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Found 32 results

  1. http://www.videogamer.com/xbox360/darksiders_2/news/darksiders_2_cost_thq_50m_to_develop_says_nordic_games_boss.html A recent MCV interview with Nordic Games revealed that THQ spent $50 million developing Darksiders 2 (eep!), which is pretty much the lower-end of the most expensive games developed list. The owner of Nordic Games also mentioned they can make a product of similar quality but for less (I certainly hope so), so I guess we'll see what happens with Darksiders 3. Still, $50 million though... that's pretty crazy, especially for a company that was in such dire straits as THQ (which kinda shows why they went out of business). A quick look at Wikipedia shows that at $50 million, Darksiders 2 is in the company of such games as L.A. Noire Homefront (another THQ title, not surprisingly) DC Universe Online Halo Reach Heavy Rain World of Warcraft ...and about 20 others that exceeded that amount. Pretty crazy! For games developed with next-gen technology today, I imagine $50 million is almost the norm for a lot of the higher-end triple-A titles. Destiny no doubt went much higher than that. But are you surprised DS2 cost that much? Did it seem like the quality matched up?
  2. Harrison Lee

    Review: South Park: The Stick of Truth

    Developer: Obsidian Entertainment Publisher: Ubisoft Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3 Release Date: March 4, 2014 Rating: M for Mature This review is based on the PC version of the game Whether or not South Park: The Stick of Truth is the game for you can be answered with this question—do you like the South Park TV show? If so, there's absolutely no reason for you not to pick up one of the most irreverent, crass, clever and humorously-written RPGs ever made. If not, then you should probably stop reading because this game takes South Park's signature mature humor to gross new heights; no holds are barred and Trey Stone and Matt Parker put it all out there, for better or worse. This is easily the best South Park game ever made and may very well be one of the best interpretations of a TV/movie franchise translated to the video game world. The Stick of Truth finds our motley band of kids attempting their own live-action role-playing game (LARP). The whole cast, from series leaders like Cartman to the more obscure folks like Mr. Hankey's kids, all make some sort of appearance throughout. Very few cameos are left out and a lot of the game's best moments come from surprise appearances and the hilarious quests they often bring. Players take on the role of the New Kid in town. He's essentially nameless, save for a nickname rank you'll have to discover for yourself. You can choose one of four classes for New Kid, ranging from the classic Warrior to the rather un-politically correct Jew. With a class name like the latter, you can guess how the rest of the game is going to play out. Gameplay is fairly straightforward; you navigate a faithfully re-created South Park as a 2D side-scrolling adventure. New Kid will normally travel with one companion of your choosing who'll provide the occasional quip or advice. There's a fast-travel system in place that unlocks more locations as you continue to explore. Most buildings can be entered (though some will have...interesting occupants) and will have various hidden items and quests available. Later on you'll also unlock an alien teleportation probe that allows you to reach previously unavailable spots. Battles are initiated by clicking and attacking enemies you come across or by walking up to them. Combat is turn-based, but with the addition of minor quick-time events similar to the Mario RPG games. Attacks are usually straight-forward and come with some fun animations. The best attacks are the one-off, single-use screen-clearers you can find by exploring South Park; the best of which is Mr. Slave's assault, but I won't go into detail on that as it has to be seen to be believed! Loot is also fairly stream-lined. You'll find or buy all manner of weapons, clothes, equipment and patches that add buffed effects. Some quests will require you to wear certain outfits, including the Goth clothes. It's an amusing nod to some of the unique characters