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  1. Before I move on to my next stream game, I figured we can squeeze in some #Speedrunning of good old #ResidentEvil2! So be sure to swing by the #Twitch stream, hang out, and just spam that #greenranger hype! https://www.twitch.tv/royzoga123
  2. GP Daily returns with some fairly big news in tow! Today, a big announcement was made regarding the next Pokemon generation, Nintendo cuts its own forecast for the fiscal year, Resident Evil is getting more remasters, and more! Read on below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qBHfd2NtJs Pokemon's Seventh Generation kicks off with Sun and Moon It's official: The Pokemon Company has announced that Generation 7 is coming with Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon when it releases on 3DS in Holiday 2016. Not much else was revealed about the games other than their logos and the fact that they'll be available to play in nine languages, but expect to hear more in the near future. We also got some new information regarding Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, which are launching tomorrow. Apparently, you'll be able to use the Pokemon Bank app on 3DS to bring any Pokemon from the 3DS version of those first three games over to Sun and Moon. No word on support for X/Y or ORAS, however. For a more detailed breakdown of this information, be sure to check out Jonathan's latest Individual Values today. Rumor: Nintendo and EA might rekindle their relationship for NX; sports games a central topic surrounding this Remember EA's "unprecedented partnership" with Nintendo back when Wii U was going to launch in 2012? We all know how that turned out in the end, but it looks as if both companies are ready to give the relationship another try if the latest rumors are correct. Reportedly, talks are in place coming up over the next month or two between the company that will determine what level of support EA will be giving to Nintendo's next platform, codenamed 'NX.' The rumors indicate that EA is looking for major support from Nintendo regarding its sports titles and how they plan to cultivate an audience of sports fans that they can sell to. EA also apparently wants hardware bundles with their games, and for Nintendo to start promoting their hardware and software during high-profile sports events. It's too early to say what will happen for sure, but stay tuned for this year's E3, in which we'll likely find out whether Nintendo was able to secure EA's support once again or not. If they do, they could be a key player in keeping NX afloat in subsequent years thanks to the popularity of their games. Source: Nintendo Life Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 coming to PS4 and Xbox One Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster might have just released but Capcom is just getting started with Resident Evil remasters. The company recently announced that Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 are all coming to PS4 and Xbox One over the course of 2016. The first game to release will be Resident Evil 6 in March, followed by 5 during the Summer, and 4 during the Fall. Fortunately, all of RE6's add-on content will come with the game, in case you were worried that they would make you buy it again. Source: Gamespot Alan Wake may be getting a new game If you're a big fan of Remedy's Alan Wake series, you might be getting a new game at... some point -- apparently a trademark for "Alan Wake's Return" has been spotted. What might "Return" allude to? Is it a remaster of the first game for Xbox One, or might it actually be a full-blown Alan Wake 2? We'll have to wait and see. Source: IGN March PS Plus Games Announced Sony has announced what games you can expect to see as part of the March PlayStation Plus free games lineup, and they are... Broforce, PS4 Flame Over, PS Vita Galak-Z, PS4 The Last Guy, PS3 Reality Fighters, PS Vita Super Stardust HD, PS3 For the most part, it really looks to be a mish-mash of indie games this time around, with the excellent Super Stardust HD thrown in (which somehow has never come to PS Plus until this point). Broforce and Galak-Z look to be the highest profile games aside from SSHD, so be sure to check them out if you have a PS Plus subscription once March arrives. Source: PlayStation Blog And that's it for today's news. What are your thoughts on Pokemon Sun and Moon? And did any of the other news strike your fancy?
  3. Jason Clement

    Resident Evil Remake Coming in 2015

    It was originally remade for the Gamecube some 12 years ago but now Capcom is finally remaking the original Resident Evil for the modern era. This new versioin of the game will feature enhanced textures, resolutions, 1080p support on next generation consoles, classic and enhanced control schemes, the option to choose 4:3 or 16:9 widescreen aspect ratios, and even remastered sound with 5.1 surround support. Of course, the story involves the origin of the whole saga, with the player taking on the role of S.T.A.R. team members Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine as they investigate the disappearance of Bravo Team in Raccoon City and must survive their way through the mysterious mansion there. No release date or pricing has been announced just yet, but you'll be able to buy Resident Evil digitally in early 2015. Source: Press Release Are you interested in replaying Resident Evil on today's consoles?
