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  1. Let's play this there that game game Fortnite with Haxtoniscool Tune in on Twitch to see nonsense and zombies! https://www.twitch.tv/royzoga123
  2. So, as you may or may not have heard, Microsoft has recently unveiled a new initiative regarding cross-platform play. Where at first they were focused on allowing Windows 10 and Xbox users to play online with each other, it seems now Microsoft is hoping to open the gates to allow Xbox Live users to play alongside users on other multiplayer services, such as Playstation Network and Steam. The idea is establishing an even larger player-base for multiplayer games and bringing together users from across different consoles to enjoy the experiences together. The first game to support this notion is Rocket League, which is already a hit on its respective platforms and should benefit from pooling players across PC and console together. Of course, it would be up to individual developers if they want to take advantage of this or not, so it could potentially reinvigorate existing games and benefit newly launched ones, or it could go nowhere at all. So with that explanation done, my question is...how do you feel about it? Excited by the possibility? Don't care? Worried about even more children cursing and screaming in your headset? Whatever your thoughts, scream them out below! For me, personally, I don't see how it's as big a deal as some are making it out to be. I mean, yes, if it happens, it's essentially tearing down a wall between competing console manufacturers to unite their userbases to enjoy their gaming experiences together, so that's something. But on the other hand, most of the games that would benefit from this like Battlefront or Call of Duty or whatever already have huge amounts of loyal players across both PSN and XBL (I'm just gonna assume for now Nintendo wouldn't participate) so it's not like there's a shortage of players that needs to be addressed. Perhaps this could be the first step towards closer working relationships between the big console makers, but it could just as easily not really go anywhere and no one will care about it within a few months.
  3. Marcus Estrada

    Review: Worms Battlegrounds

    Developer: Team17 Publisher: Team17 Platform: PS4, Xbox One Release Date: June 3, 2014 ESRB: E 10+ Worms might just be one of the most ridiculous video game series out there. It“s a 2D turn-based war game where little pink worms go to battle! In any case, fans have been eating it up since the first Worms launched in 1995. Worms Battlegrounds is the first time players can experience Worms action on a PS4 and Xbox One, just in time for the series“ 20th anniversary. But how does it really stack up? Worms Battlegrounds is effectively much the same Worms that you may have played on consoles in the past. The experience still sticks you on a 2D landscape in control of worms. Your worms on the field must destroy all enemies with a variety of weapons, ranging from grenade launchers to ridiculous UFOs. The strange humor has always been around and has definitely been amped up thanks to Katherine Parkinson voicing narrator Tara Pinkle. The character of Tara is devious as all get out, but also a ton of fun to listen to. In any case, the Worms formula is mostly unchanged aside from the minimal tweaks that have come from more modern versions. For example, water physics that were introduced before have stuck around and actually been improved. The smart addition of distinct classes of worms (scientist, heavy, etc.) have also stuck around. However, this appears to be the case because Worms Battlegrounds is basically a port of Worms Clan Wars. For reference, Worms Clan Wars was a PC exclusive and this game is console exclusive. The game“s status as practically a port probably explains why nothing about the experience feels “next gen.” To be fair, the Worms formula has long since grown stale for many, but at least the visuals and physics could be upgraded in substantial ways. Neither has occurred here. Graphics are colorful and perfectly Worms-like but nothing stands out as only being possible on a modern console. Team17 did introduce a few PS4-exclusive features but they are more likely to cause annoyance than anything else. When your worms talk, their voices come out of the DualShock 4“s speaker. There appears to be no way to turn this off. You can also use the touch functionality to select things but it“s not nearly as convenient as an actual mouse cursor would be. For those who missed out on Worms Clan Wars or simply haven“t played Worms in a while, Worms Battlegrounds is not a bad starting point. It offers players the choice to play a single player campaign or engage in local and online multiplayer modes. Single player has never been the series“ hallmark but it works well enough. 25 stages paired with Tara“s ridiculous dialogue make for a fun few hours. It“s just a shame that NPC worms take time to “think” so often. Yes, this emulates a real player experience, but poorly. It also doesn“t help when the NPCs shift from completely horrendous players to 100% accurate beasts. Online or local multiplayer are where Worms has always shined. So far, this again looks like the best way to play Worms Battlegrounds as well. The only negative of online mode so far is that you might not be able to get into a match quickly. Considering the game“s downloadable cost is $25 this isn“t entirely surprising. If possible, definitely opt to play local matches where the only thing you have to fear is turning friends into enemies! So, Worms Battlegrounds is yet another Worms but who really expected anything else? Trying to venture into new territory has never really fared well for the series so maybe it“s for the best. Those who already have a few Worms games on their shelf simply don“t need to buy this one. New players will find Worms Battlegrounds mostly competent as long as they don“t spend all their time in single player. Pros + Incites fun and intense multiplayer matches + Great variety of weaponry to use per stage + Wonderful narration by Katherine Parkinson Cons - The same old Worms formula will feel repetitive to some - Single player NPCs fluctuate from ridiculously unskilled to amazing and takes too long to move - I don“t want to hear worm voices coming from my controller! Overall Score: 7 (out of 10) Good Definitely grab Worms Battlegrounds if you love the series and have buddies to play with. If not, feel free to stick with one of the existing older titles.
  4. Marcus Estrada