you'll find and doesn't always feel like fetch quests. I seldom needed to buy gear as enemies often dropped better stuff for me to use. In Canada, you'll find even more equipment to use; you'll need to exchange American cash for the Canadian currencies. The quality of The Stick of Truth's quests is almost always stellar. Some battles can be on the aggravating side, but when you get to fight Al Gore as ManBearPig, it's hard to complain. Of course, the writing and cutscenes are especially well-done. In fact, whole game is basically one entire, 12-hour South Park episode. It matches the show's content and aesthetics so well as to be a near perfect interpretation of the source material. Not all of the game's segments are the most thrilling, though; Canada's portion coming to mind. While the trip up north is a fun tribute to old, turn-based sprite RPGs, there just isn't enough to do in Canada. That said, I'm still glad they included it because some of the dialogue is just as funny as the stuff you'll find back in South Park. It would also be nice if the super-attacks didn't have to be found each of the game's three days in order to use them but I'm just grousing at this point. As I've said before, The Stick of Truth is a near perfect translation of the South Park shows. The entire game looks exactly like the show and the attention to detail is astonishing. There are scores of Easter eggs for fans of the show, and South Park is never for want of comedic incidents. There are a few bugs that have likely been patched out, including rats not leaving certain pathways for you to advance or text not triggering properly. I did have one game-halting moment when performing an operation in a certain clinic (can't spoil it) as the game refused to register my button presses, though I finally managed to get around it and, ironically, encountered even more bugs right after. Not the most fun I've ever had, but the game was smooth sailing from there. The audio is also stellar, using the voice cast from the show. Its music is whimsical and perfectly suits the game's tone. Just like the audio and visuals, the writing is consistently excellent and somehow manages to make the game's jokes feel fresh and fun throughout the 12-hour playtime. It's not always perfect, and some of the jokes border on going well past boundaries, but then again, this is a South Park video game. Would you expect anything less? South Park: The Stick of Truth is incredibly accessible and offers a rollicking, hilarious, and shocking good time, and for around $40 (or under if you wait for a deal), you can experience one of my newest favorite games. While the combat isn't exactly deep and the humor can be a tad excessive at times, there are so many reasons to love a game created for the South Park fan. This is an adventure that knows no boundaries, either in taste or fun. Don't miss out! Pros: + Incredibly well-written and animated + Cameos are non-stop + Plays exactly like the show + Humorous plot and clever jokes + It's fan-service of the good kind Cons: - Humor can push a few boundaries - Older versions suffer from some bugs Overall Score: 9 (out of 10) Fantastic South Park: The Stick of Truth is an offensively amusing good time, packed with content and a love for the show.
  3. Saints Row IV is one incredibly anticipated game coming out next month. If you did not yet pre-order the game or its special edition then you now have the option of grabbing another special edition before the August 20th launch. Today Saints Row IV Emperor Zinyak's Game of the Generation Edition was unveiled. This is an addition to the already existing Saints Row IV The Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition. What reason is there to buy the new edition over the existing one? Well, it comes with a light up display case which has a rotating floor. Yep, that's just what every gamer needs. If you do feel you need a fancy rotating display case then you can pick this version up for $130. In comparison, the Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition costs $100. Of course, the more expensive set comes with everything in the other edition too, but it still seems a bit odd. Then again, Saints Row is known for being strange.
  4. Marcus Estrada

