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Found 28 results

  1. The second trailer for Marvel's upcoming Black Panther film dropped today, and... wow. It's looking better and better every time I see it. Honestly, this could be a top 5 Marvel film, judging from the action scenes and the story they're presenting. I'm super glad they brought back Andy Serkis for this one, and I'm really curious to see if they bring back Bucky Barnes for a cameo at the end of the movie. Perhaps he might be used as a trump card to turn the tide at the last moment? What do you guys think of the newest trailer?
  2. So I just saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 last night, aaaaaand I have to say I was a little apprehensive going in. Sequels are a really tricky thing these days; just look at Iron Man 2. Or Spider-Man 3. Heck, even X-Men: The Last Stand. Everyone was hyped for these films because their predecessors were great, but as they showed, studios can get cocky and think they have everything in the bag when they really don't. I'm happy to say Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, in most ways, is just about on par with the original film. Or in other words, it's great -- you should go see it if you're into comic book films and liked the first one. Here's a few quick thoughts (spoilers will be marked as so)-- - I honestly really believe GotG and Vol 2 are preeeetty close in quality, if not equal, but I will say that each one has their strengths. Imo, GotG has a better pacing and overall plot, but Vol. 2 has better character development and narrative arcs. Both movies have great epilogues that wrap up the story well. - The main villain is probably Marvel Studios' best (and most reprehensible) villain to date. Their motive actually checks out and makes sense; they're not a mustache-twirling villain simply for convenience. - Kurt Russell is great. He should be in more modern stuff, but I'm glad he's making a comeback with both this and the recent Fast and Furious movies. - Elizabeth Debicki, who plays the Sovereign's gold-skinned Ayesha, is freakishly tall in real life at 6'3". In the movie, Gunn had her wear heels, which increased her height to a staggering 6'7". After seeing this, I'd say Guardians of the Galaxy is currently Marvel Studios' best franchise yet. The movies are 2 for 2, and -- though you could make a very real argument that the Captain America trilogy is better -- I think that the Cap movies are pretty interchangeable as far as which is the best. What did you guys think of the movie?
  3. Just saw this earlier today and thought it was pretty funny. Oh, and don't worry; there are no spoilers about Civil War if you haven't seen it yet. Anyhow, it's cool that Marvel is laidback and will openly spoof their own movies like that. DC has to take a hint!
  4. http://www.polygon.com/2016/4/21/11481544/robert-downey-jr-spider-man-homecoming Gotta admit, I didn't expect this at all. But now that I think of it, they really want this new Spider-Man to go big or go home, so what better way to sell it than to have Iron Man in it? Actually, there's no guarantee that RDJ will wear the suit (though it seems likely; why waste the opportunity?). I imagine most of his appearance in the movie will be as a sort of mentor to Peter Parker as he helps him come to grips with being a superhero. Anyhow, what do you guys think? Are you more interested in the movie now that RDJ is going to be in it?
  5. Yeah, it's official - the next Spider-Man film is called Spider-Man: Homecoming. Obviously I'm not crazy about the title; it sounds too teen/soap-opera-ish to me, but I'm sure the actual movie will be fairly good. Apparently it's going to be about Peter Parker/Spider-Man searching for his identity? Although I thought it wasn't supposed to be an origin story either, I dunno. Guess we'll find out when a trailer comes out in a year or two? What do you think of the name? Any good, or is it a misfire? Source: IGN
  6. I have to admit, I have a soft spot for good teasers. This is a good one, though pretty short. The "United we stand" and "United we fall" chants make for a pretty good backdrop to what they show happening. Also, is it just me or is it strange that they're seemingly teasing a certain character's death two or three trailers in a row now?
  7. Guess who's back with another Steam giveaway? Well, I guess you don't really have to guess since I'm the one making the post, but anyway, that's what I'm doing, so listen up if you want a chance to win one of two Steam games! I've got two Steam keys for a game from both Marvel and DC - one is Lego Marvel Superheroes, and the other is Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure. If you fancy winning one of these games, you'll have to make a choice - Marvel or DC? That's right, to enter this contest, you'll have to prove your allegiance: If you want to win Lego Marvel Superheroes, tell me at least one thing that makes Marvel better than DC. If you want to win Scribblenauts, do the opposite - one reason DC is better than Marvel. You can only win one or the other, so choose wisely! IMPORTANT STUFF -The contest is for one (1) Steam key for Lego Marvel Superheroes and one (1) Steam key for Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure. There will be two winners, one for each game. -The contest will run from the time of this post until 3:00 PM EST on Sunday, May 24. The winner will be announced shortly afterwards. -Everyone is eligible, staff included. -This contest isn't endorsed or anything by WB Games (or GamePodunk, for that matter), I just put them in the tags since it's relevant. And...I think that's it. So get those entries in, and good luck! We'll see you Sunday, same bat-time, same bat-channel, true believers!
  8. Royzoga