    Splatoon Screenshot 2

    From the album: Marcus's Album

  5. Marcus Estrada

    Splatoon Screenshot 1

    From the album: Marcus's Album

  6. Marcus Estrada

    Review: TowerFall Ascension

    Developer: Matt Makes Games Inc. Publisher: Matt Makes Games Inc. Platform: PC (Steam), PS4 (PSN) Release Date: March 11, 2014 ESRB: E10+ For the longest time it felt as if developers were slowly chipping away at the world of local multiplayer. It was honestly a bit frightening to see couch multiplayer suddenly being left out. Then, out of nowhere, a batch of games over the past year and 2014 have single-handedly brought back local play. TowerFall Ascension is one of these games, and definitely makes the point that local play is still tremendously fun. Of course, that requires the player to actually still be interested in local play after having grown accustomed to the online way of things. TowerFall Ascension is a very simple game. Whether you play alone or with buddies, the basics are still the same. You are an archer and are tasked with fighting off various enemies. Be it floating eyeballs, ghosts, other archers, or whatever else gets thrown at you, each can be decimated with a well-aimed arrow. Each 2D stage has its own tricks but you“ll have to spend some time with each to come up with your favorite strategies. For example, even though stages may have a gaping pit on the floor, falling through just ends up with you falling from the ceiling. It“s akin to warping from one side of the screen to the other in Pac-Man and proves very useful in tight spots. There“s obviously a lot of inspiration from retro games present here. It moves far beyond the pixel art aesthetic, as well. Characters have a limited amount of lives but they also have only a few bows in their quiver. However, unlike some classic titles, you can actually reclaim used bows by picking them off the ground - or enemy corpses. Of course, other archers can do the same regardless of who originally owned the arrows. Arrows come in a variety of forms thanks to power ups which include drill and bomb variations. Of course, this would all be for naught if the control was anything less than perfect. Despite its roots on a system with a noted problematic controller, TowerFall Ascension feels perfectly tuned for PS3 controllers. Characters move exactly as ordered, arrows shoot in mostly predictable arcs, and the experience is generally as frantic as it is exciting. Even death is fun as, upon respawning, the immediate radius around your character will explode (hopefully catching an enemy in its wake!). With all that said, there“s very little reason to go at the game alone unless you absolutely love tough, pixelated titles. Solo players will find a story and trial mode available to them but it all feels somewhat lonesome. There“s no doubt that the game was meant to be played with two or more people at once and you can“t help but feel left out. For those who are now used to online matches, well, you can“t do that here because it“s local multiplayer only. And no, there“s no intention to add in online play later. It“s weird, but the local-only standpoint has actually caused some anger. Many of us have gotten used to dictating online match times and enjoying games in that manner. If you have a small group of friends nearby who would still be willing to sit down on the same couch with you though then definitely get them in on this game. Since it“s fairly simple to control, you“ll soon find yourself locked in heated battles with buddies. Hopefully, it might even spur everyone to hang out more often for local games. Why doesn“t this game offer online play alongside local play? Without delving into the technical specifics, there“s a pretty simple reason behind it. TowerFall Ascension is a pretty fast game with precise controls and it takes place in a generally single-screen environment. Because every character is in close proximity, you will be very aware of their movements and how their bows should land. The subtle lag in online games is usually compensated for, but it would be readily apparent with such a small, quick game as this. If all lag could suddenly be abolished from games then there would be no reason to keep online out of the experience, but as it stands, it just wouldn“t work out well. Anyone who has access to both nearby friends and multiple PS4 controllers (or 360 controllers for PC) should buy TowerFall Ascension. There“s currently very little of worth in regards to multiplayer on the PS4 PSN market. Even if there were, the simple control scheme and enthusiastic matches between players make this game an easy choice. If, however, you are not interested in local multiplayer then this is much harder to recommend. The game ends up feeling very difficult and incredibly lonesome once you realize that it wants you to play with others. For that reason, solo players likely won“t find TowerFall Ascension as great a game as others make it out to be. Pros: + Simplistic gameplay proves immediately entertaining + Multiplayer matches captivate all players + Variety of power ups to shift the tide of battle Cons: - Solo gameplay modes cannot replicate the fun of multiplayer - Little done to keep non-multiplayer gamers engaged Overall Score: 7.0 (out of 10) Good Fans of local multiplayer owe it to themselves to pick up TowerFall Ascension. Disclosure: This review is based on PS4 downloadable code provided by the publisher
  7. Marcus Estrada