    E3 2013: Hands-On With Saints Row IV

    For a long time, it seemed that Grand Theft Auto was the main series people went to for sandbox style exploration and intense levels of possible violence. Of course, there are other games that exist with expansive worlds to explore (and possibly wreak havoc in) but GTA stands as the best known. When Saints Row first came out, many took it as an obvious copycat of the GTA formula. Although the game wasn“t great it did manage to carve out a new identity for itself. It wasn“t trying to be serious in any way, but to mock the establishment of GTA. Saints Row 2 worked to further tailor this image and by Saints Row 3 we had a perfectly capable and hilarious franchise. How does Saints Row IV fare? From what I tried of the demo at E3, it is shaping up to be the most incredibly asinine versions of Saints Row yet - and that“s a good thing. The game started me off with little pretense. Thanks to the ad campaign around the game I was aware that I“m playing as the President, but nothing in the game really alerted me to that. Instead, I was popped out into the middle of a city, given slight explanation of buttons, and then free to wreak havoc for ten minutes. The first thing I realized was that I could fly. For reasons that must make sense in context, the President has powers that grant him the ability to jump really high, run super fast, and glide around high in the air. It seemed that the main character was overpowered just with these functions, but it“s possible the demo had these abilities maxed out or something. Either way, after bouncing around off buildings onto unassuming people, I decided to check out the weaponry. There are some “normal” weapons in the President“s stash, but also a handful of wacky weapons. First, I made use of the dubstep gun because, honestly, how can anyone ignore it? The results were as funny as expected, wherein the gun blasts dubstep music at its targets as they crumple to the ground. Other weapons included what looked like a water gun with lasers, a black hole gun, and lightsaber lookalike. Beyond using some incredibly strange weaponry, I was also able to hijack cars and motorcycles to head toward glowing markers. These areas featured a handful of side quests, although the ones I visited weren“t particularly interesting. One was based around matching objects that the game requested. For example, there was a human-shaped silhouette which I had to fill with a distraught citizen. The event was timed and pretty dull. The same could be said of a race I entered which had the President running at full speed down busy streets. With that said, the full Saints Row IV is obviously going to have far more to show for itself than these two minigames, including a story. I feel that the story is what will really set this game apart as the wackiest yet, and since I didn“t get to experience it in the demo I“m really missing out. So far though the game looks great, controls well, and has a nice set of weapons and abilities. Fans of the series won“t be disappointed by what IV brings to the table.
  5. Marcus Estrada

    Saints Row IV Screenshot

    From the album: Marcus's Album

  6. Marcus Estrada

    Saints Row IV Weapons Screenshot

    From the album: Marcus's Album

  7. There's so much done in the modern game market to try to generate as many launch sales as possible. This is due to the way the market gauges success, wherein a game is required to make a certain amount in a specific small time frame to be considered a success. Such has generated the existence of pre-order bonuses, and the more modern "upgrades" to so called special editions. Saints Row IV is just another game this generation following that path. It's still unknown if an actual special edition is coming (but there was a survey asking about tangible items for it). Either way, anyone who pre-orders the standard game is "upgraded" from a regular purchase to the Commander in Chief edition. As you might expect, this change which has no extra fee is basically just another way to describe pre-order DLC. It comes with an Uncle Sam outfit, a jet that is painted to look like a bald eagle, and the 'Merica weapon. Really, that gun in particular looks the best with its flamethrowers, "dub step guns", and rocket launching capacity. It's a shame that it apparently won't be a part of the game proper. Saints Row IV is set for launch August 20th for PS3, 360, and PC. It will also be the first Saints Row game published under Deep Silver as they purchased the IP in THQ's collapse.
  8. When the time came for THQ to sell its IPs, many gamers were curious to see where properties would end up. Last week we found that at least one IP (Homeworld) was not grabbed by TeamPixel, an indie team who had already worked on games based off the license. Today, Gearbox announced that acquisition. What of other popular IPs such as Darksiders? Publisher Nordic Games have just announced they were the winning bid for it. Their name might not be familiar but they've brought out a handful of properties over the years, including Painkiller HD and The Book of Unwritten Tales. Darksiders wasn't all they bought. For $4.9 million dollars they were able to purchase 150 SKUs across PC and consoles. Some of the biggest names are as follows: Darksiders, Destroy All Humans, Full Spectrum Warrior, Red Faction, Supreme Commander, and Titan Quest. Do you think Darksiders and other games have found a good home with Nordic Games?
  9. Marcus Estrada

    Homeworld 3 Kickstarter Being Refunded

    We've all seen a great many Kickstarters succeed and fail over the past year or two. Sometimes they get loads of money over their initial cost, and other times they fail spectacularly. Sometimes though there are projects that are funded but then run into serious issues along the way. Homeworld 3 is, unluckily, one such project. Back in March, the Homeworld Touch and Homeworld 3 Kickstarter was successfully funded over its $50,000 goal. The reason their goal was so high was due to the fact that TeamPixel did not own the Homeworld IP! They strove to be funded enough so they could win the IP in the THQ auction. The developers were able to enter into the bidding, but simply couldn't raise bids higher than their maximum, which other interested bidders did. As such, they lost the auction and cannot sell their two Homeworld games. Thankfully, the money is all being returned to funders (as was stated while the Kickstarter was live). Really though, they should have been aware they weren't likely to win an IP so easily.
  10. Marcus Estrada