  4. Wait a minute- January releases? Isn't this March? Yep, we're a little bit late with this feature (okay, we're a LOT late with this) and now we're playing catch-up, but better late than never, eh? And with Elizabeth (Gaiages) taking a breather from the feature, I've decided to step in and help finish what she started, so giddy up! Historically, January has been an interesting month for releases because it comes right after a busy holiday season. Especially in recent years, most major AAA games start coming in March after the new year begins, but a few titles actually did release in January here and there. So let's take a trip down Memory Lane and see what the first month of the year held for the industry over the years. 2003 One of our rather low-key years this time around, January 2003 didn't harbor many releases at all, but there were still a few notable games that came out, with perhaps the biggest one being Sim City 4, which was the first game in the series to primarily use a 3D engine to render its visuals. In the end, this fourth installment did quite well for itself, becoming one of the top-selling PC games of that year and garnering review scores that averaged around the mid-80's on Metacritic. Other Notable Releases: Devil May Cry 2, Panzer Dragoon Orta 2004 Only one true game of note came out in 2004, and it was a remake of one of the most influential games of all time - Metroid: Zero Mission. This GBA classic brought the classic NES original Metroid up to date with brand new graphics, gameplay enhancements, and even a new epilogue mission which saw the first ever appearance of Samus in her Zero Suit. For GBA owners, it was pure bliss, and even to this day is widely debated to be the best handheld entry in the series yet. Other Notable Releases: Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2005 What's this? A year where there was two massive games coming out in the very first month? Believe it - this year's January saw not only the release of a new handheld Zelda title, but also one of the most anticipated games of entire generation - Resident Evil 4. To make things more controversial, it was exclusive to Gamecube at first, and Nintendo fans got their sweet, sweet comeuppance with this massive exclusive which made PS2 owners wrench with jealousy. At least for a little while. After Capcom decided that the game did not fall under their exclusivity agreement with Nintendo, Resident Evil 4 was ported to the PS2 and released in October later that year, and with extra content to boot. It was subsequently ported to pretty much every non-handheld platform in existence afterward (no joke), and in fact an HD version just released for Steam recently. But it's all for good reason - Resident Evil 4 is widely considered to be the best game in the entire series, even above Resident Evil 5 and the more recently released (and controversial) Resident Evil 6. Other Notable Releases: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap 2006 2006... oh boy, where do we start. For the first time in a while, this year started off with no new releases during January. Zero, zip, zilch, nada. But despite that fact, some interesting developments DID happen. Arguably the biggest bit of news during the month this year was that Nintendo announced the DS Lite, which would go on to become the de-facto version of the handheld during the DS generation (more so than even the DSi and DSi XL.) In other news, this was the month that Activision (or more accurately Vivendi, Activision's parent company at the time) acquired High Moon Studios (developers of the recent Transformers Cybertron series of games and last year's Deadpool), and Take 2 acquired Irrational Games, Ken Levine's studio which is most famous for creating the System Shock and Bioshock series. There were also rumors that Cisco was interested in buying Nintendo, though nothing panned out in the end. Finally, Sony was reported to be developing an "Xbox Live-killer" that we all now know as PSN. It doesn't quite live up to that 'description' nowadays, but it does give Microsoft a run for their money with their well-received PlayStation Plus program. Other Notable Releases: Nothing! 2007 If you know your gaming, and you know it well, you'll remember that 2007 was essentially the holy grail of video gaming-dom. It's actually ridiculous how many good games came out that year, and January was no exception. While there were plenty of big games, arguably the biggest release wasn't an actual standalone game but an expansion of one of the biggest games in existence at that point - World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Why was it a big deal? It was the first major expansion for the Blizzard MMORPG, and players were hungry for new content, so much that the expansion sold through 2.4 million copies on the first day alone. In addition to a new story campaign, the level cap being raised to 70, new PvP enhancements, and a