    So, seeing as a few of us around here are getting pretty heavily into super hero related shows, I figured I'd make a topic about one more. That is, Daredevil, Marvel's triumphant return to TV- sorta. Well, TV sized media and such. So, let's uh, chat or something. Did you guys see it yet, plan on watching it soon? If you saw it already, what did you like and didn't like? For me-
  9. If you haven't seen it yet, this Disney's slate of movies being released through Summer 2017. Most of us probably knew about those Marvel and Star Wars movies, but with the inclusion of those new animated films and some live action stuff (Tomorrowland, Beauty and the Beast, Pirates of the Caribbean), Disney looks like it's going in for the kill, man. Also, how did I not hear that they were doing a Pete's Dragon reboot? lol Anyhow, that is a pretty killer lineup for a two-year time period; if even a third of those do massive numbers (better than expected), Disney is probably on its way to competing with Apple as one of the highest-earning companies in the world. What do you think of the lineup? Anything you're looking forward to in particular?
  10. Didn't expect this to drop today, but here we are. The first theatrical trailer for Fantastic Four is here (previous one was a teaser); check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rRoD28-WgU#t=157 I'm a little surprised that they ended up showing Doom since I would have thought that'd be a big moment to reveal in the movie, but yeah. Personally, not sure what to think of the movie right now. It probably has more potential than the 2005 Fantastic Four did, but I really don't think The Thing looks very good in this one. We'll see what happens, I guess. What did you guys think?
  11. I'm a day late with this, but if you haven't seen it yet, check out the first trailer for Ant-Man below. I'm still pretty surprised they decided to go with "Ant-Man" instead of his many later incarnations, like Yellowjacket, Giant-Man, Goliath etc. The name Ant-Man seems to be a really tough sell in terms of marketability, but then again, Spider-Man did become super big, so... Anyhow, a lot of people aren't too sure about it yet. Personally, I think it's a little bit weak as far as trailers go, but that might be all it's suffering from. They seemed to go a little too heavy with the seriousness in this trailer, but if they lighten it up and show off more comedy in the second one, I think the film will probably do alright. What did you think of the trailer?
  12. TKtheknight