    Saints Row IV Announced for August Launch

    When THQ folded and began selling off assets, many were worried about how their favorite franchises would be split up. Deep Silver nabbed the Saints Row name and are ready to help see the next game in the series see completion. Today they announced that they're bringing Saints Row IV out this year. The game, still developed by Volition, was described as follows: "Now the larger-than-life insanity of the Saints series gets a new twist with a catastrophic alien invasion, and the aliens have transported the Saints to a bizarro-Steelport simulation. Wield gargantuan superpowers and fight to free humanity from alien granddaddy Zinyak's mental grasp. Escape the simulation that's trapped the Saints crew, or die trying. Saints Row IV lets players delve into an arsenal of alien weaponry and technology that will turn each Saint into an ultimate entity of destruction. Utilize out-of-this-world superpowers to fight all the way to the top. With intensified action and enhanced customization, players can use their newfound superpowers and leap over buildings, outrun the fastest sports cars, or send enemies flying with telekinesis in the greatest, most insane installment of Saints Row yet." There's no doubt that the upcoming game will still be incredibly strange, but in an even more obvious fashion than usual. However, those who would have liked to see the next game on a new system are going to have to wait for "Saints Row V", as Deep Silver made the announcement for current gen consoles as well as PC on August 20th. Joystiq then received clarification on that statement and were told their plans do not include a Wii U release.
  11. Marcus Estrada

    Assorted THQ IPs Being Sold Off in April

    THQ has been on the minds of many lately as they sold off a great deal of their intellectual property in auctions earlier. However, they weren't able to sell everything at the time, as THQ actually has ownership over many IPs. Those who were surprised to see the likes of Darksiders unsold should probably wait until the upcoming auction where some team will likely pounce on it. Some of the franchises hoping to be sold off are Darksiders, Destroy All Humans!, Drawn to Life, Homeworld, Red Faction, and others. Then there are a great deal of licensed games that someone somewhere may be interested in. Initial bidding will be done by April 1st, although final approval will occur a few months later in May. Here is the rather long list which is divided into lots: Lot 1 - OWNED SOFTWARE Red Faction Red Faction Armageddon Red Faction 2 Red Faction: Guerrilla Lot 2 - OWNED SOFTWARE Homeworld Homeworld 2 Lot 3 - OWNED SOFTWARE MX Alive MX vs ATV Untamed MX Superfly featuring Ricky Carmichael MX vs. ATV Alive Tournament MX Unleashed MX vs. ATV Unleashed MX vs ATV Reflex MX vs. ATV: On The Edge Lot 4 - OWNED SOFTWARE Darksiders Darksiders 2 Lot 5 - OWNED SOFTWARE All Star Cheer Squad Elements of Destruction All Star Cheer Squad 2 Fantastic Pets All Star Karate Frontlines: Fuel of War Baja: Edge of Control Full Spectrum Warrior 1 Battle of the Bands Full Spectrum Warrior 2: Ten Hammers Beat City Juiced Big Beach Sports Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights Big Beach Sports 2 Lock's Quest: Construction Combat Big Family Games Neighborhood Games Crawler Pax Imperia de Blob Stuntman: Ignition de Blob 2 Summoner Deadly Creatures Summoner 2 Deep Six Terranium Destroy All Humans! The Outfit Destroy All Humans! 2 Titan Quest Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed Titan Quest: Immortal Throne Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon uDraw Dood's Big Adventure World of Zoo Drawn to Life Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Lot 6 - LICENSED SOFTWARE (buyer to pay any cure costs) Costume Quest Scripps Spelling Bee (Scripps) Daniel X (SueJack) Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Osborne House Deepak Chopra's Leela (Curious Holdings) Stacking Fancy Nancy: Tea Party Time! (Harper Collins) Supreme Commander Jeopardy Supreme Commander Forged Alliance Jeopardy 2 The Biggest Loser Journey to the Center of the Earth Truth or Lies Let's Ride Best of Breed Vampire Legends: Power of Three (dtp) Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat Wheel of Fortune Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet Wheel of Fortune 2 Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet 2 World of Zoo Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase Worms 2 Nexuiz Worms Battle Islands Paws & Claws Marine Rescue Worms Open Warfare Paws & Claws Pampered Pets Resort 3D Worms: A Space Oddity PurrPals 2 Worms: Open Warfare 2 (Team 17) Rio You Don't Know Jack (Jellyvision) Rocket Riot Screwjumper (Frozen Codebase) Which THQ property are you hoping finds a new home the most?
  12. Harrison Lee