whole new planet with all-new quests, items, dungeons, raids and more, The Burning Crusade also introduced two new playable races: The Draenei and the Blood Elves. It was one of the best received expansions ever for the game, garnering an average of 91 on both Metacritic and Gamerankings. Other Notable Releases: WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All, Rogue Galaxy, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition 2008 If you thought 2007 was a good year for January releases, 2008 was ecstatic with them. In fact, there were two extremely notable games that released that month, though I'll focus on the one that I believed had a larger cultural impact on the industry for certain reasons. That game was No More Heroes. It wasn't Suda51's first title by any means, but No More Heroes was for many gamers their first taste of Grasshopper Manufacture's wild and crazy antics. Starring a young punk named Travis Touchdown, the game featured a great visual style, unorthodox gameplay, and crude humor to boot. The game cemented itself as one of the Wii's best third-party titles and would go on to receive a sequel a few years later as well. Other Notable Releases: Burnout Paradise, Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin 2009 After a great 2007 and excellent 2008, January 2009 was a bit more low-key in terms of big releases. There were ports of Saints Row 2 and Mirror's Edge for PC, but those had released in the Fall of the previous year for consoles already. The most notable title releasing then was likely Skate 2, the sequel to the game that gave Tony Hawk's Pro Skater franchise a run for its money a couple of years earlier. Building on some of the design it started in the first game, Skate 2 managed to score some impressive reviews, averaging around the mid-80's on Metacritic and Gamerankings. Other Notable Releases: Lord of the Rings: Conquest, Star Ocean: Second Evolution, DJ Max Fever 2010 This year saw one of the biggest release months ever for January with the likes of Darksiders, Bayonetta, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars and more all releasing in close proximity to each other. However, you better believe there was no bigger game on peoples' radars than the Bioware-developed bruiser known as Mass Effect 2. The first Mass Effect was generally well-received by many fans, but Mass Effect 2 took things to a whole new level with its increasingly action-oriented gameplay, deep story, engaging characters, and abundance of personalized choice-based design. It all resulted in what many consider to be the best Mass Effect game yet. Other Notable Releases: Bayonetta, Darksiders, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, MAG 2011 Keeping up the momentum from 2010, January 2011 had a few big heavies of its own in its release lineup, but the biggest was probably LittleBigPlanet 2, Media Molecule's smash successor to one of the biggest games of 2009. Though there was a lot that was similar to the first game, LBP2 offered a wider array of options to create your own levels and worlds. The tools were so powerful, in fact, that many could create their own actual games with them, with one person creating a top-down Zelda-inspired game, another recreating a limited version of Final Fantasy VII, and more. Other Notable Releases: Dead Space 2, DC Universe Online, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded 2012 January 2012 was another bustling month of release activity, and this time it was Square Enix's time to shine with the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2. It was the JRPG giant's chance to rectify some of the faults that made the game's predecessor unbearable for many, and though it did, many critics agreed that the game was still a bit lackluster when compared to numbered Final Fantasy entries of yesteryear, especially in regards to its story. But Square Enix was not one to falter so quickly; they announced yet another a FFXIII sequel later that year, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, though it wouldn't release until February 2014. Other Notable Releases: Soul Calibur V All in all, January has been a pretty decent month for releases, bar one or two years. In fact, it's probably not too far behind the Fall months in terms of importance of games releasing, possibly only being bested by March, which can often rival October and November's release list. Which is a good thing, right? After a holiday lull in December, what better way to get back on the bandwagon with new releases than with games released in January? What were your favorite games that released in the month of January over the years? Let us know below!
  5. Resident Evil Revelations (PS3) Resident Evil Revelations (360) Resident Evil Revelations (WiiU) $37.99 each and FREE 3 Day Shipping. Via CAG Canceled my Amazon preorder because $12 cheaper and only one day later is schweeeet. Anyone else pumped for this game?