    Marvel vs DC Epic Trailer

    Pretty awesome edited trailer with Marvel vs DC heroes. Awesome! Nuff said! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KxIHVGch8I
  13. Developer: Avalanche Software Publisher: Disney Interactive Platforms: Wii U Release Date: September 23, 2014 ESRB: E for Everyone “And lo, there did God say unto Abraham, “Verily all your existing figures and power discs are compatible with yon Disney Infinity 2.0.” And the angels did sing, "Glory glory hallelujah.” - some Bible passage, probably. Ok, I“m probably going to hell for that, but in a lot of ways Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes already is heaven. Fans of Disney“s newly acquired Marvel Universe comes alive in the latest installment of what appears to be an annualized franchise in the “toys to life” category from Disney Interactive and Avalanche Software. And while you may or may not have played the first game, there are certainly plenty of reasons to look beyond the ”gospel“ and see if Disney Infinity 2.0 is the Garden of Eden, or a sinner“s paradise. Outrageous intro aside, the focus is clearly more on Toy Box this time around. Whereas Disney Infinity (1.0) has one play set piece with three story modes, Marvel Superheroes comes with only one story mode. And while it is true that Avenger“s New York is more than twice the size of The Incredibles's Metroville, it only has about half the playability of 1.0“s three-in-one set piece. What you get is a 4-6 hour story penned by famed comic writer Brian Michael Bendis. There“s no argument that the comic veteran certainly knows his way around a comic book page but I“m not sure he“s completely comfortable writing video games. In the end, the plot of the Avenger“s story mode is a disappointing collection of the same four mission types repeated to death, only two boss fights, and some downright criminal lack of resolution. The best things about the story are Samuel L. Jackson“s voiceover work for Nick Fury, the ability to play co-op straight out of the box (seriously lacking from 1.0), and the cameos by fan favorite characters like Lady Sif, Wasp, and Captain Marvel. Unfortunately those cameos are bittersweet because each one absolutely deserves to be a playable character. Even still you“ll likely not come back to single player once you're done, with only a few bonus missions that characters from other play sets are required to unlock, challenges, and collectathon type boxes scattered around to keep you playing. Of course, other play set pieces exist, with Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-man giving you more structured action should you be willing to invest an extra $35 to $40 (depending on your retailer of choice). Of these, I highly recommend Guardians of the Galaxy for the great level/world design it features, making it the most competent and enjoyable play set since the Pirates of the Caribbean play set (in 1.0, which is no surprise since the two share a developer). But if you weren“t so inclined, what else could you expect? Marvel Super Heroes does come with two additional preconstructed game modes that each have their own special hexagonal power disc. Escape from the Klyn and Assault on Asgard are a Disney Infinity take on popular game genres. Assault on Asgard is a tower defense/survival game, where players must set up defences between rounds of swarming frost giants and MODOK“s assault drones. Escape from the Klyn is an isometric dungeon looter similar to old school games like Diablo or Baldur“s Gate, just minus the clicking. Both aren“t varied enough to stand out as anything more than side missions but the chief draw to these is playing them unlocks the assets from each for tox box mode where players can build their own more varied versions of these games. Which, of course, leads us to Toy Box mode. While other parts of the game see some minor streamlining or improvements, Toy Box mode sees the vast majority, taking the previous game“s template of world building and open-ended possibilities and gives players even more. The first and far best improvement is simply how Toy Box assets are unlocked. 