    The End of THQ: What's Next?

    I really hoped this day would never come. The financial gurus and forecasters sang death knells long before today, but I refused to lose hope. And now, it's come to pass; THQ has been dissolved and will be no more in the next few weeks. It's hard to see one of my favorite publishers be pieced apart at auction, but I'm optimistically hopeful for the future of THQ's IPs that were sold off. Now that THQ is gone, what will the future hold for the proud new owners of THQ's amazing properties? Of the five main sales that headline THQ's auction, the most surprising (and potentially beneficial) was that of Koch Media's acquisition of Volition and Metro. Volition, one of the most talented studios in the industry, will be a boon to a company with quirky, creative studios like Deep Silver. Volition almost seems like a perfect fit, considering the pool of potential buyers. Koch also gained a potential FPS mega-hit in Metro, a personal favorite of mine. While Deep Silver has landed in some hot water recently for the racy Dead Island: Riptide Zombie Bait Edition, I'm confident Kock will learn from its mistake and properly handle the marketing and release of Metro: Last Light. SEGA also made a powerplay with the purchase of Relic. SEGA already owned Creative Assembly, well renowned for its Total War franchise. Acquiring Relic will cement SEGA as the leading publisher of AAA real-time strategy titles. By and large, SEGA has done well with Creative Assembly's releases. If they leave Relic to its own devices and properly market the studio's impressive offerings, there's little doubt SEGA will have a bright future ahead. Ubisoft may have made off like a bandit with its purchase of THQ Montreal and South Park: Stick of Destiny. The Canada-based Montreal studio numbered nearly 500 employees and was said to have been THQ's largest studio. Ubisoft will now have access to a massive pool of talent, should they choose to keep the studio intact. I do wonder how they'll deal with the South Park RPG. While I'm sure they can properly promote the game, I'm curious to know if they'll devote the required assets. Ubisoft's purchases could make them huge net gains in the long run. They just have to manage their new assets correctly. Crytek's acquisition of Homefront was little surprise, considering they're developing Homefront 2. Until I see the new title in action, I can't speak to this franchise's future. The original Homefront was deeply flawed and forced the shutdown of developer Kaos Studio. Crytek has a lot to prove with the upcoming sequel. As for Take 2? Well, who knows! Take 2's purchase of Evolve might be a fantastic sign, given its unparalleled pedigree with Rockstar. While it's disappointing that THQ is no more, I'm confident the studios under its former direction will blossom with their new owners. I can only hope that studios like Vigil can find a new home before its too late. THQ brought in unbelievable talent and it would be a shame to see it all wasted. What do you think of THQ's auction? Sound off in the comments below!
  13. Over at Platinum Games, creator of such games as Bayonetta and the upcoming Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101, it appears there are some staffers interested in purchasing the Darksiders license, as well as hiring some of the staff from Vigil Games - the creators of the franchise. This, of course, is due to the recent THQ auction, as THQ had owned Vigil Games prior to their bankruptcy. And without THQ, Vigil Games would be left out in the cold... Unfortunately, Vigil Games had received no bids at the THQ auction, which saw THQ's most popular assets sold off to companies such as EA, Activision, and Ubisoft. Because of this, Vigil employees had lost their jobs, and the Darksiders franchise was left in limbo. The lead combat designer of the Darksiders series Ben Cureton wrote