    TowerFall Ascension Screenshot 3

    From the album: Review Images

  8. Marcus Estrada

    TowerFall Ascension Screenshot 2

    From the album: Review Images

  9. Marcus Estrada

    TowerFall Ascension Screenshot 1

    From the album: Review Images

  10. Jordan Haygood

    Advancement In Online Multiplayer

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    © Bungie

  11. DarkCobra86

    GTA V Multiplayer

    Taken from Milkman at GDD. Been meaning to post this. This trailer actually makes me want to play GTA 5 even though I have never played any of the GTA games. I have always been more or less "meh" about the series. I did want to play it just to know what the fuss is about. But this multiplayer is cool and we could totally do a GP clan mjuahhahaha.
  12. Batman: Arkham Origins is the latest upcoming console release of ever-popular Arkham series. The game itself is still a few months away from launch but is set to hit all currently available consoles: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U. Today the news got out about a brand new multiplayer mode in the game. Invisible Predator Online attempts to pull from the style of Arkham's Challenge Rooms. Only this time, both Batman and the burly thugs will be controlled by players. SCEA social media specialist Justin Massongill discussed this new mode on the PS Blog: "Eight players take to the streets of Gotham in the game“s multiplayer mode: three Joker thugs, three Bane thugs, and two heroes in the form of Batman and Robin. The thugs compete to wipe out the other team and capture control points in what plays out like a third-person, cover-based shooter. Meanwhile, the two heroes prowl the playfield in an attempt to intimidate enemies and provoke the gang leaders into calling the whole operation off. When playing as Batman or Robin, variety matters. Repeating the same takedowns over and over will result in lower and lower intimidation yields, so you“ll need to get creative. Hide in ducts and score a takedown when someone passes over you, then grapple to a gargoyle overhead to get the drop on another unsuspecting thug. Set some explosive gel and wait for the right moment to detonate, while hiding in the shadows for a surprise chokeout. The more you mix it up, the better your chances. Whatever you do, though, be careful — getting taken out will bolster your foes“ confidence, undoing a good chunk of the progress you“ve made so far. Initially, playing as Batman or Robin seems like a privilege players will be fighting over, but I actually had more fun getting down and dirty as one of the henchmen on the field. This mode would be a fully competent third-person shooter without the heroes“ presence, but their inclusion adds a wildcard element that turns Invisible Predator Online into a completely different kind of experience." Of course, words can only show so much about a new mode. Thankfully there was also a trailer released alongside the announcement. It is worth noting though that not every version of Batman: Arkham Origins will have Invisible Predator Online. Unfortunately, the Wii U is left out of the online equation. Everyone else will be able to enjoy the new mode when the game launches on October 25th.
  13. Video game have been a social past time since their inception. Even with single player arcade games in bars, others would watch and talk about them. In the home, friends or family might play together. When that's not an option, many flock to the internet. With Steam, XBLA, and PSN all attempting to further streamline the online multiplayer experience it makes sense that online play is increasing. NPD Group's Online Gaming 2013 report has just come out with some interesting numbers about the popularity of online gaming. Nearly 9,000 surveys were submitted and they showed that 72% of respondents play online. Of course, this doesn't mean they play online exclusively, but are more willing to play with friends or strangers across the web. What was the percentage last year? It was a few points lower at 68%. Respondents also stated playing online across a variety of game devices, including smartphones. The most popular device for starting up online titles is the PC. Finally, it was also shown that 62% of users prefer to buy tangible games. That has a bit to do with online games considering tons of MMOs are available that don't ever get a retail release. Do you play online often or only a little?
  14. barrel