  6. Well, gamers, it“s that time of the year again! That“s right, love is in the air and all the single ladies guys are lonelier than ever (*cries in corner*). But let“s not get into too much detail about real life, as we hear too much about that already. No, I“d rather take a look at video game romances instead, wouldn“t you? Whether a game has a tear-jerking love story, a simple story with a lot of history, or a romance so vague you won“t even know where to start, love is clearly evident within the video game world. So on this lovely day of love, let“s take a moment and look at what this guy (points at self with smug expression) thinks are the top 10 video game romances. #10: Master Chief x Cortana - Halo Series - Love comes in many different forms, with some being more illegal than others. And perhaps one of the stranger relationships on this list (though technically not illegal in real life at the moment) is that of Halo hero Master Chief and his trusty holographic partner and AI love interest Cortana. Through thick and thin, these two vastly different creatures are there for each other, willing to risk one“s own life (artificial or otherwise) for the sake of the other. This sort of forbidden romance is made even more emotional later in Halo 4, which makes this love story all the more touching. #9: Leon S. Kennedy x Ada Wong - Resident Evil Series - Here“s a love story involving two people who don“t really get along too well for the most part. Resident Evil“s Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong have gone through the series in an estranged relationship full of arguments, trickery, and the occasional weapon being pulled on each other. Neither would hurt the other, of course, and they will oftentimes go well out of their way to help the other. And even though the people they work for aren“t exactly in alliance, Ada is willing to take the long way if it means helping Leon and foiling his enemies. Not exactly the most convenient romantic relationship, but hey, it ain“t easy to be simple when you“ve got zombies and j“avo to worry about. #8: Sora x Kairi - Kingdom Hearts Series - One thing you will often see in Disney movies is a love story, usually involving a princess of some sort. You know what also tends to have love stories? The Final Fantasy series. So it“s only natural that Kingdom Hearts, the result of combining the two chemicals, would feature a deep and touching bit of romance. Enter Sora and Kairi, the main love birds of the series. Also, enter Riku as well, since this childhood friend adds himself to the equation to equal a conflicting love triangle. But while Riku“s off being swallowed by darkness and whatnot, Sora and Kairi have a pretty deep connection going on that makes you feel emotions you weren“t sure a game featuring both Goofy and Cloud Strife were capable of forcing out of you. #7: Nathan Drake x Elena Fisher - Uncharted Series - Nathan Drake is a super-cool, treasure-loving kind of guy. So when he meets the beautiful TV journalist Elena Fisher, of course the only thing on his mind would be the adventure and its resulting reward. But when things start to get rough during the first Uncharted game, a flame of love begins to form between the two. Come the second Uncharted game, and an old “friend†starts turning their relationship sour. Ultimately, though, their bond is too strong for silly love triangles, and by the end of Among Thieves, you can truly see just how perfect they are for each other. #6: Wander x Mono - Shadow of the Colossus - Shadow of the Colossus is a love story of few words, but resonates deeply in our hearts. This colossal story (man, I“m so clever) begins with a young man named Wander, placing the deceased body of a young woman named Mono onto an altar after she was sacrificed for supposedly being cursed. Luckily for Wander, there appears to be a way to resurrect his lost love – defeat a total of 16 colossal beasts. Regardless of how suspicious the voice who told him that is, Wander sets off to hunt down these colossi, willing to go through Hell and back to save Mono. But when all is said and done, the end reward will have to come at a price… #5: James x Mary - Silent Hill 2 - Simply put, Silent Hill is not a town you want to visit. But for James Sunderland, it“s a necessity. Even though his wife Mary had died years ago, James follows a letter she supposedly wrote for him and journeys to the evil town in search of her. And no matter how many nightmares he walks through, James never gives up his search for a wife he“s sure should be dead. Love makes you do crazy things sometimes, and when James remembers a horrible truth he had blocked out of his memory, he must confront the past and his undying love for his wife. It“s these elements that make Silent Hill 2“s story one of the most horrifyingly touching ones around. #4: Tidus x Yuna - Final Fantasy X - It“s certainly no secret that the Final Fantasy series likes love stories. With games like Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX touching gamers“ hearts all these years, the series is a good way to get your romantic fix. But if I had to choose the most romantic couple of the series, I“d have to go with Tidus and Yuna from Final Fantasy X. Yeah, there are a few annoyances here and there, but throughout the story“s course the two really develop and fall in love in a fairly natural way, growing as friends first before moving onto some bases. And by the end of the game, through certain twists in the story, it“s hard for me to not shed at least one manly tear. #3: Johnny x River - To the Moon - In the future, science has created a machine that lets you have memories implanted into your brain, allowing you to remember a life you always wished you had and die with a smile on your face. For an elderly man named Johnny, this opportunity seems right up his alley. Always wishing he“d been able to go to the Moon, doctors strap him into the machine and begin the process. However, as they delve deeper and deeper into his memory banks, a very heart-wrenching tale involving the man“s late wife River is displayed, showing events in their life before reaching the moment when they met. It“s a very touching love story, and by the end of it all, you will probably need something to dry your tear-drenched face. #2: Mario x Princess Peach - Super Mario Series - The story of a hero saving a damsel in distress is one we've heard time and time again. But that doesn“t matter, as gaming“s most famous couple has taught us all, probably unintentionally, to never give up for the one you love. No matter how many times Princess Peach gets herself kidnapped, and no matter how many “other castles†she ends up being whisked away to, Mario is always willing to travel through dangerous worlds, even going into friggin“ space, just to bring his love home safely. And even though he doesn“t get the kind of reward he probably wants (a cake and a peck on the nose ain“t gonna cut it, princess), he still continues to save her from her inevitable kidnappings after several decades. Now THAT“s commitment! #1: Link x Zelda - The Legend of Zelda Series - The Legend of Zelda series tells a series of tales shrouded in romantic ambiguity. While Link is almost always on a quest to save the lovely Princess Zelda, romance never really sparked between the two. And what makes this romance even more vague is the fact that our hero is also trying to, like, save the world or something, with love never truly blooming before the stories end. But over decades of Zelda games spanning many, MANY lifetimes, Link hooking up with the princess just seemed like it was supposed to happen. Of course, with the release of Skyward Sword, a relationship between the two was finally brought to the forefront, as childhood friends Link and Zelda (who“s not a princess this time around, by the way) obviously have the hots for each other, and Link“s sole intention when starting his quest is to save his girl. How sweet. Do you agree with the picks on this lovely list? What romances would you have added?