1.0 makes you spin to unlock them randomly, with spins only unlocked by leveling up characters and completing specific challenges. Basically, tedious as hell. Now, in 2.0, you unlock them by spending points earned throughout all modes of Disney Infinity: Marvel Superheroes. So even if you never buy more than the three characters that are included in the starter pack you“ll still have ample opportunity to unlock more stuff for Toy Box via the much improved new toy store. Toy Box mode is friendlier in other ways too. Auto builders now exist to help fill in the gaps for some of the more tedious aspects of building a Toy Box from scratch. Add the city auto builder and the AI will start popping skyscrapers into your Toy Box fast enough to give a city zoning commission some serious heartburn. Drop them all over the Toy Box and you“ll have a thriving metropolis waiting for you to fill in with all the details you“d like. There are auto builders for other stuff too, like grinding rails, race tracks, parks, and others. In the same vein as the autobuilders, those who might want to just start playing can plop premade mini games into the Toy Box. Each one is a drop-and-play minigame ranging from who can clear out enemies faster, collect a certain number of items quicker, etc. Nothing too complicated, but having options like this really helps out the younger audience enjoy the game outside of the more structured modes. Then there are the little things. Collecting more figures and power discs unlock a passive experience bonus so your characters level up faster. There are even more kinds of power discs now. Team up attacks and special attacks compliment the improvements to character combat and progression. Costume changes for specific characters exist as well. Figures themselves now have a level cap of 20 (five levels higher than 1.0) and the added skill trees make the characters feel varied and personal. Extended combos, enhanced damage, counter moves, and character specific traits are available through the skill tree, even to characters you bring over from your 1.0 game (though to a lesser degree). Combat itself even feels improved from 1.0, with combos being generally more entertaining all around. Certain figures such as Princess Jasmine and Loki were even developed in part by Ninja Theory, adding their skill for flashy combat to Disney Infinity. Since each character has a unique set of traits including flight, tech expertise, and super-strength, it's easy to want to experiment and play as as many different characters as possible. Unfortunately, the Wii U version in particular seems to run afoul of a few more drawbacks. All versions of the game have reports of glitches and crashing, but the Wii U version seems to have higher frequency in these respects. I didn't find much personally, in fact I've only had the game freeze on me three times in the generous amount of playtime I've racked up so far, but that's certainly three more times than a game should freeze on anyone really. The Gamepad itself is certainly underutilized, displaying overall stats and quest info in play sets, and item selection and off-screen Toy Box editing in Toy Box mode. And in general the main menu design is more frustrating than losing your car keys in a corn maze. In the end, Disney Infinity: Marvel Superheroes is still somewhere in between The Incredible Hulk and Guardians of the Galaxy; certainly improved overall, but with a few nagging flaws that really keep it from realizing it“s full potential. Even still, the game can easily be considered a more complete starter kit than 1.0“s, making it easier to get more out of the game“s various modes without purchasing a boatload of extra figures and play sets, something parents will be very happy to hear. Pros: + Greatly improved Toy Box mode + Co-op possible without additional figures + Combat feels up to super hero standards + Skill trees make characters feel personal Cons: - Various bugs, glitches, and freezes - Short and lack luster Avengers story mode - Confusing menu design - Minimal use of the Wii U Gamepad Overall Score: 7 (out of 10) Good Improvements to the Toy Box shine brightly along with enhancements to combat and characters themselves, but technical problems and a boring story mode dims Marvel Superheroes's shine. Disclosure: This game was reviewed using a retail copy bought by the writer.
  14. I've been playing it for 200 days now (yup, what the hell right?) and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I totally love it. If anyone else plays it (on iOS or Android) let me know! We can be friends on facebook for extra tokens and power ups and if anyone is in need of an alliance, I started one with a friend called Starjammers (after these guys!). I suppose that ends my solicitation <.<;;
  15. The Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer was supposed to debut next week with Agents of SHIELD, but you no longer have to wait. Marvel has released an official trailer and it has creamed my pants for excitement. James Spader as Ultron nailed it. Creepy background music, Hulkbuster, Andy Serkis with no mocap suit, etc. So awesome! Update: Marvel has released the official release trailer. No more leaked trailers. It's official! Woo!
  16. WildCardCorsair