    Anarchy Reigns 040

    From the album: Anarchy Reigns

    © http://1.bp.blogspot.com

  15. Harrison Lee

    Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops II

    Developer: Treyarch Publisher: Activision Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii U Release Date: November 13, 2012 ESRB: M This review is based on the Xbox 360 version of the game. A retail copy was provided by Activision for review. Few franchises seem to inspire as much antagonistic hate as the Call of Duty series. Surprisingly, the last Call of Duty I truly enjoyed was Treyarch's Black Ops. Regarded as the inferior CoD developer in Activision's suite of talent, Treyarch stepped into the limelight with a great narrative, strong multiplayer, and addictive Zombies mode with Black Ops. The game was chock full of surprises for series veterans and newcomers alike. Two years later, Treyarch has now released the sequel to one of gaming's highest-selling titles. Does Call of Duty: Black Ops II live up to it's great lineage, or is it just another modern military FPS? If you're only playing Black Ops II for the multiplayer, you're doing yourself a great disservice because the singleplayer campaign is easily the strongest in the entire franchise.Taking place nearly six decades after Black Ops, the sequel casts players as David Mason, son of Black Ops protagonist Alex Mason. David reunites with Alex's comrade-in-arms from the first game, Frank Woods, to take down the enigmatic and violence-prone Raul Menendez. Alex and Frank both have a long history with Raul, detailed through several Cold War-era flashbacks. Though these sequences aren't as entertaining as the 2025 missions with David, they still have polished combat and the high narrative quality you'd expect from Treyarch. The campaign, which clocks in at around 7-8 hours, mixes the old with the new. While Woods' missions in the past feel familiar, the new 2025 sequences are fresh, exciting, and teeming with cool future technology. The near-future levels feature intense battles with quadrotor drones, cloaked mercenaries, quadrupedal mechs brimming with firepower, and tough moral decisions that will impact how the game ends. While I still haven't figured out what choices influence the ending I got, I still feel like I made my mark on the story. For a Call of Duty title to do that is nothing short of amazing and speaks volumes about the work Treyarch has done to create a brand new experience. Even though Black Ops II sports great changes to the campaign, I wasn't as pleased with the new Strike Force missions. These mini-levels allow players to command several AI allies to complete objectives, like VIP escort or target assassination. If gamers prefer action, they can take direct control of any unit on the battlefield. It all sounds great from a conceptual stand-point. Sadly, the ally AI is simply awful. Infantry were easily mowed down by hostile forces for no good reason. It's as if they were completely oblivious to the mercenaries shooting at them from 10 feet away. It was often easier for me to deal with the bad guys myself via direct control, but I struggled with overwhelming numbers of enemies, particularly on the very first mission. While Strike Force missions are completely optional, they are required to see one of the "good" endings. Skipping out on them isn't always the best option. The campaign was easily the highlight of my Black Ops II experience. The numerous changes made to the Call of Duty singleplayer blueprint are, for the most part, welcome and invigorating for a stagnating series. But Treyarch didn't just change up the campaign; it completely overhauled the Zombies mode, adding a standalone open-world campaign. Dubbed Tranzit, this mode tasks players with riding a bus through a cycle of several locations. At each location are blueprints and items to build new devices for fending off the zombie hordes and accomplishing objectives. As the survivors move on, the waves get tougher. If someone is left behind, they must try and catch up with the group by moving through the horrific fog. Getting through alive is nigh impossible and encourages everyone to keep moving, no matter the cost. Tranzit is fun with other players but lacks the addictive element of the vanilla survival mode. It's a fun distraction but doesn't add a whole lot to the core experience. That said, the cool easter eggs and focus on exploration add a lot of content for die-hard fans. There's not a whole lot to complain about, aside from the occasional difficulty spikes. When you factor in all of the existing content, Treyarch didn't need to add anything. Tranzit is icing on the cake and really pushes the limit for what Call of Duty titles offer at the $60 pricetag. Surprisingly, the area where Treyarch showed the least innovation is the bread and butter of Activision's franchise: the multiplayer. The core gameplay conceits, perks, weapon modifications, and classic game modes are all present and accounted for. A few new objective-based types have been added to the mix, but by and large Black Ops II is the same online experience you've come to expect. In a brilliant move, Treyarch did change the Loadout and Killstreak options. Rather than forcing players to use predefined classes, players can now use up to ten points on various unlocked perks, weapon parts, and gadgets. You get to decide what your soldier carries or doesn't carry. It offers incredible flexibility and lets gamers dictate their own playstyles. In place of the Killstreak system is the new Scorestreak system. If you typically play a support role, you can still get streak rewards just as a player on a rampage. It rewards players who have a tactical playstyle while still granting new toys for others who just want to shoot things. It's a worthwhile change to a formula that was beginning to grow stale. From a technical standpoint, Black Ops II is largely rock-solid. Despite connection problems on the multiplayer front, the game is well-built all around. The visuals, while not on par with the Frostbite engine, do a great job of rendering epic scenes of battle and chaos. The audio is also superb, featuring Hollywood-caliber voice overs