a goodbye letter, which was posted on NeoGAF. Here is an excerpt from that farewell: "I can only say thank you to the fans of Vigil games. Your support means more than you can imagine. Your feedback (both positive and negative) gave us long-lasting insight that we will all take with us, wherever we may go. You are the reason we made Darksiders 1 &2… and you are the reason we will continue to make games." There may be some hope, however, as Platinum Games producer Atsushi Inaba expressed his interest in the franchise, stating on Twitter (as translated by Polygon), "Oh man in THQ's big sale it looks like nobody's bought Darksiders… I'd love to buy that (if it was cheap)." Coinciding with Inaba's tweet of interest, Vigil's lead designer Haydn Dalton tweeted that "there was a shimmer on a slither of hope, that at one point, there'd be a Darksiders III: 4 Player Co-Op; It rode off into the sunset today." However, this tweet was then responded to by Platinum's own writer and translator JP Kellams, who made an offer to employees of Vigil Games on behalf of his company, telling Dalton "If anyone is interested in working with/at Platinum let me know how to get ahold of you via DM." Seeing how Vigil Games has yet to find a buyer, doom seems to be on the horizon for its employees and the Darksiders franchise. But with Platinum Games showing interest in buying the series' license, as well as hiring the company's employees, there is still a chance that a Darksiders III may very well happen, and under Platinum's development no less. Sure, their producer stated that they would buy the license if it were cheap, but with the company offering jobs to Vigil's employees, and with Vigil's own CEO writing Brian Farrell "We will make every effort to find appropriate buyers" in an email to his staffers, the likelihood is certainly not that far out there. Would you like to see Platinum Games take up the Darksiders franchise? How do you feel about the series in general?
  14. THQ has been the subject of debate as a company in turmoil quite a bit over the last year and are now seeking to unload intellectual property. The company utilized Humble Bundle and a few other alternative funding sources to help birth some extra revenue. The Playstation Blog announced today that the THQ epic, Darksiders, will become the next title available for Playstation Plus subscribers“ Instant Game Collection. This news is particularly great for those who forgot to pick up the Humble THQ Bundle and do not have access to a quality gaming computer. inFamous 2 shall rejoin the Instant Game Collection in tomorrow“s update after having its availability mistakenly removed. The store update will also be offering a 50% discount on StarDrone Extreme for Plus members, costing buyers a measly $2. Do you consider Darksiders as a worthy addition to the Instant Game Collection?
  15. According to a series of reports from Distressed Debt Investing's Twitter feed (via Polygon) which was present at THQ's bankruptcy hearing today, there are five buyers in active due diligence in THQ, and one of them is none other than Warner Bros. Essentially, "active due diligence" is a fancy way of saying that the five companies are investigating and evaluating THQ's assets for acquisition. Perhaps more interesting, though, is that each of the parties are interested in purchasing individual titles instead of buying THQ's entire lineup of games outright. This type of settlement is more in line with the views of a trio of THQ's lenders, who earlier opposed the idea of selling off THQ's franchises as a group instead of a title-by-title basis. Today's proceedings ended with the judge not approving bidding procedures and telling THQ's lawyers, creditors, and potential buyers to talk with each other and work out the issues that were brought up. The hearing is reportedly scheduled to resume on Monday.
  16. Marcus Estrada