    Page 5

    From the album: Wildcard's Marvel Puzzle Quest Roster

    Magneto (Classic), Ragnarok, Beast, Storm (Mohawk), Captain Marvel, Colossus,
  17. WildCardCorsair

    Page 4

    From the album: Wildcard's Marvel Puzzle Quest Roster

    Daredevil, Spider-Man (Classic), Spider-Man (Bag-Man), Human Torch (Classic), Wolverine (Patch), Black Widow (Grey Suit),
  18. WildCardCorsair

    Page 3

    From the album: Wildcard's Marvel Puzzle Quest Roster

    Wolverine (X-Force), Black Panther, Loki, Nick Fury, Deadpool, The Hood,
  19. WildCardCorsair

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    From the album: Wildcard's Marvel Puzzle Quest Roster

    Magneto (Marvel Now!), Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men), The Punisher, Doctor Doom, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Thor (Modern),
  20. WildCardCorsair

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    From the album: Wildcard's Marvel Puzzle Quest Roster

    Iron Man (Model 40), The Hulk, Ares, Black Widow (Original), Captain America (Modern),
  21. WildCardCorsair

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    From the album: Wildcard's Marvel Puzzle Quest Roster

    Falcon, Psylocke, Sentry, She-Hulk
  22. Disney Infinity has been out for about half a year now, and with sales of the game hitting 3 million units it seems safe to say that the game is doing more than just all right for Disney Interactive. So it comes as little surprise that Disney would compound that success with the appeal of two other extremely popular franchises the company bought in recent years: Marvel and Disney. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Disney is hard at work on developing a version of Disney Infinity for each universe, though no time table was given for projected release. Again, this isn't too surprising as Disney has massive plans for both labels (with major films coming for Star Wars starting in 2015 and a whole Marvel movie universe currently being built up) but at least we now know that this is something being worked on and it seems likely we may see these new versions of Disney Infinity either this year or the next. What is surprising, however, is that despite the game's success, Disney Interactive will be laying off hundreds of people this week (as reported once again by the Wall Street Journal). Mobile developer Playdom is said to be part of these layoffs, though it's unknown yet if they will affect Disney Infinity developer Avalanche Software. Are you excited for Star Wars and Marvel versions of Disney Infinity?
  23. Thought I'd make up a thread for this in case anyone was interested. I saw Thor: The Dark World last night, and despite what I was hearing otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Seriously, it's probably my second favorite Marvel movie next to the Avengers. One of things I had forgotten about was just how cool and mythological the Thor movies are apart from the rest of the Marvel movies; there's a sense of grandeur and wonder that isn't present in say, the Iron Man movies, though they have their charm as well. Anyhow, one of the things that I really enjoyed about The Dark World was its atmosphere and attention on the nine realms. There's some really cool cinematic shots of Asgard in this one, and it was interesting to see some attention on some of the other realms as well. Here are some of the more specific moments I really enjoyed: Also, dat after-credits scene. Can't wait for them to continue that storyline in Guardians of the Galaxy next year! Did anyone else see the movie yet? What did you think of it?
  24. http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/05/02/how-much-is-tony-starks-mansion-worth?utm_campaign=twposts&utm_source=twitter Thought this was interesting.
  25. It seems that TT Games has been putting out at least two LEGO adaptation titles for the last two years now (with last year seeing the release of LEGO Batman 2 and LEGO The Lord of the Rings), and with LEGO City Undercover having already been announced for release on the Wii U (and being published by Nintendo as well) this year, it's not surprising that this year will also see the release of at least two more games. Warner Bros., the publisher behind the two aforementioned LEGO titles, has announced that TT Games is developing LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, of which will be the first LEGO game to feature superheroes from Marvel. Accordingly, the game will feature an original storyline that has Nick Fury enlisting the help of many of the super heroes in the Marvel Universe to save Earth from Loki and Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds. “We“re very excited to bring a myriad of classic Marvel characters to life in LEGO form for some fun, family-friendly gameplay in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes,” said Tom Stone, TT Games' Managing Director. “Players will brave the ultimate mission to save the world as they explore famous landmarks in LEGO New York and take the adventure beyond Earth to iconic locations in the Marvel Universe.” “Fans of both LEGO and Marvel have wanted this game for years, and we“re addressing that demand with more Marvel Universe characters than ever in a console game,” said TQ Jefferson, Vice President, Games Production, Marvel Entertainment. “If you“re a fan of Spider-Man, the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy or scores of other Marvel characters, this is the game for you.” The game is said to have more than a 100 characters to unlock, including all of the fan favorites such as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, the Hulk, and even Galactus, among many others. You can expect lots of traditional LEGO gameplay in the way of solving puzzles, action sequences, and lots of collecting. No word on whether the game will have an open world setting or if the game will have fully voice-acted scenes, but seeing as the last two LEGO games had both, it seems likely for this one as well. What's interesting about all this is that Warner Bros. actually owns DC Entertainment (the parent company of DC Comics and thus the parent company of the Batman franchise), so publishing the LEGO Batman games is a logical and obvious decision for them. However, Marvel Comics is a competing brand to DC, so to see Warner Bros. license a LEGO game based on their direct competitor's properties (which they would be publishing) is an interesting move on their part indeed. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is set to release on all major consoles and handhelds next Fall. Are you looking forward to playing as Marvel superheroes in LEGO form?