and great sound effects. Trent Reznor's musical score is solid, though it likely won't win any awards. I hope Activision does consider a new engine for fancier visuals and effects. While I understand the commitment to 60 FPS, I'd appreciate smoother textures and more detailed effects and environments. If you're still reading this, I assume you have some interest in Black Ops II. If you hate Call of Duty, I can't do anything for you. For those jumping in for the first time, Black Ops II is a great place to start. If you're a returning veteran, there's plenty of new content to dig into. With a strong campaign, Zombies offering, and full multiplayer suite, it's hard not to recommend Black Ops II to anyone with a pulse. Pros: + Great singleplayer campaign + Oodles of content + High production values + Great multiplayer and Zombies offerings Cons: - Visuals can be dated - Campaign narrative isn't always coherent Overall Score: 8.5 (out of 10) Great Call of Duty: Black Ops II is as full-featured an FPS as it gets. Treyarch made a number of changes to the formula, resulting in a resounding success. It's ambitious and worth your time and money.
  16. As was perhaps inevitable, BioWare has released a launch trailer for the Mass Effect 3: Earth DLC. The new classes, weapons, and areas are shown off, and the title will never not be a fun rhyme to say. Anderson's narration in the trailer seems to insinuate the battle is going on concurrently with the story, as Anderson's rebel troops do battle. This does raise the question why there are Quarian, Geth, Asari, Turian, Batarian, and Vorcha troops available, but that's not important right now. What's important is that the new N7 troops are there, and they get the showcasing they deserve. Anderson describes the people in battle as being the last line of defense, missing the opportunity to say, "against the worst scum of the universe," but viewers can see some of the heavy melee attacks, some swordplay by the Shadow and the Slayer, as well as the other classes laying out their own special brand of smack-down. This trailer seems a little more exciting than the usual announcement ones, and it makes sense, because players are going back to Earth. That is, until the end, where new features are listed as unceremoniously as usual. As always, you don't have to take my word for it, though. Take a look for yourself!
  17. If you haven't been following EA and Danger Close's new Medal of Honor game, Warfighter, I totally understand. It's another anti-terrorist modern warfare shooter. Yes, it even has the same general color palettes as most other shooters. Yes, there's also future tech that current and next generation soldiers use. I hear you, but check out this multiplayer video below. You might just be surprised by it: Okay, enough of my hyperbolic speech about how awesome this game looks. What do you guys think? Intrigued? Meh? Don't care? Let me know in the comments below!
  18. Yesterday, we reported the release date for Mass Effect 3's Earth DLC, but today, BioWare is bringing the official announcement, as well as some new information and screencaps. BioWare confirmed that each of the new characters is a new human for every class. No information has been specifically given on each class's new abilities, the specific role each one plays can be seen. According to BioWare's blog, the class breakdown is as follows: Six new human N7 classes are also available: Destroyer Soldier, Paladin Sentinel, Demolisher Engineer, Slayer Vanguard, Shadow Infiltrator, and Fury Adept! Each comes complete with new and powerful abilities and melee attacks. BioWare also announced the Platinum difficulty. Previously, matches existed as Bronze, Silver, and Gold difficulties. Higher difficulty levels provide more experience and money, so Platinum difficulty will probably afford players some mad skrilla. But hey, you've been good this year, so how about some screenshots? First up is an image of what looks like London. We see three characters fighting Reapers. Were I to speculate, I would suspect the green one to the left to be the Destroyer soldier, readying a heavy melee attack. What appear to be sparks are coming from the omnitool. These promo shots tend to have the characters wielding the guns, so that may be a Typhoon, but it looks like the Striker Assault Rifle from the Resurgence DLC pack. The one in red, given the giant shield, may be the Paladin Sentinel. He is holding a giant omni-tool fabricated shield, and seems to be preparing to bash something with it. A blue gun is visible on his waist, where shotguns conventionally go in Mass Effect weapon layouts. A third character seems to be wearing one of those 3/4th length coat things that both Thane and Kai Leng wear in the series. Looking at the other classes, this may be the Slayer Vanguard. This photo clearly shows another area, possibly the Rio area. Cerberus enemies are the aggressors here. The player character here is a woman in red, very similar-looking to a Phantom. This is probably the Shadow Infiltrator, given that they have cloaking abilities. The fact that she has as sword probably indicates that her melee and heavy melee abilities are done with that. The final image here shows a fight against Reapers. The area is somewhat unfamiliar, but it may be the Vancouver area. In the foreground, we see a Fury Adept, presumably, using some biotic ability against a Marauder. It looks similar to Singularity, though instead of a black... singularity in the middle, it is white and has some kind of energy discharge coming from it. Possibly a new ability. In the background, the possible Paladin Sentinel is facing off against a Brute, while a green character, possibly the same speculated before as being the Destroyer Soldier, is firing at what may be a Banshee. Really, the Biotic is the big show-off here. Those are the only four pictures (including the header above, easily seen by right-clicking and selecting "Open Image in a New Tab") that BioWare has shown off so far, but their previous DLCs have come with more pictures, detailed descriptions, and a trailer around their release, so we'll keep an eye out for that for you. For anyone interested in the