, PS4 Flame Over, PS Vita Galak-Z, PS4 The Last Guy, PS3 Reality Fighters, PS Vita Super Stardust HD, PS3 For the most part, it really looks to be a mish-mash of indie games this time around, with the excellent Super Stardust HD thrown in (which somehow has never come to PS Plus until this point). Broforce and Galak-Z look to be the highest profile games aside from SSHD, so be sure to check them out if you have a PS Plus subscription once March arrives. Source: PlayStation Blog And that's it for today's news. What are your thoughts on Pokemon Sun and Moon? And did any of the other news strike your fancy?
  4. Welcome to the fifty-eighth week of my Pokémon feature here on Game Podunk! In case you missed the last one, check it out! Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday. Celebi is next up in the big Mythical Pokémon Distribution train, starting in March! For now, if you want to grab the plush from your local Toys R Us, you can. Stock has already sold out online, so act fast! Every single Mythical Pokémon will be distributed during a specific month for the remainder of this year. Now may be your only chance for a really long time, to actually catch them all! -------------------------------- The Golden Sun/Moon Rises Early this morning on the [uS] East Coast, and at exactly midnight on “Pokémon Day” in Japan, the world was treated to a brand new . The trademarks being found the day before may have spoiled the surprise for many, but 'This Guy' couldn“t be happier with the fact that Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are coming to the Nintendo 3DS family of systems this holiday season. The Direct itself wasn“t a trailer for the game showcasing starters and stuff, like the XY Reveal in 2013. More than anything, I“d call it a celebration of Pokémon Day as a whole, with references to how far we“ve come in terms of technology, and the occasional juicy tidbit. More on that in a second. First of all, though, if I can put on my Speculation Hat: I think Pokémon S/M will answer the call to both the “Pokémon Z” crowd and the ones ready for the 7th Generation. Take a look at this. I“m interested to see if whatever New Region S/M takes place in is directly underneath Kalos... and connected to it. Wouldn“t it be the ultimate Anniversary Game if it took on the same philosophy as the runaway favorites Gold, Silver & Crystal with connected regions, connected stories, and the possibility for 16 badges and a fight with your former self at the end? If the New Region is connected to Kalos, I think Sun and Moon could address both the folks who wanted a 7th Generation and the “Pokémon Z” crowd. What if, after defeating the Elite 4 of the New Place, you unlocked the Zeta Episode that followed along the same lines as ORAS“s Delta, but took place in Kalos? But... speculation is just that. The only thing we know about the new games...is that we know painfully little. There were shadows of new Pokémon seen in the various bits of concept art, I think. We weren“t shown any starters, or given any real indication of what gameplay was like. Heck, it was only heavily implied that S/M was even “7th Gen” in the Direct. Jason and I have argued for eons about whether or not it“d be 7th Gen or “Z”. I think it“s hilarious that the big Sun/Moon reveal wasn“t even necessarily an absolute confirmation, at first. The official website, however, confirms it as a “new adventure in a new world with new Pokémon”. 7th Gen it is. I think both “sides” will get what they want, though. The seventh generation games will be heavily involved with Kalos and the new formes of Zygarde --possibly relegated to the postgame. That“s my theory, based on the speculation provided above. But... nothing is confirmed, nor will it be until at least E3, I imagine. BUT HOLY TOLEDO, DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS CONFIRMED? The digital copies of Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow available on the eShop tomorrow in the US… will be compatible with Sun/Moon via Pokémon Bank. That is freaking crazy! It totally provides a whole new kind of incentive to go back and play the old games again. But it also begs the question -- If the Mew glitch and MissingNo are both still in the game... will they also be transferrable, or no? I think it would be hilarious if Game Freak somehow made MissingNo canon in S/M. But now I“m just dreaming~ Oh, one last thing that made me really excited, unrelated to the Direct. The Pikachu“s Beach minigame found in Pokémon Yellow (which required either Pokémon Stadium or a cheat device to teach your Pikachu Surf) is intact and playable in the eShop release of the game -- without the need for the move itself. Nice! It seems the new era of Pokémon is finally on the horizon. How do you feel about the Direct as a whole? Will you be getting the eShop releases of Red, Blue, and Yellow, or celebrating Pokémon Day in some other way? Be sure to share! Oh, and I would be remissed if I didn“t publicly link to this. ...One more interesting thing. When I grabbed an official logo file to use in this very piece, the text referred to "niji-en". Niji translates to "Rainbow", lending some credence to I've always dismissed as false, outright. It's been a really interesting morning.