    THQ Now Considering Linux Ports

    Earlier this month, Humble Bundle hosted a THQ bundle. Many people were bothered by this lack of an actual "indie" bundle, but many more purchased it. Despite negative press, the bundle managed to help increase the stock of THQ during it. By the end, it sold nearly 900 thousand bundles and generated $5 million. One issue that was brought up time and time again about the THQ bundle was that it had no support for alternate OSes such as Linux. Because of this, THQ President Jason Rubin has been thinking about the possibility. Here is a comment he made in regards to supporting Linux: "There are vibrant communities of gamers using other operating systems besides the dominant ones, and a company like THQ should not overlook them." Does this mean we should expect to see their entire catalog on Linux soon? Not necessarily, but apparently it took the massive audience of the Humble Bundle (and financial trouble) to get THQ even thinking about porting their games to other OSes. Even if they did, it probably would not change the opinions of some soured by the THQ bundle.
  17. Marcus Estrada

    Metro: Last Light Nabs Limited Edition

    Metro: Last Light may not be coming until sometime in 2013, but today THQ has announced pre-orders for a limited edition are available. This previously unannounced edition is available to pre-order right now for 360, PS3, and PC. If you're a fan of having games digitally, then you'll be able to order it through PSN on December 18th. Why would anyone want to order a limited edition via digital distribution? In the case of Metro: Last Light, it's probably due to the fact that the special goodies included are all digital anyway. The content expected to come with the Limited Edition is as follows: A regular copy of the game, Ranger Mode, extra military grade bullets, and a Russian rifle. Obviously, everything minus the game is DLC. As may be expected, this edition will cost $60 just like any other game. Those who pre-order on PSN will get a bit extra though, which may spur some to take that route. It will also come with a Metro: Last Light PSN theme at time of purchase, as well as a copy of Homefront later.
  18. THQ is running a promotion through Facebook right now where you can get a copy of Metro 2033. I don't know how many codes they have left, but the promo went live earlier today so you might want to hurry as more people find out about it. Anyway, all you have to do is "like" their page (which means you need a Facebook profile). Then you can click to reveal the code, and it makes you authorize something, then you can see it and use it on Steam. After that I would suggest removing their app .
  19. Our world's doomsday might be scheduled for December 21st, but that hasn't stopped the Grim Reaper of games from coming early for the different indie bundles that have become so prevalent over these last few years. Why do I think the Indie bundles are doomed to death, you might ask? The answer is simple: THQ. I'm sure you're all quite aware of the amazing bundle that THQ released a few weeks ago that allowed anyone to pay what they wanted for some very high-end PC games. That was great and all, and it certainly worked out in THQ's favor... but now it's time to deal with the aftermath. More Developer Bundles Could Be On The Way News has recently come out that THQ's stocks rose 40% after they released their Humble THQ Bundle. On top of that they managed to make a nice chunk of change by selling their older catalog games that had passed their prime shelf life and they've improved their image by giving to charity. A triple win, right? You can bet other publishers were watching all of this closely, and now that everyone knows about the potential profit and good PR that comes with releasing their own humble bundle, it's safe to say they're going to start coming out of the woodwork. Don't be surprised to see an EA, Square-Enix, Ubisoft bundle, or more in the coming months. Bill Murray seen here negotiating with the CEO of THQ Yes, this will be an awesome time to be a PC gamer. You're going to be getting a lot of games for incredibly cheap prices. But here's where the problem comes in - while you're more than likely going to drop $5 on a bundle of Ubisoft games, how likely are you to drop another $5 on a pack of games you've never even heard of? It's a product quality problem. Sure, the games in the humble indie bundles are good, but why should you pay the same price for those games when you can get AAA games over at the EA bundle page for nearly the same price? The whole point of the indie bundles was to get the names of these smaller developers out in the open, and of course, for charity. The Flash In The Pan This THQ bundle was a pretty big deal. So many good games for so cheap and without the need for a Steam sale?! Like I said earlier, every other developer and their cousin is going to be getting in on this new platform for selling their old games. But what happens after they've had their fill of it all? Are they going to keep releasing bundles with newer and newer games out of the goodness of their hearts? Of course they aren't. They're going to move onto the next big money maker, leaving the indie bundles to once again fend for themselves. Its funny, the q sort of looks like water going down a drain But here comes the problem with that quality again. Once we've had so many great bundles come out, we're going to start expecting them to become the norm. People may be more likely to hold onto their money in the hopes of another big one appearing instead of purchasing the bundles that actually help out indie developers. Once those bundles start to fail to bring in money, then bigger developers will see that the gravy train has stopped and refuse to release their own bundles altogether. Now Indie bundles will be suffering and charities will be out of millions of dollars. Hopefully I'm wrong to worry about all of this, but we'll know for sure when we start seeing more big game bundles... As always, thank you all for reading. Do you think this THQ bundle could be the start to a disastrous age for the indie bundles? Obviously we won't see the effects just yet, but what do you think will happen when we see everyone releasing their own bundles? Why not comment with their thoughts below?
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    humble THQ bundle