DLC, it will be available on July 17th for PC, Xbox 360, and US PlayStation 3 players. For those in Europe, you'll have to wait until July 18th for the PlayStation. To take a peek at the images in this post and all our other Mass Effect 3 screens, take a look in the gallery below. UPDATE: The good people of the intenret have provided leaked information on each of the classes. Each of the classes is of the N7 program, which is basically like the toughest of the tough. For perspective, Shepard was in the N7 program. N7 Destroyer - The Solider Class: “The Destroyer“s T5-V Battlesuit gives these strong-but-slow soldiers mech-like protection. Driven by eezo-assisted actuators, these frontline troopers carry heavy weapons onto the battlefield. Abilities: Multi-Frag Grenade, Missile Launcher, Devastator Mode." This Soldier-class seems to be focused on being a heavy firepower tank. Devastator Mode is likely similar to Adrenaline Rush, or possibly like one of the powers that can be activated/deactivated, like the Geth's Hunter Mode. Mobility seems to be restricted, possibly similar to Krogan characters. Missile Launcher is an ability, so that may mean it is something that can be used without the round limits that other players have. N7 Fury - The Adept Class “Fury operatives use implants to fuel biotics and their incredible movement speed. These operatives wind an unpredictable path on the battlefield, moving in and out of combat before returning to unleash a sweeping biotic attack on their unsuspecting targets. Abilities: Throw, Annihilation Field, Dark Channel" Fury seems to have the opposite scenario, where their movement is increased to even greater than normal. The Annihilation Field is likely what we saw above, and based on the name, is probably like a damaging Stasis Field or something to that effect. Dark Channel should be familiar as one of Javik's moves that can be learned by Shepard. Javik's ability was a Damage Over Time ability that, when an enemy is killed using it, it will hop over to a nearby enemy and continue doing damage. N7 Shadow – The Infiltrator Class "Shadow infiltrators use implants to dramatically improve agility, making them slippery combatants on the battlefield. Their monomolecular blades are a menace from cover and close range. Abilities: Tactical Cloak, Shadow Strike, Electric Slash" The increased Agility sounds like it makes them have the ability to flip about, like the Drell characters, or more likely like the Phantoms upon which they appear to be based. Electrical Slash is a new ability that probably uses the sword to slash the enemy, maybe with a stun effect. Shadow Strike is a technique Kasumi used in Mass Effect 2, allowing her to drop her tactical cloak, do a powerful attack, then cloak again. This is likely similar. N7 Demolisher – The Engineer Class “The Demolisher uses grenades to attack at range and to terrorize the battlefield. Demolishers can also create a supply pylon that stocks allies with an unending reserve of grenades and thermal reloads. Abilities: Homing Grenade, Arc Grenade, Supply Pylon" Demolisher, despite the name, sounds like a support class. Of course, homing grenades seems pretty straight-forward as grenades that track enemies, and Arc Grenades are familiar for people who have used Quarian males. The new addition of the Supply Pylon means that they'll likely drop those when players need to hold an area for Uploads or Hacking missions. N7 Paladin – The Sentinel Class “The Paladin carries a powerful omni-shield onto the battlefield to block enemy fire. The Paladin also uses the shield as a heavy-melee weapon that, when modified with incindiery or cryo upgrades, creates a devastating combination attack.” Ability: Snap Freeze, Incinerate, Energy Drain" The Paladin appears to favor the Engineering side of the combo instead of the Biotic side. We see above that the shield can be used for bashing, but here we see that the Paladin also uses it for his Snap Freeze and Incinerate abilities. This is clearly based on the Guardian class. N7 Slayer – The Vanguard Class “Slayers use implants to dramatically improve mobility. Their dizzying sword attacks can hit multiple opponents, and the Slayer“s ability to slip fire makes them hard to pin down on the battielfield.” Abilities: Phase Disruptor, Biotic Charge, Biotic Slash" Clearly based on Kai Leng (which may drive some people away), it appears that Slayers use a sword as well, which apparently has a range of attacks like the Geth or Vanguard heavy melee attacks. Phase Disruptor is a new ability, which may have something to do with damaging shields, since that's what Disruptor things have historically done in the series. Biotic Slash is also new, and probably has something to do with the Slayer's sword. They also seem to have increased mobility, which may mean actual movement speed like the Fury, or agility like the Shadow. The new guns were also leaked. Let's take a look here: First up, the Typhoon light machine gun. There seems to be a gun shield, commonly used on things like turrets and stuff like that, so it probably functions with a high rate of fire. Secondly, the Piranha assault shotgun. The design has a revolver design, meaning it probably also has a decent rate of fire for a shotgun, and the number of chambers imply somewhere between 8 to 10 shots per thermal clip. Thirdly, this appears to be the Acolyte pistol. It follows the design of the Disciple shotgun, which is an Asari Justicar-designed weapon. Given the similarity in the naming pattern, it lends credence to the possibility that this is also an Asari-designed weapon. Regardless, based on the similar design to the Disciple, the Acolyte Pistol may enjoy a similar focus on damage output and ability to stagger. As it seems, there is a lot of meat in the Mass Effect 3 Earth DLC, and the new mods promised haven't even been revealed. With SDCC and the upcoming event weekend, and the Extended Cut freshly behind us, BioWare has done a considerable job at continuing their support for the Mass Effect 3 fanbase. Not bad, BioWare. Not bad.
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    Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Earth DLC 3