  7. Last year the Nintendo 3DS saw the release of Resident Evil: Revelaitons Revelations, one of the most graphically impressive games the handheld has ever seen. Fast forward to today and you'll see that Revelations is now releasing on almost every major console. While that's all fine and dandy, I have one simple question. Why is a rerelease of a year old handheld game going to cost more than when the game originally released? I understand there will be more features added in and some of the visuals will be receiving a facelift for its debut on consoles, but that doesn't change the fact that it is still a year old handheld game. So whats the deal? Other HD Releases Go ahead and jump onto any online retail site and look at the prices for every single HD collection ever released. You'll notice a lack of any of those games breaking the $40 price point. That's including those recently released PS3 game collections. You'll also notice that those HD collections all include more than one game. Does this look like a $50 purchase? In fact, there's only one other HD rerelease I can find that broke the $40 price point... and it was Capcom's Monster Hunter Portable The 3rd HD with a price of just under $50 when converted from Yen. In fact, I think Monster Hunter is the reason we're getting a $50 Resident Evil Revelations. Why might that be? Because Capcom is testing the waters. While Monster Hunter might not be that big of a franchise in the states, it absolutely kills in Japanese sales. I believe Capcom will use Resident Evil as a stepping off point for Monster Hunter. If they can get high sales numbers on Resident Evil despite its $50 price point then they might feel more comfortable in placing the less popular Monster Hunter HD at the same price point. Slippery slope, people. It Could Just Be A Ploy... Again. Think back to last year. It was announced that Resident Evil: Revelations would be the 3DS's first ever $50 game due to the fact it required a larger capacity game card than what most 3DS games were using at the time. I understand game cards can cost more to produce than SD cards since they're different kinds of technology, but I'm not buying that it needed a $10 increase. Look at the savings! But Capcom stuck to their guns on the game's price. They felt $50 was the price the game deserved, and for the longest time you could lock in your preorder at $50 on various websites. But then, as if they had a change of heart, Capcom graciously decided to drop the price by ten dollars just a few short weeks before the game's release. How gracious of them to make the game cost standard MSRP for a 3DS game. Now we're a few months away from the same game releasing again and just look at the news. Its going to be $10 more than any other retail HD collection, just like it's 3DS counterpart. And Capcom is sticking to their guns on the inflated price point once again. We'll see just how long it sticks as we get closer to release. Why Not Just Go All Out At $60? If Revelations HD is going to be a full fledged console game, why not give it a full fledged console game price? $60 appears to be the norm these days, so why didn't Capcom go with that price point? Two reasons. Firstly, they aren't that crazy. It might seem like it, but even they have to know people would revolt at a $60 year old handheld port releasing on consoles. Nice face there, Leon. Secondly, they can make more than $60 on each copy sold once the inevitable DLC starts releasing. If Capcom really decided to push the price of Revelations all the way to $60 then they would run the risk of turning away a lot of potential costumers. Obviously that isn't something they want. While people will be more hesitant spending the extra ten dollars if they had to add the additional $50 onto the price, they might not consider it if the $10 increase comes later in DLC. And trust me, there will be DLC. Its a Capcom game, so it kind of comes with the territory. Don't be surprised if people find DLC on the disc when the game first releases. There's no guarantee, but when a company has to start putting out press releases ahead of game's release to explain why the game has locked content on the disc, then you know there's going to be DLC at some point. All of this is just me guessing. I could be completely wrong with my beliefs, but looking back on Capcom's record, I really wouldn't be surprised if one or even all of these scenarios play out over the next few months. What do you think about Revelation's pricing? Are you going to point out that you live in New Zealand where prices are crazy by law? Why not post in the comments below? As always, thank you for reading.