  22. Earlier this month, THQ's stock plummeted to tremendous lows. With such financial troubles, they were delaying games and generally in a very rough spot. With such desperate times, they went to Humble Indie Bundle and proposed a pack with their games in it. The two groups came to an agreement and released the Humble THQ Bundle. Just by having their own bundle, THQ stock has risen. Before the bundle began, it was a closing price of $1.07. When the bundle launched, it reached the high of $1.60, although it came down again to $1.45 for closing. Although the amounts may seem low, they are sure to please THQ. After all, this is still a near 40% increase in their stock price by simply putting their games on sale. In a show of thanks to Humble Bundle, THQ CEO Brian Farell paid $1650 for the bundle. Before you think he was just stuffing his own pockets, he stated his donation was "100 per cent charity". Jason Rubin, President of THQ, also bought the set for $1050. Will THQ's financial outlook change by the end of the bundle? We will have to wait nine days until it ends to see.
  23. Have you felt like indie bundles are sometimes too indie? Maybe not, but for many, there are often packs filled with games that we've never heard of before. That's certainly not a bad thing, but there is something to be said for familiarity. Perhaps sensing this, the Humble Bundle people have started up a developer-specific pack. This certainly isn't the first time they've done so, but it may be the first time it has been for a well-known developer. The Humble THQ Bundle is currently offering probably the best deal on these games you can get (outside of Steam sales). At any price over a dollar you will get these six titles: Company of Heroes (PC: Steam) Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts (PC: Steam) Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor (PC: Steam) Darksiders (PC: Steam) Metro 2033 (PC: Steam) Red Faction Armageddon (PC: Steam) However, the most enticing part of the bundle comes only if you pay higher than the average (currently near $8). For that donation, Saints Row: The Third will also be included. There's a little more being done to entice players to purchase from Humble Bundle as well. Picking up this set also entitles you to soundtracks for almost every game. Only Metro 2033 is left out of the MP3 roundup. Here's Humble Bundle's trailer although most of these games are probably familiar:
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    THQ Stocks Plummet: Is It The End?

    In an unbelievable display of investor confidence loss, THQ stocks have plummeted over 50% in the course of a single day. After an earnings report highlighted disappointing sales and a lack of profit, THQ's stock slipped nearly 46%. As of right now, the stocks are still falling to an extreme low of $1.08. THQ's current net worth is just under $10 million, barely enough to keep the publisher afloat. While I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I think THQ's days are close to being over. There's a chance the publisher will sell off it's valuable IPs before ending it's long, hard-fought run. While I won't declare it as a definite situation, THQ is in dire straits right now. As more updates emerge, this post will be updated. I hope THQ manages to weather this difficult time. I'd hate to see one of my favorite publishers close up shop. Over the years, THQ has made a name for itself with the comedic Saint's Row series, under-rated Metro franchise, and Darksiders titles, just to name a few. However, the market has not been kind to THQ and many analysts thought the company was slowly going under. If the investor confidence is this low, THQ needs an emergency lifeline. Hopefully, they find it before they are forced to sell off any of their fantastic properties. What do you guys think? Are THQ's days numbered or can they recover?