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    Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Earth DLC 2

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    Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Earth DLC 1

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    Mass Effect 3 Earth DLC to Launch July 17th

    Multiplayer characters are headed to Earth, according to Xbox team member Larry Hryb, on his blog for the XBL store, Major Nelson. This comes as a confirmation of the DLC rumored along with the Extended Cut's completion last month, as leaked by a Reddit user. The posting doesn't share any details, but let's recap. According the the Reddit user who leaked the information, there would be three new maps: Vancouver, Rio, and London. Vancouver and London were both in the main game, so they may be different takes on those maps. Rio wasn't in the single-player game, so, assuming this information is accurate, it's probably just a sweet vacation spot for squads. Also purported to be in the DLC pack was three new weapons: the Piranha assault shotgun, Acolyte pistol, and Typhoon light machine gun. No details here, but weapons of the previous pack seemed to follow a sort of theme, so we may see that here. The largest bonus fabled to be in the Earth DLC is the addition of six human classes. The function they are supposed to have isn't clear, but the classes are named Destroyer, Paladin, Demolisher, Slayer, Shadow, and Fury. Since there are six player classes in the game, it's safe to assume that, if this DLC pack is authentic, those six would add one new human to every class in the game. The six classes are Adept, Soldier, Engineer, Slayer, Shadow, and Vanguard, so if you line up the classes, it seems like their order might match up. At very least, Shadow and Infiltrator seem correlated. BioWare hasn't confirmed this information, but Major Nelson places the release of the Earth DLC on Xbox 360 for July 17th, exactly one week from today. Mass Effect 3 is on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.