  8. When Resident Evil 6 hit the market, it was met with very mixed reviews. The 3DS ex-exclusive title Resident Evil: Revelations, on the other hand, was well-praised as a sort of return to form for the series after the very action-filled Resident Evil 5. Now that Resident Evil: Revelations is coming to home consoles, the game's producer Masachika Kawata has stated that Capcom plans on watching the port's reception upon release, and use that feedback to determine the series' future. "I think we'll get a lot of input from the fanbase and the media on what it means for Resident Evil, and what it could mean for the future of the series," Kawata told Eurogamer. "We'll definitely be looking at that as a signpost for where we need to be going next." Kawata also said that, depending on the reception of the Revelations port, Capcom may very well start focusing more on "the horror aspect and fear in the series" when developing upcoming titles. To give you an idea of how good the reception might be, the 3DS version, which was released about a year ago, has an 82 over on Metacritic. Capcom is certainly pleased about this reception, considering the game a success, but Kawata said that they would have liked it better had the game sold more. "Given the large development costs we had on the 3DS version, we would have liked to have even a little more sales than we did in the end," said Kawata. "But that doesn't mean we saw it as a failure by any means," If you would like to get Resident Evil games in the future that are more like Revelations, tell Capcom with your wallets when the game releases for Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on May 21. Will you be buying Resident Evil: Revelations when it hits home consoles? If you've played the original, would you like to see the series be more like that game?
  9. Not too long ago, it was officially announced that the Nintendo 3DS exclusive Resident Evil: Revelations would be dropping the "exclusive" label and coming to other consoles. The thing is, though, the PlayStation Vita seems to be the only console this game won't be releasing for. Needless to say, people wanted to know why. In response, Capcom product manager Mike Lunn made it clear on the PlayStation blog that the reasoning involves the Vita's small screen and its lack of surround sound. In his response, Lunn wrote, "when we were developing Revelations for new platforms we really wanted to hone in on the experience you get with a large format screen, surround sound, etc." He went on to say that "this type of setup really helps players get sucked into the horror vibe and enjoy the game to its fullest extent." When you put it that way, it's understandable. However, what about the fact that the game was on the 3DS? Well, Lunn explained that the "3DS and PS-vita infrastructure let alone developing games for them are extremely different beasts." He then explained how "even just the screens as you mention are completely different resolutions/functions." From Lunn's reasoning, it can be determined that Resident Evil: Revelations was made for the 3DS due to its unique 3D feature, whereas a Vita version of the game would simply be the same as the home console versions. And according to Lunn, Capcom wanted the new version to take advantage of a larger format screen and surround sound to give players a truly horrific experience - one that the Vita version wouldn't have been able to provide. Vita version or not, though, non-3DS owners will finally get a chance to play Resident Evil: Revelations when it hits the Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on May 21st. Are you disappointed that you can't play Revelations on your Vita?
