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Found 4 results

  1. Yooooo, So I'm sure some of you have seen the movie by now, so I thought it'd be a good time to open a thread to discuss it! I saw it last night, and... oh my gosh, people, I love it so much. I legit had tears in my eyes at several points in the movie; so so good. Best movie of 2015, hands-down, imo. As usual, here are my thoughts on it! SPOILERS AHEAD. IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE, TURN BACK NOW *peeks head out* We good? Okay, then... - My whole theater whooped and cheered when the opening crawl came on. It was an amazing experience! - BB-8 stole the show! He's the next-generation R2-D2 and he's extremely awesome. JJ Abrams did an amazing job infusing him with personality. My favorite scene with him was when he gave Finn a thumbs up using his torch/lighter. So good! - Finn was a lot funnier than I thought he would be. I also found that sort of strange since he was conditioned to follow orders and such, but he had a lot of personality. He also had some legit good moments; among my favorites include when he asked Rey if she had a boyfriend and when Kylo Ren told him that Anakin/Luke's lightsaber belonged to him and then he said "Come and get it." My theater roared with applause and cheering when he said that. So good. - Movie had excellent pacing. Like, even though it uses the same formula that A New Hope used in its story, they didn't skip a beat the entire time. - The opening is probably my favorite of all seven movies so far. I love the way the Star Destroyer blocks out the planet from view. Great stylistic choice on Abram's part. - Part of the reason the movie was so good was because it had some great setpieces. The part where Rey flies the Millenium Falcon on Jakku was excellent. - As soon as Han Solo went out onto that platform to confront his son, you knew it was over for him. Still, kinda sad to see Harrison Ford go. - I thought Adam Driver did a great job as Kylo Ren; it was interesting to see him convey a villain who was still some child-like (with the tantrums he threw when something went wrong; slicing up an entire room with his lightsaber). I don't think his masked-voice is 100% ideal, but I have to admit I did warm up to it over the course of the movie. - Lupita Nyong'o's character was excellent. Something tells me they're going to make her into the next Yoda character. And yes, I know she isn't a Jedi (or maybe she is, and she's just trying to hide it?). - Was anyone else surprised that Luke didn't have any lines? I thought for sure he'd say at least one thing. - I was slightly disappointed that the Resistance only had X-Wings to fight with at the end, but they're probably saving the really cool ships for the next two movies. We'll see. - Any guesses as to who Rey's parents are? If you want things potentially spoiled, here's my theory- - I'm still very intrigued at who Snoke might be. I also don't think he's gigantic; I think they project him that big to intimidate everyone else, and only Kylo Ren knows his real size. Willing to bet he's actually somewhat smaller, maybe even Yoda-sized. We'll see. There's also a theory that he might be... And that's all I got for now. What did you guys think? Let me know! P.S. Here's some great post-Force Awakens reading if you want to read up on more stuff about the movie Vox - Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Let's try to solve the new trilogy's biggest mystery i09 - All the Stuff From The Force Awakens Trailers That Wasn't in the Movie Rolling Stone - Skywalker Speaks: Mark Hamill on returning to 'Star Wars'
  2. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Six Star Wars Games TO PREPARE YOU FOR THE FORCE AWAKENS It's an exciting time for Star Wars fans all across the galaxy. Although the movie series seemed to have ended, the impossible has happened. With the franchise now owned by the Disney Empire, the evil lord Darth Abrams has directed Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. As everyone races toward the nearest movie theater to watch the long-awaited sequel, Jedi Knight Jordan Haygood makes a list of six of the best Star Wars games ever made… Number VI Star Wars: Battlefront II - PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox, PC - Here“s a series that has been talked about a bit more recently than the others on account of a reboot recently being released. The 2015 Star Wars: Battlefront, while very pretty, unfortunately ended up disappointing fans. The first two games in the series, however, are still great. Especially Star Wars: Battlefront II, which not only features a better story, but lacks a few of the problems that plagued the original. Hopefully the reboot gets a sequel that can top the original game“s sequel, but until then, the second Battlefront remains the best. Number V Super Star Wars (Trilogy): Super Star Wars - SNES, Virtual Console (Wii), PS4, PS Vita - Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back - SNES, Virtual Console (Wii) - Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - SNES, Virtual Console (Wii), Game Boy, Sega Game Gear - It didn“t seem right to choose just one of the three Super Star Wars games for this list, so I cheated and chose all three. Based on the original trilogy of films, the series began with a title simply called Super Star Wars for what else than the Super Nintendo. Then came Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, with Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi following closely behind. It“s a fun trilogy of games with some sweet 16-bit versions of classic Star Wars tunes, so if you at least have a Wii lying around, I recommend picking ”em up on the Virtual Console. If you don“t have one, you can get the first one on PS4 and Vita too. Number IV Star Wars: TIE Fighter - DOS, Windows (CD-ROM and digitally through GOG.com), Macintosh, Linux (through GOG.com) - Following up the fantastic Star Wars: X-Wing, Star Wars: TIE Fighter is not just a better space-combat simulator. It“s probably one of the best space-combat simulators out there. But maybe I“m just saying that because Star Wars. And because you“re on the same side as Darth Vader. Either way, TIE Fighter is still a fantastic game with a lot to love. It“s a bit difficult to find physical copies of the game these days, but thankfully GOG.com has it up in the cloud for download. So, like, go play it. Number III Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II - PC, Steam - The second entry in one series and the first entry in another, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II is a first-person shooter that does a lot of things right. While the original Dark Forces was what some might consider a Doom game with a Star Wars skin (not a bad thing), Dark Forces II improved greatly upon that idea to create a more fleshed out Star Wars experience. Mainly by giving the protagonist a lightsaber. And Force powers. In the end, those two things are really all you need. Number II Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader - GameCube - Among all of the launch titles the GameCube had to offer, the best one just so happened to be a Star Wars game. No Jedi mind tricks involved in that statement. Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader is simply a fantastic game. And not only is it arguably the best GameCube launch title, but it“s also one of the best Star Wars games out there. It looks great, it plays great, and with its inclusion of some of the films“ most memorable moments, Rogue Squadron II is all you really need for your Star Wars air-combat fix. If you can get your hands on a copy of the GameCube disc, that is. Number I Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Xbox, PC, Mac, iOS, Android - Perhaps the Citizen Kane of Star Wars games and the holy grail of licensed games in general, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was praised heavily when it was released and is praised heavily still. Many would consider KotOR to be the definitive Star Wars game. Me included. The fantastic story with an incredible twist, the characters you enjoy getting to know, the gameplay you won“t get tired of, the innovative RPG elements, a light side/dark side morality system that impacts the story; this isn“t just a great Star Wars game, but a masterpiece of gaming. On a scale of I - X, how excited are you for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens? What other Star Wars games would you consider to be among the best?
  3. If you haven't seen it yet, the international trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens released yesterday. It's about 70-80% the same as the trailer we got in the US, though some new scenes and dialogue have been circulated in. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdAUiyeJMFQ What do you guys think? Better than the US trailer? And did you spot anything new?