  10. Only last week, we saw signs that made it seem that Resident Evil: Revelations would be hitting consoles. The 3DS game suddenly had achievements posted to 360Achievements, which would only make sense if a 360 version of the game were coming. There was little time to ponder about what it meant though as today Capcom has announced the game is indeed coming to consoles in North America and Europe. It isn't just coming for 360 either. Resident Evil: Revelations will be on 360, PS3, Wii U, and even PC. The game will be available in retail form on May 21st for all these platforms, and digitally on PS3 and PC. Those looking to get a download for 360 and Wii U have to wait a while longer (a date for digital availability was not announced). What has been changed or added to the console versions? Obviously the graphics have been upgraded to HD quality, but a few other changes were made as well. There is a new difficulty, added enemy, and the ability to play as some other characters from the series such as Hunk. Resident Evil: Revelations will launch for $50 on May 21st. Here is Capcom's announcement trailer to accompany the news:
  11. In February 2012, the Nintendo 3DS was graced with a fantastic entry into a certain survival horror series - Resident Evil: Revelations (or "Revelaitons" for those who got the rare typo'd cases). Many fans of the series from back in its younger days have noted how much this game keeps to the series' roots, and just how plain awesome it is in general. The thing about this game, however, is that it was an exclusive, and was Capcom's way of putting faith into the 3DS when it was launched. That may very well change, however, as new evidence has arisen that shows that this game may very well be coming to at least the Xbox 360. Over at Xbox360achievements.org, an Achievement list has been leaked, showing 50 Achievements for an Xbox 360 version of Resident Evil: Revelations. Sure, that website isn't the most legitimate of sources, but it does seem to support earlier rumors when the game was rated for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions by a Korean ratings board. Capcom has yet to confirm these recent leaks, but they haven't denied anything when asked about them, so it's certainly a possibility that we will see Revelations branch out onto home consoles sometime in the future. If that never happens, however, at least the 3DS will still have its exclusive Resident Evil title. Home consoles already have plenty of Resident Evils of their own, don't you think? Would you like to see this game reach home consoles? Have you already played the game in its original 3DS form? If so, how do you feel about the game?
  12. Do you own Resident Evil 6? Do you wish the series could have retained its roots instead of progressively becoming more action-oriented? If you are an old fan of the series, then an upcoming event hosted by ResidentEvil.net may be up your alley (although it will not "fix" the game). The site is hosting an upcoming event which, if successful, will reward all participants with a polygonal-looking costume download. The event, titled Zombie Mayhem, will be live from December 28th until January 7th. The goal of the event is simple: kill 15 million zombies worldwide. If enough players participate, it should be an easy victory. This is aided by the fact there are very little restrictions in place for what kills count. Everyone can work towards them in single or multiplayer, on any difficulty setting, as well as no campaign or extra mode limits. Of course, you have to have your system connected to the internet if you want your gameplay to count. If the goal is met then RE.net will reward players with a bunch of RE points. However, there is a more interesting prize for fans of the series. Participating players will be able to choose one DLC outfit which looks fairly PlayStation 1 era. For example, Leon's outfit has him decked out in his blue R.P.D. uniform from Resident Evil 2, as well as looking similarly blocky. If you're interesting in nabbing one of the outfits then make sure you pop in Resident Evil 6 on PS3 or 360 sometime during the event. You can check out each of the seven costumes here:
  13. If you are one of those who enjoyed Resident Evil 6 and own the 360 version of the game, you might be happy to know that Capcom comes bearing gifts this holiday season in the form of three new multiplayer modes. These are indeed exclusive to the Xbox 360 and will cost you 320 MS Points a piece, or you could get them all together for just 720 MS Points. The three new modes in question are Predator, Survivors, and Onslaught. Official descriptions for each are as follows: Predator - In a series of quick fire rounds, up to six players take their turn as the fearsome Ustanak with full access to its weapons, while the others must avoid capture or worse. Human players score points for successful attacks, but lose points for being caught or taken down. The match is over once all have played as the Ustanak, with the participant with the most points crowned as the winner. Survivors - This is the Resident Evil 6 take on the classic solo and team based deatchmatch mode. Like Predator, you“ll compete for the highest score, but once a player is taken out, they respawn as one of the game“s enemy characters, and must then defeat another human character in order to return to the fray as their original player character. Survivors is available for two to six players. Onslaught - Chaining combos is the key to success in this two player mode where each must clear waves of oncoming enemies. The twist comes when a player completes a combo chain as this will send enemies over to their opponent“s screen. Expect the balance of power to constantly shift in this intense addition to the Resident Evil 6 experience. These three new multiplayer modes are all out now, so if you have the 360 version of Resident Evil 6, enjoy it, and can spare the points, why not show some Christmas fear and download this? It's unknown at this time whether or not Capcom will be releasing these modes for other versions in the future. Did you enjoy Resident Evil 6? If you have the 360 version, will you be getting this DLC?
  14. http://www.ebay.com/ctg/Resident-Evil-Revelations-Nintendo-3DS-2011-/99140973?_pcatid=2&LH_ItemCondition=1000 Just noticed on eBay that Resident Evil: Revelations is going for $18.74 plus shipping. This is a game I would highly recommend at this price point. I bought it for $30 a while back and genuinely enjoyed the experience, even though I'm not the biggest Resident Evil fan these days.